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New Mississippi State logo


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I like how they didn't try to "reinvent the wheel" on this, but rather modernized it. It is a very refreshing update for MSU. I've always preferred the banner "STATE" logo as a helmet logo anyways.

Also, I'm not digging option "J" as a primary helmet logo. As a secondary logo/award sticker, it may work.

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I think K would be a nice choice for a tertiary or even alternate logo as it incorporates the state of Mississippi and could be used to market the Bulldogs as Mississippi's team. I have searched around and have yet to see Ole Miss incorporate the state in any of their logos.


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I don't like the current M State logo because from a distance, on the helmet, it looks like four red dots surrounding the banner. It doesn't look like an M. This new M State logo is more solid. I wish they would include tan in their color scheme.

Everyone loves a roundel.

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That's a definite upgrade. That looks very nice.

I hope they don't put a stripe on it, I think it would clutter it too much in this case.

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