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Florida Gators Football


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Alright, so while watching the BCS Championship, I made a few observations about things I don't like about the Gators uniforms. This concept fixes the things I don't like.




-stripes (changed the widths)

-helmet logo

-orange alternate (at least I don't think they have one?)


C&C please.

1/27/09- It was me, and I am sorry.

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While I don't like the current script 'Gators' on the helmet - team names by themselves on helmets are such a copout - but that Gator head is too goofy for a helmet. Call me old-school but if it's between the current one, your design, or the throwback 'F', I like the throwback. It looks good in white but you could update to the current helmet colors.



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I like this a lot better than what they have, but I think I like the "Gators" on the helmet better than the Gator.

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I would go with the Gators script on the orange helmet, I just think it looks really slick. The orange alternate would look better with blue pants I believe. And the final tweak is to make your numbers smaller, they look like they almost might get tucked in. Great concept otherwise!

BTW; are those shoulder stripes? or are they like LSU stripes?


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An orange alternate might seem like a no-brainer, but the Gators wore the orange jerseys during the 80's Galen Hall era when they weren't that good. The Gators didn't become a national power until they switched back to blue jerseys during the Spurrier era.

Overall, I like the uniform concept, but not the helmet logo. What they have now is better.


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Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and agree with the sentiment that the gatorhead just doesn't look good on a helmet. I'd either do what bluesky said and make an orange helmet with the F on it, or just keep the helmet that they have now.

And yeah, just for reference's sake, here's Florida (more specifically, Emmitt Smith) in orange in the 80s.




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I don't like that logo on the helmet because it brings way too much of that green into the set. The blue and orange and green just don't work together.

The numbers also look a little big to me, but other than those two things, these are very good.


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