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South Alabama Jaguars to wear Throwbacks


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On Tuesday, the University of South Alabama will wear these throwbacks:


When they take on Auburn.

Dear God help us all.

Those look like the real Medalist jerseys -- notice how tight they are. I'll bet the OT Sports replicas are a lot roomier.

And before you laugh, Louisiana Tech wore a similar uniform except the royal blue sections and the red sections are reversed, and the navy stripes are white.

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The stripe widths even seem to be correct.

Just a guess here, but from the looks of it, that's an actual jersey from the archives, and not one of the throwbacks. My guess is that the throwbacks won't look exactly like that, and will be a whole lot baggier.

On 1/25/2013 at 1:53 PM, 'Atom said:

For all the bird de lis haters I think the bird de lis isnt supposed to be a pelican and a fleur de lis I think its just a fleur de lis with a pelicans head. Thats what it looks like to me. Also the flair around the tip of the beak is just flair that fleur de lis have sometimes source I am from NOLA.

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Stanky Field.

Have you stopped laughing about that yet, Lindsey?

If not, don't feel bad...no one in Mobile has, either. :D (Or Pensacola, for that matter.)

*Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on stuff...I just do a lot of reading and research and keep in close connect with a bunch of people who are authoritative experts on stuff. 😁

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Not bad at all in action.


koizim said:
And...and ya know what we gotta do? We gotta go kick him in da penis. He'll be injured. Injured bad.

COYS and Go Sox

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