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CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

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By request, and since I for some inexplicable reason have dozens of them, I'll start the official CCSLC Championship Ring thread with images of the following:


The 1927 New York Yankees


1977 Los Angeles Dodgers NL Championship


1955 Cleveland Browns - proof that the NFL did exist before the Super Bowl :)


1983 Michigan Panthers USFL Championship


1962 Dallas Texans AFL Championship

...more to come...

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I'll just say I love that Lightning one, beyond the obvious reason. The colors are great and I think having each team that you beat on the side along with the series score is a nice touch to show how you got there.

That Eagles one is nice as well, along with the 2001 Yankees AL Championship.

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Really like the Lightning and the A's use of the Elephant. Also, as much as I dislike what it represents, the BoSox 07 ring looks very nice. Though I do like the unique touch of putting "Rocktober" on the Rockies ring.

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Here are a few Stanley Cup Rings:





For some reason, I don't get it. :huh:

EDIT: Never mind, for some reason I had seen some Target Dora the Explorer trikes in the last post...good thing they got fixed soon!

Awesome rings!

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Yeah that was an accident, I was posting here and e-mailing the gf at the same time. I just got off the phone tell her that I don't think we should buy her niece a Stanley Cup ring for her 2nd birthday! LOL


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Just for the hell of it, I did a little digging online and found some more images - ones I previously didn't have (or at least, didn't have in as good a quantity. So here's another round of posts featuring championship ring images...


2001 Los Angeles Xtreme, XFL Championship


1975 Winnipeg Jets WHA Championship


1974 Philadelphia Flyers NHL Championship


2001 St. Louis Rams NFC Championship


1979 St. Louis Rams NFC Championship

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