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CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

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I just found this on the news concerning championship rings. If you want to buy three of your own then this will be the story of you. Former NMSU Aggie and Chicago Bull, Randy Brown is selling his three championship rings to help out with his bankruptcy.





That's hilarious, I don't know if anyone else here watches Eastbound & Down, but there's this big running joke about Kenny Powers trying to auction off all of the "priceless heirlooms from my reign as king of the ballfield." Looks like these rings are gonna sell pretty high though.

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Whose idea was it to put other teams' logos on it? Has that ever been done before in any sport?

Yes - as far back as 1987.


Pretty common to put the other team's name on a ring, with the game or series score. Less common, although not unheard of, to also use logos.

What's interesting to me is that they list all the teams they beat in the postseason. The only thing I can think of close to that is the 1969 Jets, who listed the result of both championship games - the AFL championship over the Raiders and the World championship over the Colts:


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