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Atlanta Falcons Hockey Concept


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I've had this idea for a while. It's a Atlanta Falcons hockey x-over...


I used the Thrashers template for the home, road, and alternate (I didn't put Falcons on the sleeve). I only did the jerseys & only did the fronts because the pic grew extremely long with all three different unis. The colors are black, red, gray, and white. I thought about using a re-colored Thrashers shoulder logo, but decided against it. Critique as usual.

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Excellent! Although, i'd say that the Falcons should be the ones taking notes... so they could make these up and sell them.

That said, i'm not crazy about the grey on the black jersey. I think this would look kinda cool just all black witht he red lines, or even white under the arms.

Nice job, vic!

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I swear I've never seen those, dude. Don't be hating.

Hey, basically doing an Atlanta football team on an Atlanta hockey team template with the football team colours is hardly an idea only 1 person would come up with--I've seen other ones like those from other people too---

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They're different enough. I like both sets.

Has anyone done a full xover project where the NFL/CFL hockey jerseys are simply a recolored/relogoed version of those cities' NHL team unis?

I was afraid to start something like that for now apparant reasons.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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