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Nfl Prototype Helmets And Logos

Nick 1733

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Alright, I have been working on making 2D Helmets of the NFL prototypes that have come up over the years. I also have been working on the logos.

Here are a few to start, I will modify this message as more come together, if there are any that someone wants added, just ask.

Credit for the following logos; Lions and Stallions goes to the owner/moderator of Helmets, Helmets, Helmets, Dolphins from a friend (before i got it from the aformentioned person above), don't remember, if it was you then lmk, Houndogs i got from an enlarged and straightened out logo which i got from The Logo Server, Bombers i got from The SLE.

***UPDATE #1***

1993 Baltimore Bombers


1993 Memphis Houndogs


1993 St. Louis Stallions


1996 Miami Dolphins


2002 Detroit Lions


I cleaned up the logos really well, I'd love to hear all of your comments.

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The stallions and Hound Dogs are not bad, but THANK GOD!!!!

:notworthy: Almighty Almighty :notworthy:

the Dolphins never went to that helmet!!!

Same for teh Lions but Im a DOlphins fan soto me teh Dolphisn oen is allot worse



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After looking at the proposed logos of BLT, STL and MEM, I am very glad the NFL went with Carolina and Jacksonville. We may complain about the Jaguar's teal tongue, but both Cat designs are infinitely better than the single color pathetic looking hounddog, the fat-nosed stallion (looks like an 6 year old's rendition of the Broncos) or the lame x-ploding plane of Baltimore. None of those measure up to even the worst NFL logos. They look like NIFL material.

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If I may use the Lions' and Dolphins' helmets for concepts, I'd be happy. I'm going to challenge myself to create a concept using these & actually make 'em look good. Laugh all you want, but I actually like the Dolphins' prototype, and, yes, these are all on Helmets, Helmets, Helmets. Not in this format, though. If the Dolphins' proto was aqua and navy, it'd be even better.


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that dolphis helmet is one of the ugliest things ive ever seen- but that lions helmet is nice

Are you kidding me? I think that Dolphins helmet looks awesome. It's too bad teams don't have alternate helmets. That would make a great one!


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then, you could use the University of Miami Nike uni template, make the body aqua, the shoulders orange,a dn the piping white, and youi'd have quite the Discrim set going on!

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I LOVE that Miami Dolphins helmet! Other than that, the only one I can say that I like is the Baltimore Bombers helmet... though I'm not sure that they would have gone with White.

As for the Memphis Hound Dogs... I know that was the initial logo that was in development, but I have to believe that it would have been used as no more than a secondary mark. IMHO, NFL Properties and/or an independent design firm would have come up with a "better" primary logo.

Brian in Boston

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I do like the Bombers logo, but not sure about it being on a white helmet. The logo is just clean, and easy to look at.

Don't much care for the Lions one. Besides, how longs it been since the Lions jumped out at anybody? :lol: (in reference to the 'motion' look of the Lion's head)

And, that Dolphin's helmet is crazy enough that I like it. Hey, I never said I was sane.

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i think that the dolphins helmet would be awesome as an alternate...

the rest of them suck... detroit doesn't suck, but they shouldn't change their classic image.

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