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Single Color Sigs


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They look pretty cool. I don't have any requests, I just wanted to tell you that :)

Thanks alot Jay.

Why don't you make them transparent instead of just the background color, because it looks of on my screen.

I am fuzzy on how to make something transparent, I am using paint and minimal photoshop, I would if i knew how. They look a little off on my screen a too, I'm trying to fix that



Korbyn (wasn't quite sure what you wanted)



hope these work, if anything is wrong tell me and ill fix it.

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that helps some but i know almost nothing about photoshop so i am still lost. i am taking a class in a month or so but that dosn't help me now. It is version 5.0 (pretty old, i know).

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These are awesome!

May I request the following sig:

(all colored black)

Utah Jazz (Primary)

Indianapolis Colts (Primary)

University of Utah (Primary)

Real Salt Lake (Primary)

Salt Lake Bees (Cap logo - Bee in batting stance)

Anahiem Mighty Ducks (Duck mask and cross sticks primary)

Thanks in advance and take all the time you need!

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I'd like to get these.

Cleveland Browns: Dog, the angry looking one http://www.sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=381

Cleveland Indians: Wahoo Primary

Cleveland Cavaliers: C with the sword going through it

Columbus Blue Jackets: Primary

Ohio State Buckeyes: The O with the buckeye leaf. http://www.sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=e4g...f3erdsfueg2qq1x

I'd like the color to be black. Thanks!

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Teams: Calgary Flames, Calgary Stampeders

Logos: Flames- Primary, Stamps-Primary

Size: Sig

Color: Red

Then Another, Seperate One, Or if you could do the above in red, and the below in blue, all in one sig, that would be awesome ( Like your sig, but 2 red then 2 blue?

Teams: NY Mets, Washington Capitals

Logos: Mets- NY Logo, Caps- Weagle

Size: Sig

Color: Blue

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These look really good. I would like:

Team: Indianapolis Colts

Logo: Horseshoe

Color: Navy Blue

Team: Washington Wizards

Logo: Wizard with basketball

Color: Navy Blue

Team: St. Louis Blues

Logo: Music Note

Color: Navy Blue

I would say to keep all 3 the same color as the Maple Leafs one.

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You can edit the image in Photobucket, click on the fill tool, then when choosing colors choose transparent and fill in the parts that need to be transparent.

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