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Nfl Hockey Project


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Very good

The Cardinals are as good as it could get with what they have

THe 49ers are about perfect, and so is Seattle.

And teh Rams is teh best of the bunch.

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The NFL Hockey project is half-done. I'd probably grade myself by division...

NFC East: B+

NFC North: C+

NFC South: A

NFC West: A+

My personal fave is the West. This is when I really started paying attention to what striping pattern is closest and looks best with each team. Sneak preview...

I'm working on the AFC East now (more specifically, the Bills). I'm pretty hyped about some of these. How would you guys grade what I've done so far?

Why has interest seemed to dwindle? Am I boring you? :P Just messin'.

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WHOO-HOO! My first addition in nearly a week is unveiled... the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots

New York Jets

Only note is I used the script logo (:shocked:) for the Jets' crest. It actually looks pretty cool, IMO.

Note: You can see the other NFL Hockey concepts here then scroll down.

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Dolphins, Bills and Pats are terrific I dont know how they could be made better.

The Jets didnt give you much to work with so I can undertsand why it is so plain, so Ill say its a good job but its very dull.

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Just looking at the past 2 updates. Some amazing work.

The only thing I have a problem with is the 49ers gold helmet for the whites. I am just not digging that at all. What I would have liked to see for the Niners would be maybe some gold shorts, or else gold socks (with the red jersey and red shorts, Boston Bruins-style).

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Fins & Pats are lookin' good. The Jets are kind of a yawn.

I'm not sure about the Bills. I like the white, not crazy about the blue. Dunno... I think I was hoping for something else.

Overall, I'll give these 5 thumbs up out of 8.

Now, what to do with all these extra thumbs?

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Bills:i dunno, im not digging buffalo too much

Dolphins:Its pretty good, i like it

Jets: For what you have to work with, I actually like it

Patriots:I LOVE IT!Absolutely beautiful!These are one of my faves if not my fave so far. beautiful

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I am noticing that there is a lot of what I would term "weirdness". It may be intentional. I know this is a huge project and some of this may be due to mistakes, but I feel this takes away from it a bit. A few things I've noticed:

- Brady only gets the captain's "C" on his home jersey?

- Most of your recent designs (maybe the early ones, I didn't check them) have the team wearing dark socks with both the home and road unis. Obviously this very rarely happens in hockey, and I think many (if not all) of your road designs would benefit from having white socks.

- You have the 49ers wearing gold helmets, white jerseys, red shorts and red socks on the road. I think this would look bizarre if actually worn on the ice. Especially for a team that prides itself on tradition. Your Panthers and Patriots have something very similar. Maybe other teams do as well; I didn't check them all. Is this intentional?

I guess maybe I just figured you would stick to the color balance of the football unis more. I had envisioned the bills in red helmets and blue jerseys, shorts and socks for their homes (just like they wear for football).

Sorry about the nitpicking.

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Well, after that nitpicking (not, just bein' busy), I've finally added the AFC North, including the sweet-awesome Bengals hockey concept, coming to a monitor near you...

Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ravens: I didn't think it was possible, but I stuck all four of the Ravens' logos on this uni (and it still looks good). Thanks to RC and the St. Louis Blues for this template.

Bengals: Lotsa, lotsa tiger stripes. This is my fave of all I've done so far.

Browns: Sorry, no orange alt. with no logo. I turned the <B> logo into ( B ) to be more hockey-oriented. Meh on that job.

Steelers: Not really any comments on this one.

How is each one? How good is the division as a whole? You tell me. :blues:

All other concepts can be seen here.

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Really solid stuff, vic. Very, very nice. Everyone seems to love the seahawks... I think the striping is entirely too thin.

I like the Benga;s treatment, and even though I don't liek the Steelers, it turned out nicely.

Very clean, solid work vic. Very nice!

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I have a better plan for the Redskins, Da Bears and Bengals.

For the Redskins, why not use an Islanders sweater (jersey) template, the Blackhawks' template would look better on Da Bears, along with the "GSH" on the left sleeve, and as for the Bengals, where was the new "B" located, and can you change them after their new uniforms debut Friday (04/23)? They look pretty bland.

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