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Pics From Fan Appreciation Day At The Tank


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Here are some pics of our Sharks 7th Man. the first pic I took from across the rink during the pregame skate, and the others were from my seat in section 224. I have a crappy zoom on my camera, so these were the best I could do

Erik in the penalty box (what a goon!) :hockeysmiley:

Erik dropping the ceremonial puck at the beginning of the game

and here he is again...

He gets on the JumboTron during his Zamboni ride

Here he is riding the Zamboni

his friend had a better camera then me, so once Erik gets his computer problem solved, he will have better pics. In the meantime he asked me to post these for you all. It was a great game by the way! :D

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Guys, it was so much fun! I got my nrevousness out of the way when I had to calm down the anthem singer. Always helps to have a gorgeous daughter to talk to too! I gave her my email for a pic of the Sharks player that's the pride of Moose Factory, Ontario, "her hubby", Jonathan Cheechoo.

Going onto the ice as the mom was singing. Once she finished, then it was my turn! First came Patrick Marleau. (Is there a slight resemblence? LOL) He was like hey congratulations man. I said thank you. Then said,"just make sure kick the crap out of everybody in the playoffs." He laughed and said, "yup you're one of our fans alright." Then LA captain Mattias Norstrom, came over and said he congrats, good luck to ya in the contest. Anyways, we took pics and I dropped the puck. And that was that. No slips although I almost fell as I was trying get to the boards.

2nd period with 5 minutes left I met Kristin of the Tank Patrol to take me down to ice level for the zamboni ride. Well, we got there so fast we saw the last 3 minutes behind the goal judge on the left goal (if you are watching on tv). Afterwards, time to get on the zamboni without breaking it! Of course, I couldn't find the seat belt until just as we were going onto the ice. As you see, they announced my name one more time and started my pageant wave session. Of course I got pictures as we crossed center ice and looking up at the stands. Got some shots there as well and that was that.

Until Brad Stuart scored with 19.3 sec. left, then again to tie it 2.8 sec. left. And to really make it a good day Vincent Damphousse with the GWG with 1:50 left in OT. Nonetheless, one of the best days IN MY LIFE, was today.

ICS, thanks for the pics, can you leave them up until the weekend?

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congrats, i watched the game on Center Ice but i only saw your body, not ur face in the background when the singer was singing, that was all. when u did the faceoff the announcers were talking about the playoffs and they showed some players. i heard some clapping so i assumed you dropped th epuck already.

anyway, congrats puck, hopefully we can see more pics soon :D^_^

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