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Washington Redskins Redesign


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I have to admit that I am not much of an NFL fan for various reasons. College football is where it is at for me. However, if I had to claim a team during my lifetime- it would be the Washington Redskins. When growing up, they were always televised...so it was all I knew. About the same reason I pull for UNC basketball when most South Carolina alumni can't stomach the university.

Anyhow, the logo. There were a few things I have never liked about Washington's set:

- including the actual skin tone of the subject in the logo.

- black. never has seemed necessary to me. burgundy takes care of anything black could.

- too many feathers in the logo; feathers on the Redskin and feathers on the circle.

- the general "portrait" depiction of the Redskin figure

- the indifference of the guy in the logo; doesn't seem angry or sad.

These are the things I have attempted to correct while adding a bit of my own flare to the logo.

Note: Don't care about your stance on Native American logos, I respectfully ask you to keep it out of the thread.

C&C always appreciated.


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As much as I can't stand the Redskins moniker, this is well done. The top of the head could bubble out a little more. Also the cheek should move forward. Finally, there's a point at the bottom of the chin that reads like a goatee, which I don't think belongs. I do like what you've emphasized in your edits. Aside from those few tweaks, it good.

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- removed chin area that appeared to be a goatee to some

- slightly shifted eyes forward, wanted to keep them looking upward since the head is tilted that direction

- lowered and forwarded the jaw

- adjusted mouth area to appear less "sad"

- added hair line

- showed helmet options

- played with vegas gold option


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this logo still looks sad to me

What do you suggest to make it more "mean" without adding too many details to overkill the logo? I felt sharp facial features would convey anger, and the mouth area is tricky without adding teeth or some kind of grimace like the FSU logo has.

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You did a great job making your logo, but as a Skins fan, I personally wouldn't want that logo. I think there is nothing wrong with the current logo.

I just feel the current logo is severely outdated...mainly, I think including the skin color of the figure in the logo really dates it. The double placement of feathers is my 2nd biggest peeve.

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looks good, but it needs more chin and higher cheekbones

i second the cheekbone comment. higher and forward some.

also, the sad look is a result of the mouth being pouty, and the eyes looking upward, as if holding back tears.

maybe try eliminating the gold, and filling the eye in completely for a shadow look.

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I like where you're going with this. I'll echo the 'higher cheekbone' comments.

The only thing I'd add is I think the feathers need to be a bit bigger ... or hang down lower. Just so they can stand in better for the current double set of feathers.

Otherwise, a nice update.

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