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Washington Capitals Concept


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I love that logo, and the pic in ur sig... Mario 3 rocked my sox

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yes we all love the logo, but thank you x-line

i really want to know what you guys think of this jersey template

Before someone else compliments the logo, I'll get my 2 cents on the jersey in :D . I think the striping is too small and I'm not sure it goes with the logo. With this X-Line, I think something swooping that goes with the eagle's pose would be apropos. But it is nice to be able to visualize the X-Line in the context of a jersey.

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I dont care for that logo at all. I think it pales in comparison to their actual one. But, I'm starting to feel like someone who hates concepts because the involve a certain color or something foolish like that. I cant be trusted.

I try to be supportive and encouraging, but I have mental block on Caps changes.

So instead of being a downer.......I'll say good work. Conscientious objector.

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I like the logo but I've really understood why they have the same colors was the Wizards.


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i like the logo
The logo isn't his. It's the Caps' X-Line logo.
(yeah, i know)
Oh good. ^_^

Nice job Puckcool. It feels a little incomplete, but it's not too bad. Also, I'd've made the trim gold-white-black instead of white-gold-black (in the logo, a gold outline separates the rest of the logo from the jersey). It's still quite nice. Well done.

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Well... the X-line logo I think is kind of lame b/c it's barely any different than their normal eagle logo. Wow, he's holding a stick. <_< So, enough on that.

The jersey though, I must say, doesn't do anything for me. The striping on the arms are kinda decent, but it just looks unfinished as a whole. Can't really put my finger on why, but that's my feelings on it.

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