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World Cup sigs


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Remember these?


Well since I've got freakin' world cup fever, I decided to take the basic idea of those and spice 'em up a little bit. They're supposed to look like the basic design of the team's jersey. Not much else to say, but I hope to get to all 32 teams. If you want a team done quicker, just let me know and I'll do that one sooner rather than later.

Here are some examples (feel free to use):



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Good grief, there's literally an embarrassment of riches on the boards when it comes to World Cup sigs. Limey, Raysox, chestnutz, everybody. All y'all are doing a great job on these.

Also, I request the Ivory Coast (with Allez Les Éléphants). Good to see that you decided to continue/update this series.

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Man, how do I fit so many awesome sigs on one signature part? I was sporting the one you had made previously earlier, I may say screw clutter, im going with 3. All of you guys are awesome.

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I'm going to try to keep it to just world cup teams for now, I might move on to club teams and MAYBE other sports later.

-Note: I think the German one is my favorite one so far. I had to keep the words just on the left side to prevent too much clutter, but man do I love those pinstripes and the crest




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