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Cleveland Indians


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I figure like me, most of you guys used to collect cards (and some still do...I buy a pack every now and then, but it's been a while). I remember most of the card companies threw in various checklist cards, and I happen to have one such card laying around, Upper Deck 92 Indians one that attempted to make Greg Swindell's pitching look artistic :hockeysmiley: anyways, behind him was a modernized version of their 70s crosseyed batting Wahoo, sans crosseyes. Taking several looks at it, I realized I wanted to include it in a concept, and with the recent death of James Gammon, aka manager Lou Brown, I figured instead of current players, some of the fellas from Major League would make an appearance, if only in number. Without further ado, Wild Thing...da duh da da duh..you make my heart sing...da duh da da duh...you make everything groovy...c'mon c'mon Wild Thing....


the best way I can describe the home and away is that they're straight up based on the pre-Jake early 90s set (subbing the current scripts in for the old block lettering), and batting Wahoo's on the sleeves rather than just the regular head. Due to what I based the set on, there's only one cap.


Alt 1...well, I've always wanted to see a halved baseball jersey. Granted, it's more halved than that first Sacto Kings alt, but not truly halved (there's more red than blue). The second alt is your basic blue version of the regular set.

here Jobu. *offers Jobu some rum* I must know what the people have to say about this.

Tanaka: what I think?! you have no...*flips through dictionary*...you have no...*tears through dictionary*...you have no eyesight!! you forget me!!!

you callin me blind, boy? *Scrim and Tanaka come to blows*

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The head is definately too small on the update. I think you had it right the first. I want to figure out why the halved jersey doesn't look good. It works in soccer, but for some reason it doesn't look good here.

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yeh, I figured the halves would be one of those jerseys people either love or hate. wouldn't be one of mine if there wasn't something polarizing about at least one uniform :hockeysmiley:

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