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Favorite NHL uniforms


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Lights Out - With all due respect, do you really like those jerseys (meaning, would you proudly wear them in public), or are you just trying to be funny by posting the most hideous uniforms in recent NHL history for attention? I have a sneaking suspicion it's the latter, especially when one considers that the Lightning and Ducks jerseys are not only two of the most hated NHL alts in league history, but also two of the most universally ridiculed uniforms to ever exist, in any league. In the world. Ever.

So seriously, what uniforms do you actually like?





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ADP - I can never respect anything the Hurricanes wear because they supplanted the BEST logo/unis in the history of the National Hockey League.

That being said, these are my current fave thirds:



And I'm still waiting for someone to post this gaudy Senators sweater and claim it's one of the "BEST" out there (puke)



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No im not posting this to get attention I genuinely like this design


I wouldn't accuse you of being an attention-seeker (like the guy who posted the Ducks' "Wild Wing" third), because I actually loved this uniform when it came out myself.

That being said, I understand why others didn't like it. The Isles won four Stanley Cups in their now-classic Long Island unis, so I can see where their fans would get upset. There's TONS of history in their original threads, and it also begs the question - "If it aint broke, why fix it?"


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I'm with you on the first two...

But as for the Wild, I'm still trying to determine why people laud it is "The Best Expansion Logo of All-Time"?? I personally HATE the name (teams need to STOP using adjectives as nicknames), and the logo is "meh."

I personally think the Blue Jackets did a wonderful job with their sweaters (after the bug and Rock 'n Roll HOF logo fiascos), the Predators looks decent, and the Trashers need work.

This is the best NHL expansion logo/uni in league history IMHO:



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Firstly, I'll start with my favourite ever, worn by my favourite team.


Sure, the black alternate was nice, and the current Ducks set has grown on me, but this one particular jersey will probably always be my favourite. I had initially preferred the white version, but when I first started following the team properly in 2005, I started taking more of a liking to the eggplant jersey. Maybe because it wasn't quite the same as the white one worn in the Godforsaken movies, or because it was the first one I saw in action when watching game highlights. I was disappointed to see it go, but like I said in another thread, I will go ecstatic if this is ever brought back, even if just once for a Winter Classic or something.

Now for some other favourites, worn by other teams:


I love the Sharks' current logo, but the orange in the new set doesn't feel right to me.


This jersey was perfect. The Edge-ified version of it is a horrible mess.


Only thing wrong with this is the grey coloured armpit area.


I like just about everything the Wild have ever worn, but at the moment I especially like this one.


PotD: 24/08/2017

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