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NHL SuperHeroes


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Did the same for the NFL back when I was in middle school in the late 70s. Their costumes had to use the same colors as the uniforms...Some were typical but pretty cool-- the Steeler was a robot, the Charger was a Flash-like speedster, Falconman was a lot like Batman, etc. Some were basic adaptations of established logo drawings-- The Patriot basically WAS Pat, and The Buccaneer was a full- body version of Bucco Bruce (albeit with sword that could shoot "energy blasts"). But by far, my favorite was the Cleveland Browns entry-- a Luke Cage/Power Man rip-off dubbed Big John Brown. White, open-collar "macho man" shirt, thick brown leather belt and boots, orange tights. And of course he rocked a substantial 'fro.... I might be able to find the original in my files; if I can, I'll share it just to give y'all a laugh....

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If Johnny Canuck isn't a white Luke Cage with a toque instead of a fro, I'll be vastly disappointed.

As much as I can't stand Marvel Comics, Stan Lee is pretty awesome.

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