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Animated Glow Sigs


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Hey I started making these for some guys on a Wyoming sports forum, and I thought I would spread the wealth to a more diverse community. So let me know what ya think and make some requests. They might take a second to load up. For the requests I will just link to them so they load faster.

GO here to download- http://cattelandesign.weebly.com/glow-sigs.html.

You must click image before you will get the animated version on my site!

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Bowling Green Falcons please :)

If you can, any version of their newer wordmark would be cool.

Somewhat small would be nice, not quite as large as the ones you've poste (maybe the width of the Hurricanes one, or smaller.)

Here's a bigger one:

Bowling Green

Smaller one

Bowling Green 2

Thank you sir!

Much better looking than expected, wasn't sure if you'd be able to find a good quality version of the logos.

Thanks again!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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