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Baseball Player Team Switches


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Ok, here are some examples of what this thread is about, team switches (FOR BASEBALL ONLY)

Jose Reyes on the Reds:


David Wright on the Padres:


Hanley Ramirez on the Giants:


Cliff Lee on the Rockies:


I will take requests, but please don't be upset if I don't take your request.

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Pujols and Fielder on the Cubs! (Just doing what Cubs fans do best...looking forward toward next year.)

Not so proud of these, but here you go.

Albert Pujols:


Prince Fielder:


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aaaaaaaand Dexter Morgan is my new least favorite member on this forum. lol

I really don't have the time to do these anymore. Sorry guys, maybe some other time.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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