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Stripes and Sparkles Wallpapers


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Alright, with my summer in full wing, I have enough free time to start up my semi-annual wallpaper thread. Based off of my design a few months earler, this style features team-specific striping behind the logo. The template can be adapted to fit any size monitor/screen.



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As always, your work is fantastic, very nice job.

Assuming you're taking requests, could I get a Chicago Cubs one with the dimensions to fit an iPod Touch screen? Thanks!

Also, a bit off topic here, but are you still looking for that Charleston Miners set? It's been awhile, just wanted to know if that was still alive.

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This looks great. I've loved all of your other wallpaper designs as well.

May i please request a Nicholls State wallpaper in 1024 x 1024 with red stripes in the background. Thanks again for all of your work on all of these wallpapers and sigs.



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