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We know that in NHL 12, the goalies will now be live (i.e. So you can crash the net). Also, rubber marks from the pucks show up on goalie pads.

But I wanna know what you guys would like, regardless of practicality. Here are mine:

-Request a trade in Be A Pro and Be A GM Mode

-Make your own arena

-In Be A Pro, actually negotiate the contracts



-Be a Referee Mode

I... Would love that

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-Be a Referee Mode

Being a ref would be cool, but I want to see live refs and the correct number of linesmen first.

Rubber marks are going to show up? That's awesome.

What would I like to see? They need to put Columbus' goddamn cannon in already. It's one of the most unique things in all of the NHL; why isn't it in the game?

Also they need to fix the Monsters' center ice logo and re-record the intro because Gary Thorne says "Quickens Loan Arena".

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1. TEAM BUILDER- Custom Logos, More Uniform options, Better Stock Logos (aka NOT the NFL Street Logos), More number fonts, etc.

2. Scuffles/shoving in front of the net when the goalie freezes the puck.

3. All-Star Skills comp.

4. Stadium upkeep/pricing in be a GM (similar to the franchise mode in MLB The Show).

5. Team Specific Entrances, Stadium events.

6. Corrected Uniforms, Number placements, etc.

7. Realistic injuries. Cuts to the face from sticks, pucks to the face, stuff like that.

I'm sure there are other things as well that I can't think of at the moment.

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-Supersim Option like in the other EA games. It's annoying if you're up/down 5-1 and have to keep playing.

-Ability to transfer franchises from one game to another. This may be unrealistic, but it would be nice

-Franchises that don't randomely get deleted from your Xbox multiple times.

-Minigames. It would be fun to have minigames like in Madden.

-Announcers who don't suck. I guess the main guy isn't that bad, but the colour commentator is annoying. Well, at least we don't have Chris Collingsworth.

-Live Referees. Man, sometimes when you go for the stick lift but end up high-sticking them, you just want to ram that ref into the boards.

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