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Raiders New Wordmark?


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Just saw the Raiders Game, after the game they showed Coach Jackson in the locker room with the players. On the back of his jacket was a Raiders wordmark I had not seen before and could not find it on anything online. Don't know if its new or been out awhile. Here is a quick re-creation of what I saw, it was a fast glimpse, so this may not be very accurate.



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This is it


But was on a white jacket.

Anyone know what font they are using.


It reminded me of the Chargers wordmark when I was watching the game. The line going through and the italicized font just says Chargers to me. So when I saw Oakland wearing it I was like wtf?

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The new owner of a franchise usually makes some changes to the team's identity package to "put their stamp" on the team. If I inherited the Raiders, the only thing I would do, besides moving the team to LA, would be to get a new wordmark with a custom font (that looks nothing like the Cardinals, Seahawks or Texans).

Everyone loves a roundel.

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But would you add your new fancy wordmark to the shield on the helmet?

I think, for that reason, the primary wordmark is around to stay.



A new owner could replace the secondary wordmark, the one that they use in the endzones (and which doesn't seem to be on the mothership).


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