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MLB Favorite Players


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I didn't see one of these started for the MLB, so I figured I'd go ahead and give it a go.

Here's my favorite players -



First Base:


Second Base:




Third Base:


(Yes, I know he's famous as a shortstop, but he was a 3B primarily during my childhood and that's the only position I ever can remember him playing.)









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Are we talking favorite all-time? Does it have to be players we have actually watched or kind of our own personal Dream Team?

Oh any players you want, from any time. I personally posted one strictly of my favorite players from my lifetime, but you're more than welcome to post whomever you want to.

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I decided to stick with players I watched play.


Tulo is my favorite player and a hero of mine. He pulled a bat out of his bag and signed it when I wrote to him about a friend of mine getting in a bad accident.

Current/ past

C- Yorvit Torrealba/Johnny Bench

1B- Todd Helton

2B-Mark Ellis/ Jackie Robinson

3B- Evan Longoria/ Cal Ripken JR.

SS- Troy Tulowitzki

OF- Ken Griffey JR., Willy Mays, Roberto Clemente

SP- Randy Johnson, Bob Feller

Relievers-Bryan Wilson/ Goose Gossage

The ones without a slash would be my favorite current and of all time

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2B. Robinson Cano

yeah, Robby would be right up there on my list also. He's a real professional, and seems like a great guy. To be honest he's the only Yankee that I really like and would say I'm a fan of his!

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I'm just going to do current

C. Buster Posey

1B. Albert Pujols

2B. Ian Kinsler

SS. Jimmy Rollins

3B. Pablo Sandoval

OF. Nick Swisher

OF. Josh Hamilton

OF. Carlos Gonzalez

SP. Tim Lincecum

RP. Sergio Romo

CP. Brian Wilson

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1st base: Mark Teixera

2nd base: Ian Kinsler

Shortstop: Hanley Ramirez

3rd base: David Freese

Outfield: Josh Hamilton, Mike Stanton, Justin Upton

Catcher: Brian Mcann

Starter: Justin Verlander

Relief: Johnny Venters

Closer: Brian Wilson


1st base: Willie McCovey

2nd base: Rogers Hornsby

Shortstop: Honus Wagner

3rd base: Brooks Robinson

Outfield: Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Roberto Clememnte

Starter: Sandy Koufax

Closer: Rollie Fingers

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C-Kurt Suzuki

1B-Joey Votto

2B-Jemile Weeks

3B-Eric Chavez

SS-Hanley Ramirez

LF-Carl Crawford

CF-Matt Kemp

RF-Justin Upton

SP-Brett Anderson

RP-Aroldis Chapman

CP-Andrew Bailey

Honorable mention:

1B Brandon Allen, 1B Justin Smoak, 2B Rickie Weeks, SS Troy Tulowitzki, SS Starlin Castro, SS Alexi Ramirez, LF Carlos Gonzalez, LF Travis Snyder, CF Andrew McCutchen, CF Austin Jackson, RF Jason Hayward, SP Trevor Cahill, SP Gio Gonzalez, SP Felix Hernandez

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I won't post pictures, and I will be showing my age here, even though I wasn't born til 1966, but here's my dream line up. It will sound like the "All Century Team" pretty much.

For my money, Willie Mays was the single greatest player in baseball history. He played defense, he was fast on the basepads, he hit for power. Center Field

Lou Gehrig was a classy gentleman in my mind, and very heroic. When my Dad had me watch "The Pride of the Yankees" movie with him is when I became a fan of the Yankees, and especially Mr. Gehrig. 1st Base

Derek Jeter at shortstop. If we're going by "favorite" players and not necessarily statistics, I place him at short. Honorable mention for Bucky Dent (that's a very long story that I don't wish to bore you guys with, or perhaps bore you with AGAIN, as I've shared it before on here...)

Graig Nettles as D.H./Utility infielder. I was 10 and 11 years young when the Yankees won the World Series in 77 & 78 with Nettles at the hot corner. He was quite a hero to me.

Ryne Sandberg at 2nd base. I always liked him and he was a quality player.

Yogi Berra catching. He was, according to Mr. Stengel "my man".

Ted Williams (outfield), I know he patrolled left and right field. Any man who forged ahead to play in the last double-header of the 1941 season, rather than sit to "preserve" his .3996 batting average to me is somebody I want on my team. I loved his almost John Wayne type quality. He's also a favorite of mine, in spite of being a Red Sox player, due to his serving both in World War II and Korea. Just imagine the numbers he would have had if he hadn't lost time due to serving proudly in the military.

Tony Gwynn - Right Field. A very nice, very classy man in my humble opinion. He was the sole reason why it was difficult for me to root against the Padres during the 1998 World Series.

Starting pitcher - Ron Guidry. I know I'm being a late 70s Yankee "homer", but Louisiana Lightning was such a joy to watch pitch.

Manager - Casey Stengel, the Ol' Perfesser. For coaches, I'd want Sparky Anderson & Tommy Lasorda.

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One benefit of being one of the old guys around here is that for me, "only players I have seen play" stretches from the 60's through today. We're talking "favorite" not "best" right?

I've been a baseball fan for 43 years. It's tough to narrow it down one "favorite" at each position. Here's today's list.

C: Ray Fosse

1B: Albert Pujols

2B: Lou Whitaker

3B: George Brett

SS: Alan Trammell

RF: Reggie Jackson

CF: Dale Murphy

LF: Joe Carter

Rotation: Catfish Hunter, Orel Hershiser, Fergie Jenkins, Tom Glavine, Vida Blue

Closer: Brian Wilson

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I really have to go two teams here.

First team:

OF: Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Kirby Puckett

1B: Harmon Killebrew

2B: Rod Carew

SS: Ernie Banks

3B: Brooks Robinson

C: Yogi Berra

RHP: Nolan Ryan

LHP: Jim Kaat

Closer: Rollie Fingers

Second team:

OF: Al Kaline, Willie Mays, Tony Oliva

1B: Moose Skowron

2B: Joe Morgan

SS: Cal Ripken Jr.

3B: Gary Gaetti

C: Joe Mauer

RHP: Bert Blyleven

LHP: Sandy Koufax

Closer: Joe Nathan

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