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Tampa Bay Lightning Concept


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in honor of the bolts winning the prince of wales trophy, and advancing to the cup finals, i decided to make a few tweaks to my old tampa bay lightning concept from several months ago, and repost it.


any and all comments/questions/suggestions are welcomed, as always is the case with my concepts.

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Did you make the shoulder crest?

sho nuff...

and i don't even consider this to be much of a TATC jersey... it's no more "out there" than what the preds/thrashers/stars/isles(3rd) wear. this concept is meant to represent what i think tampa bay should start wearing ASAP :) i'm a sucker for old-school uniforms, with the blackhawks and coyotes wearing 2 of my favorite uniforms in sports.... however, i'm a proud owner of a mustard colored preds jersey, and a mike dunham white predators jersey. some teams can get away with wearing power-ranger costumes out on the ice, and i think the lightning are one of them.

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