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April fools contest


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Seems that every year a few of us either find or create groundbreaking or shocking stories regarding teams' logos, colors, relocations and/or uniforms and those stories just so happen to coincide with the first day of the month of April.  So this year I propose we do away with any efforts to "sneak one by" everyone and just have a contest to see whom among us can come up with the most interesting, yet somehow not entirely unrealistic, yarn about a team's logo, colors, uniform and/or relocation.  I volunteer to be the judge and I will review all entries posted before April 2, 2003 (I will need something to take my mind of my 35th birthday which also happens to be that date).  Keep in mind the stories shouldn't be too fanciful - remember the object is to fool the reader into thinking this could happen.  So, if after reviewing your work you happen to think to yourself "this is something that could be posted by Xlr8r/Keith/Anichanger/Red-Green Dragon, please consider a revision.

And Chris, if you think this is a good idea, perhaps you might open a stickie for entries?

Let the games begin. . .

Oh, and as should be expected, the "prize" is the privilege to hold the title of Sports Logo BS Artist of the Year.  I will likely post my own "exhibition" entry which of course will be exempt from the contest.

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Remember last year when I posted that story saying Stockholm, Sweden was hosting the 2004 All-Star Game?  I have the benefit of the Atlantic time zone to post things an hour ahead of time.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

Follow me on Twitter if you care: @Animal_Clans.

My opinion may or may not be the same as yours. The choice is up to you.

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Nashville- Nowadays, the Stars aren't all in Dallas.

Today, new owner Mark Cuban announced the changing of the Predators' name to SouthStars and a change in color scheme to powder blue, gold and black.  Cuban, who bought the team from Craig Leipold, commissioned an independent designer(that'd be me) to design a fresh look for the former Preds, and the result was a set of jerseys and logos inspired by the old Minnnesota North Stars with a Southern charm.  The crest is a stylized N and an arrow pointing to a star below it, in front of a map of Tennessee, and the alternate logos include a star with a "NS" monogram, and a modernized 'Tennessee N' logo.


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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Pistons to follow similar suit

DETROIT (AP) - Mike Ilytch, the owner of the Detroit Red Wings has announced Friday, in association with Oz Enterprises, that the team will be renamed the Bears.

"Don't worry," said Ilytch.  We well still keep the color red, and the uniforms.  We just feel that the name Bears is a more traditional name.

The people of Boston however are up in arms over this decision.

"How dare they steal aw name...in a way," said Todd Sullivan, long time Bruins fan.  "Ow logo is a bear.  They can't do that."

The Detroit Pistons organization is expected to make a similar anouncement next week as they announce the changing of their name to the Detroit Oh My!

Follow me on Twitter if you care: @Animal_Clans.

My opinion may or may not be the same as yours. The choice is up to you.

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As promised, my "exhibition" entry:

Cat's out of the Bag, but April Fools Charity Sweater Swap to Go on

Although the teams' players and off-ice officials were all sworn to secrecy, an employee of the Nassau County Colliseum has leaked word that the New York Islanders and Rangers had agreed to an April Fools joke of unprecedented proportion.  When the Isles host their archrivals the New York Rangers on the evening of April 1, the chaos that often erupts in the stands will be accompanied by a sense of overall confusion.  The two teams have agreed to wear the opposing teams' sweaters.  The players will wear their regular numbers, however their names will not appear on the sweaters in order to comply with a handful of NHL licensing and merchandising rules.  In the interest of preserving the secrecy of the agreement, the teams decided not to seek a waiver from the NHL for fear the information would be made public and thus ruin the surprise.  There is not enough time now to obtain the waivers.  Following the game, the teams will arrange for the game-used sweaters to be auctioned off with each team splitting the proceeds and distributing them among their selected charities.

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PORT ST LUCIE (AP) - The town of Port St. Lucie, Florida is filing a $50 million dollar lawsuit against the New York Mets for wearing those ridiculous bright orange uniforms.

"The elderly population of Port St. Lucie is having trouble sleeping, and in some cases are going blind, because of these retina-burning jerseys" claims mayor Robert E. Minsky.

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig is also ordering the Mets to give sunglasses to fans before each game in which the orange jerseys will be worn.

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WINNIPEG (AP) - Winnipeg Police in conjunction with the RCMP have issued a warrant for Gary Bettman's arrest. Police chief Jack Ewatski cited "thefts of valuables worth in excess of $100 million" in the cases of the mid-1990's crime spree involving the Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques, and Hartford Whalers.

Ewatski predicted that a judges ruling when Mr. Bettman goes to trial may reflect the present state of these valuables. "[The Judge] will likely go easy on the Quebec charge, as [the Nordiques] are thriving and enjoying life in Denver." The chief of Winnipeg Police also commented that the Hartford issue would be a "tough call", but asserted that the judge would likely throw the book at Mr. Bettman over the Jets issue. "We hope to have the Jets back in Winnipeg sometime in the near future."

No word as of yet whether the construction of a new facility for the Jets has had any effect on these recent developments.

-from the Associated Press


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It will be the right jersey next year...

now THAT is an april fools joke if Ive ever seen one

Shark I niether know for sure, nor really care about what happens with Teemu, but from what I have heard with the Sharks starting fairly fresh, Teemu is headed to the Ducks again. He never sold his house there (media told me so).

RC, I believe YH offered to judge this himself.

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well arturs irbe never sold his house in the bay area. highly unlikely he will be returning to the sharks anytime soon though

besides, all signs Ive seen and heard point that Teemu is heavily leaning to staying a Shark, no matter how much that figure skater in hockey player's clothing paul kariya would like to stir the pot

and here is an april fools joke logo wise: the sabres are returning to blue and gold! :P

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Just saw this on ESPN.com...


Original Six Identity Crisis?

Toronto and Boston in controversial logo swap

E.J. Hradek -- ESPN.com

In an unprecedented move between the Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, and the NHL Properties division, the NHL announced today that the Maple Leafs have purchased the rights to the Bruins' "spoked-wheel," or "hub" logo.

"Many Torontoans feel that their city is at least the true centre of Canada, if not the centre of the known universe," said Maple Leafs General Manager and Head Coach, Pat Quinn.  "Therefore, we felt it would be in the best interests of the Maple Leafs organization to adopt a logo that represented that sentiment."

The only problem was that a fellow Original Six team, the Boston Bruins, has used their "hub" logo for over 40 years, and had no interest in parting with it.

"We worked day and night with Toronto and Boston and the NHL Properties division to make sure this deal could go through," said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.  "These two franchises are cornerstones of the NHL, and we did everything we could do to satisfy all of their needs.  Toronto gains an image that reassures the identity of their city, and Boston will gain a new image which will work in concert with the image of their city."

Unconfirmed reports say that the Bruins organization will receive 5% of all sales of Maple Leafs merchandise picturing the new logo, as well as a settlement of $10 million US dollars.

The new Maple Leafs logo features the former Boston "hub" logo in blue trimmed in silver, with the current Toronto maple leaf, sans letters, placed in the center of the "hub" logo.  Toronto plans to switch to the new logo full-time at the conclusion of this season.

While Toronto's new logo was unveiled at today's press conference, Boston has yet to choose a replacement.  A source inside the Bruins organization, which spoke under the condition of anonymity, said that they are considering a yellow, diamond-shaped logo of an "under construction" symbol picturing a bruin wearing a hardhat and shoveling dirt.  "It retains the Bruins colors and refers to the constant construction in the Boston area," said the unnamed source.


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"Many Torontoans feel that their city is at least the true centre of Canada, if not the centre of the known universe," said Maple Leafs General Manager and Head Coach, Pat Quinn.

:D It's true, it's so true!  :D

Did You Know (aka Nobody Really Cares about Useless Trivia)?

When you're in Vancouver, you're as far from Ottawa as Ottawa is from London, England?

Winnipeg: Capital of Canada in 2010!

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This just in from thefeeder.com:

Sharks re-hire Lombardi

Bold move to bring playoffs back to San Jose

by Mike Lee

In a bold, yet unprecedented move, Sharks President Greg Jamison shocked the hockey world on Tuesday by announcing that the Sharks had decided to reinstate Dean Lombardi as club General Manager. Lombardi was fired by the Sharks last week after holding the position for the previous six years. The Sharks feel that they're getting a proven commodity in Lombardi and know what he's capable of doing.

Jamison would divulge contract terms, but it is believed that Lombardi will be compensated with a new six year contract. Since Lombardi's previous contract was guaranteed, so the Sharks will also pay the remainder of that deal, which runs through the 2004-05 season.

Lombardi pouted through a hastily called press conference at HP Pavilion, by sucking down three packs of Marlboros. Lombardi launched a preemptive strike by taking the blame for any team failures next season.

"I don't know any other way to put it, than to say that my heart is in San Jose, it's always been in San Jose," a heartfelt Lombardi uttered. "I wear that heart on my sleeve. That heart on my sleeve is responsible for all our failures this season, next season and any other season that we may fail. And I take responsibility for that."

Lombardi drove cross country from Chicago to San Jose non-stop over the weekend to reclaim his job.

"If anyone can build an almost-contender, it's Dean Lombardi," a team source said. "We know what we're getting in Dean Lombardi."

In order to free up salary space for the new old GM, several Tank Patrol members were given their walking papers Monday afternoon.

Former Patroller, Sherry Slinger, was less than thrilled with her new unemployment status.

"Sure, they can drop $25k on a nitrous t-shirt launcher, but they can't pay me $25 for the remaining home game?", Slinger said.

Lombardi will personally drive to Rich Preston and Lorne Mulliken's houses this weekend in an attempt to lure them back to the Sharks development staff.

2004 San Jose Sharks 7th Man Fan of the Year

San Jose Gold Miners - 4x Lombardi Cup Champions

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Spokane Spokesman-Review, April 1, 2003


Sources from TSN say that in summer 2003, the Ottawa Senators will relocate to Spokane, Washington.  According to a statement by new owner Eugene Melnyk, "We are looking forward to the growth and development of our franchise in a more stable small market. Spokane has a rich hockey history;  although the franchise is no longer in Canada, our placement of the team just two hours south of the border encourages Canadians in the Kootenay/Okanogan region to come support the team."

This move comes as a surprise to many who thought Melnyk intended to keep the team in Ottawa. The written commitment in the contract to keep the team in Ottawa was amended. Team front office execs applauded the decision, calling it a "great opportunity to get out while we can."

Spokane, a city of 200,000 in eastern Washington state, currently has a WHL junior franchise, the Spokane Chiefs. Plans are underway to relocate the Chiefs to a market in Alberta or British Columbia. Melnyk's connections to the area date back to 1997 when his mother's third-cousin's son's friend moved there and said it would be a great place to have a hockey team.

A name change has not been discussed, but inside sources to the team rumor a name change from the Senators to either the Grinders or the IceMeth.


Gonzaga University



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Okay, after careful review of all of the fine entries, I believe Frylock's spoked Leaf story - illustrated no less - wins the prize.  He is now free to add the title of "2003 CCSLP B-S Artist of the Year" to his signature if he so chooses.

Honorable Mentions go to Puckguy for humorous content and to Gozags for bringing us the name IceMeth to kick around.  That ranks up there with Mountain Sharkz.

Thanks to all who submitted.

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