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UK's ITV new logo

Hathaway Browne

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Some blurb on the new look.. interesting explanation of the palette.

In this form, the logo has four colours that are the "perfect points" on the colour spectrum. But this new logo is intended to be a chameleon and will sometimes change according to the show or channel using something that ITV is calling "colour picking".

For example, when alongside Dancing on Ice, the ITV channel logo will sometimes become purple, blue and green to reflect the show's spangly outfits. When seen alongside Downton Abbey, it will be classy grey, beige and black; and on I'm a Celebrity, jungle greens and browns will feature on the letters.

and the other channels in the group will also receive a variation on the theme, although it appears their colour schemes will be more solid. Some of the new indents sound awful.

- ITV2 is to become the "home of infectious entertainment", with the sixth biggest channel in the UK getting a "hot red" version of the logo and red on-screen identify, including new idents and 'end boards'.

- ITV3 is to be positioned as the "keeper of ITV's treasured and timeless drama", with a new "midnight blue" logo and idents that feature stories told in shadow-puppet style animation inside glass bell jars.

- ITV4, which has previously struggled with its identity, will adopt a "slate grey" logo and become the "home of sport and cult classics", as well as a "man club". Channel promotion will include pub factoids - such as "One in ten children in Europe are conceived on an Ikea bed" - and idents featuring viewer nominated "dreams come true", such as driving a Rolls Royce into a swimming pool.

- CITV will get a yellowy-orange logo and playful idents that "burp and fart, and do other things kids love".

-Digital Spy


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I'm a longtime follower of TV Ark, so I know this fairly well: ITV has never had a good, consistent identity that has been well-received, well-associated, or well-adopted.

The problem was and is ITV doesn't know what it wants to be, it's been through phases of wanting to be a sports channel, bought Premier League and F1, then lost both, A reality TV channel, a game show channel and now it seems to be focusing on Dramas. It's the Pepsi of the TV world.


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The UK's ITV1 channel is to rebrand itself in January '13, reverting back to its former name of just 'ITV' along with a new logo.

I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of the new look.


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Egads, it reminds me of the acid induced trippy logos a lot of networks started to use in the '60s when they converted to colour broadcast...

So I guess, congratulations ITV on becoming a colour broadcaster... :unsure:





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