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MLB-NFL Crossover - FINISHED - HOME/AWAY Completed


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Guest darkpiranha

I would make this an alternate and replace the gradients with orange. It's a nice concept though.

Have to respectfully disagree. Nothing says "Astros" like gradient orange. You have integrated the gradients elegantly without them looking too garish.

Great start. Looking forward to more.

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I thought the orange was red at first, I guess just because of the way the color blended with the blue, but I like these a lot too! Very simple, but solid enough to stand out on their own.

Yeah, I thought the same thing when I saw it on the forum post, but I used the ColorWerx colors so I'm sure it's right lol

Thanks for the love guys! Any requests on who I should do next?

Atlanta Braves

Actually, I might do that one next and THEN the Giants. I have a pretty good idea for the Braves :)


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