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BrassBash 2 "Ugly As Sin" VOTING


Which uniform is the best of the worst?  

46 members have voted

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Hope You don't mind me setting up the voting, BB!

Here are the original rules of this contest----

The Rules:

You can pick any MLB team. The objective is make the worst jersey you can possibly can, but it has to look like a jersey that a team would actually use. Confusing, yes, but fun. You CANNOT also change colors. You must use the same shade of color for the team as they currently use.

GoJetsGo Pirate Uniform


ChrisCJ83 Twins Uniform


PittUnited Pirate Uniforms


Josh J182 Diamondbacks Uniform


Zoneranger's Yankee Uniform


JPSlapshot22 Tigers Uniforms


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Thank you Zone. It was just finals time up here at school so this contest wasn't my priority and it was a stupid time to set it up. Thank you :notworthy:

No problem, BB, but let's end the voting.

I think tomorrow-(Saturday, June 26 at high noon) ought to about do it.

Get ugly! :blink:

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Well, it's all over but the shouting! And, if a tie is like kissing your sister ( :therock: ) then JPSlapshot and I have two sisters who maybe should have voted and then we wouldn't have ended in a tie!

But anyway, it was a good contest and everyone's entry was putrid :puke:

Since I took this contest this far, I thought I' d even design a winner's banner...so Slapshot...this one's for you and me!


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Thank you very much for all you did Zone. I've been really busy and it was stupid on my part to do the contest now. Thanks and guys. YOUR SUBMISIONS SUCKED!!! But in the good kinda way ya know :D

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woo! ties for the uglies!!!!

stick THAT in your pipes and smoke 'em y'all!

:D :D :D

anyway, just got back after my weekend "sabbatical"

congrats (?) zoneranger!!!

actually, I should guote a septic company nearby...

"We're #1 in the #2 business"

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