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Cardinals Redesign Uniforms, February 1956

Story on Reds Wearing Vests, August 1956

“Giants Favor New Slim Look for Men in Gray Flannel Suits”, February 1958

Rockies Name and Logo Unveiled, July 1991,503826&dq=colorado+rockies&hl=en

Marlins Unveil Logo, July 1991,5840430&dq=florida+marlins&hl=en

Mariners Unveil New Logo, September 1992

Angels Unveil New Logo, September 1992;Display_

Athletics Announce Alterations to Alternate Logo, January 1993

Mariners Unveil New Uniforms, February 1993

Tigers Unveil New Logo, December 1993,3542693&dq=detroit+tigers&hl=en

Giants Unveil New Uniforms, January 1994,5813309&dq=san+francisco+giants&hl=en

Mariners Teal Uniforms Debut, April 1994

Top Ten Sales Chart, March 1995

Orioles Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, April 1995

Blue Jays Consider Rebranding, November 1995

Diamondbacks and Devil Rays Unveil Uniforms, November 1995;Display_

Angels Announce Impending Team Makeover, July 1996

MLBPA Debut New Logo, July 1996

Pirates Announce Plans to Alter Uniforms and Logo, September 1996;Display_

Blue Jays to Get New Logo and Uniforms, October 1996

Angels Unveil New Logo, Become ''Anaheim Angels'', November 1996;Display_

Blue Jays Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, November 1996

Pirates Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, February 1997

Red Sox to Wear Three Different Caps During Upcoming Season, February 1997

MLB Apparel News, Multi-Colored Hats Introduced, October 1997

Mets to Incorporate Black Into Color Scheme, December 1997

Diamondbacks Logo News, February 1998

Turn Ahead The Clock Promotion Begins, July 1999 - July 2009

Discussion Re Marketing:

Mets TAC Jerseys Debut, Lose/Players Thoughts:

More Reaction:

Interview With Steve McKelvey, Who Conceived Promotion:

Brewers Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, November 1999

Astros Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, November 1999

Giants Unveil New Uniforms, November 1999

Rockies Add Alternate Uniform, January 2000;Display_

Uni Watch MLB Preview, April 2000

Devil Rays Unveil New Logo, November 2000

Uni Watch MLB Preview, April 2001

Column on Alternate Uniforms in Baseball, June 2001

Angels Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, January 2002

Uni Watch MLB Preview, April 2002

Blue Jays Designate Weekend Jersey as Primary Home Uniform, December 2002

Rangers Announce New Logos, December 2002

Uni Watch MLB Preview, March 2003

Blue Jays Unveil New Logo, September 2003

Padres Unveil New Logo/Uniforms, November 2003

Blue Jays Rebranding Efforts, 2004

Washington Nationals News, November & December 2004
Name Announced:
Uniform Details Announced:

Mets Uniform History, 1962-2004, Month TBD 2004

Angels Announce Name Change, January 2005

Uni Watch MLB Preview, March 2005

Uni Watch MLB Preview, March 2006

Diamondbacks Unveil New Colors/Uniforms, November 2006

Reds Unveil New Uniforms, December 2006

Uni Watch MLB Preview, March 2007

Rays Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, November 2007

Press Release:


SBJ Story on Rebranding:

Indians Make Changes to Uniform Sets, November 2007

Uni Watch MLB Preview, March 2008

Story on Mariners Turn Ahead The Clock Night, July 2008

Memorable Moments in Cubs Uniform History, July 2008

Memorable Moments in White Sox Uniform History, July 2008

All Star Game Uniform Retrospective, July 2008

Interview with Man Who Designed MLB Logo, November 2008

Red Sox Unveil New Logos and Uniforms, December 2008

Uni Watch MLB Preview, March 2009

Twins Unveil New Logos and Uniforms, November 2009

Press Release:


Uni Watch MLB Preview, April 2010

Story About Pirates Button-Less Uniforms Debuting in 1970, July 2010

Origins of Royals Logo, August 2010 and December 2011

August 2011:

December 2011:

Indians Make Alterations to Uniforms, November 2010

Press Release:


Story on White Sox Fan Designed Uniforms of 1981, March 2011

Uni Watch MLB Preview, April 2011

Origins of Mets Black Uniforms, May 2011

Story on Panel Caps of The 70s and 80s, July 2011

Details on Dodgers Logo Alterations, October 2011

Indians Make Alterations To Uniforms, November 2011

Press Release:

Further Details:

Padres Unveil New Logos and Uniforms, November 2011

Press Release:

Further Details:

Orioles Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, November 2011

Look at Variations of Cartoon Bird In Franchise History

Marlins Unveil New Uniforms/Logo, November 2011

Blue Jays Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, November 2011


Press Release:


Uniform and Logo History (1977-2003):

Story on Mets Altering Original 1962 Logo's Skyline, March 2012

Uni Watch MLB Preview, March 2012

Story Detailing Date Yankees Debuted Pinstripes, April 2012

Story Discussing Brooklyn Dodgers 1937 Green Uniforms, May 2012

The 1965 Houston Astros Many Hats, June 2012

A 1915 Primer On The Design of Baseball Uniforms, September 2012

Astros Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, November 2012

Press Release:


Braves BP Hat Saga, December 2012, January and February 2013




Uni Watch MLB Preview, March 2013

Origins of Expos Logo/Identity, May 2013

Story on Phillies 1944 Blue Jay Logo, May 2013

The Many Uniforms of the 1969 Seattle Pillots, June 2013

Story on Influence of Bill Veeck, August 2013

Origins/History of Mr. Red, August 2013

Interview with St. Louis Cardinals Designer Gary Kodner, August 2013

Origins of Dodgers Red Uniform Numbers, October 2013

Mets Unveil Camo Jerseys, November 2013

Story on White Sox Wearing Powder Blue Hats during Spring Training in 1966, November 2013


Cavaliers Unveil New Logo/Uniforms, August 1983,632879&dq=logo+unveiled&hl=en

Magic Unveil Logo, June 1987

Hornets Unveil Uniforms, 1988

Champion Named Official NBA Uniform Supplier, July 1990;Display_

Bucks Unveil New Logo, May 1993,6166404&dq=milwaukee+bucks+logo&hl=en

Origins of Bucks Logo, (Posted in October 1996)

Story on Bulls Logo Designer Dean Wessel, June 1993

Raptors Name and Logo Revealed, May 1994

Globe and Mail:

Toronto Star Story (Three Parts):


Grizzlies Unveil Name and Logo, August 1994

New Nuggets Logo Helps Apparel Sales, November 1994

Reaction to Cavaliers New Uniforms, January 1995

Hornets Top Licensed Sales, January 1995

Raptors Unveil Uniforms, February 1995

Globe and Mail:

Toronto Star:

Grizzlies Unveil Secondary Logo, March 1995

Raptors Unveil Secondary Logo, April 1995

Grizzlies Unveil Uniforms, May 1995

Rockets to Unveil New Logo/Uniforms, June 1995

Hawks Change Logo, June 1995

Sonics Unveil New Logo, July 1995





Rockets Players Speak Out on New Uniforms, October 1995

Bulls to Debut New Road Alternates, November 1995

Fans Warned to Look Out for Counterfeit Supersonics Apparel, November 1995

Reaction to Knicks New Alternate Road Uniforms, November 1995

Bucks to Debut New Alternate, December 1995

Bullets Rebranding News, January 1996

Timberwolves Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, May 1996

Pistons Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, May 1996

Several Teams Told to Redesign ''Overpainted'' Floors, May 1996

Jazz Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, June 1996,2256840&dq=utah+jazz+logo&hl=en

''Nike Will Outfit 10 NBA Teams and Market Uniforms and Other Team Related Apparel Starting in the Fall of '97'', October 1996

List of ''NBA at 50'' Apparel to Be Rolled Out, October 1996

Bullets Rebranding News, January 1997

Basketball Hall of Fame Unveils New Logo, April 1997

Bullets Change Name to Wizards, April 1997

Wizards Unveil Logo, May 1997;Display_

Top NBA Jersey-Sellers List (Aug '96-Mar '97), June 1997

Houston Rockets Logo Lawsuit News, June 1997

Nets Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, June 1997

1998 All Star Game Logo Unveiled, July 1997

Wizards Unveil Uniforms, July 1997

76ers Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, July 1997

Champion Introduces Two Player Reversible Jerseys, February 1998

Magic Unveil New Uniforms, January 1999

Starter Drop On-Court Licensing Program, February 1999

Puma Becomes NBA Licensee, June 1999

Raptors and Lakers to Unveil New Uniforms, September 1999

Raptors Unveil New Uniforms, October 1999

NBA Jersey Sales, December 1999

Magic Unveil New Logo, June 2000

Suns Unveil New Logos, June 2000

Pistons Unveil New Colors, June 2001

Sonics Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, August 2001

Mavericks Unveil New On Court Identity, September 2001

NBA Hardwood Classics Sales, December 2001

Trailblazers Update Logo, June 2002

Spurs Unveil New Logo, June 2002

Hornets Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, August 2002

Press Release:


Cavaliers Unveil New Logo and Jerseys, April 2003

Nuggets Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, June 2003

Rockets Unveil New Logo, June 2003

Magic Unveil New Uniforms, July and August 2003

Raptors Announce and Unveil Red Alternate Jersey, September and October 2003

Mavericks Unveil New Alternate Road Jersey, October 2003$03-04-Tip-Off-NBA-Franchise-Notes-From-Around-The-League.aspx?hl=

NBA Top Jersey Sellers, December 2003

Pistons Rebranding Efforts, 2004

Grizzlies Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, May and June 2004

Jazz Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, June 2004

Grizzlies And Pistons Merchandise Sales, July 2004

Bobcats Uniform/Identity News, 2003-2004
Name/Logo Announced, June 2003:

''Charlotte Clothing Designer Will Help Design New Uniforms'', June 2003:
Jerseys Unveiled, August 2004:
Warm Ups Unveiled, August 2004:

Mavericks Unveil 25th Anniversary Logos, October 2004

Warriors Unveil Alternate Road Uniform, November 2004

Pacers Unveil New Uniforms, September 2005


Uniform Timeline:

Uni Watch NBA Preview, October 2005

Four Teams Set To Unveil Alternate Jerseys, November 2005

Celtics Unveil Alternate Road Uniform, November 2005

NBA's Fifth Season of Hardwood Classics Nights to Begin Sunday, December 2005 (Includes details on what jerseys were worn, and how many times)

Bucks Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, June 2006

Raptors Unveil New Uniforms, September 2006

Uni Watch NBA Preview, October 2006

NBA Apparel Sales, January 2007

Hawks Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, June 2007

Uni Watch NBA Preview, October 2007

Timberwolves Unveil New Uniforms, August 2008

Raptors Unveil Third Jersey, September 2008

Thunder Unveil Logo, September 2008

Uni Watch NBA Preview, October 2008

76ers Unveil New Logo and Uniforms

Logo Unveiled, June 2009:

Uniforms Unveiled, September 2009:

Bobcats Unveil New Uniforms, September 2009

Rockets Unveil New Alternate Uniform, September 2009

Press Release:

Concept Sketch:

Uni Watch NBA Preview, October 2009

Story on Design Process/Origins of Modern NBA Logo, April 2010

Magic Unveil New Logo, June 2010

Jazz Unveil New Logos, June 2010

Warriors Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, June 2010

Clippers Unveil New Uniforms, August 2010

Cavaliers Update Logos and Unveil New Uniforms

Logos Unveiled, June 2010

Uniforms Uniforms Unveiled, August 2010

Adidas Unveil ''Revolution 30'' Jerseys, September 2010

Uni Watch NBA Preview, October 2010

Wizards Unveil New Logos and Uniforms, May 2011

Uni Watch NBA Preview, December 2011 and January 2012

Bobcats Unveil New Uniforms and Color Scheme, June 2012

Interview with Thomas O'Grady, Inaugural NBA Properties Creative Director about Knicks logo, September 2012

Behind Design of Knicks 1992 Logo with Designer Michael Doret, September 2012

Knicks Unveil New Uniforms, September 2012

Spurs Unveil Alternate Jersey, September 2012

Nets Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

Logos, April 2012:

Uniforms, September 2012:

Nuggets Unveil Alternate Uniform, October 2012

Press Release:


Uni Watch NBA Preview, October 2012

Thunder Unveil Alternate Uniform, November 2012

Pelicans Unveil New Logos and Uniforms, 2013

Logos & Colors Unveiled, January 2013:

Uniforms Unveiled, August 2013:

Warriors Unveil Sleeved Uniforms, February 2013

Charlotte Looks To Nets For Rebranding, May 2013

''How An Upscale Fashion Designer And Jim Henson’s Daughter Made Charlotte Hornets Gear Legendary'', May 2013

Story About the Fascinating 1954 Washington Bullets, July 2013

Suns Unveil New Logos and Uniforms, 2013

Logos Unveiled, June 2013

Uniforms Unveiled, August 2013

Warriors Unveil White Sleeved Jerseys, September 2013

Bucks Unveil New Court Design, September 2013

Uni Watch NBA Preview, October 2013

NBA Unveil ''BIG Logo'' Uniforms, November 2013

Press Release:



10 Sets Of Sleeved Jerseys Leak, November 2013

Hornets Unveil Colors for 2014-2015, November 2013


Origins of Modern Steelers Logo, ???

Bengals Unveil New Uniforms, 1981

Patriots Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, March 1993,142323&dq=new+england+patriots+logo&hl=en

49ers Ordered to Stop Wearing Throwback Uniforms, October 1994

Cowboys to Debut Alternate Jersey on Thanksgiving, November 1994

Reebok Becomes NFL Pro Line Licensee, January 1995

Jaguars Alter Original Logo, January 1995,801357&dq=jacksonville+jaguars&hl=en

NFL Sales Chart, March 1995

Patriots Modify Uniforms, August 1995

NFC Apparel Information, by Team, August 1995

Jaguars Apparel Moves Into Top 10 in Sales, December 1995

NFL Apparel Information, by Team, February 1996

NFL Apparel Information, by Team, for 97-98 Season, November 1996

Eagles Unveil New Logo and Uniforms

News, February 1996:

Fan Reaction, September 1996:

Reaction to Dolphins New Logo, January 1997

Broncos Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, January And February 1997

Bengals Uniform Alterations Detailed, February And March 1997;Display_

Buccaneers Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, April 1997

Press Release:

Q&A with Executive VP Bryan Glazer:

More Details:

Ravens Logo Lawsuit News, May 1997

Oilers Leave for Tennessee, Unveil New Logo, June 1997

Jets Unveil New Logo, Uniforms, February 1998

Lions Alter Road Uniforms, August 1998

Puma Becomes NFL Apparel Partner, December 1998

Retailers Trying to Dump Oilers Merch after Name Change to Titans, December 1998

NFL Apparel Sales Rankings, December 1998

Titans Unveil Logo, December 1998,3859292&dq=tennessee+titans&hl=en

''Denver-Atlanta: A Merchandising Dud'', January 1999

News of Raiders-NFL Lawsuit over Value of Oakland's Logo, February 1999

Ravens Helmets to Feature Ravens Head, March 1999

Titans Unveil New Uniforms, April 1999;Display_

Ravens Complete Revisions of New Logo, June 1999

Giants to Bring Back ''NY'' Logo to Helmets, October 1999

Rams Unveil New Uniforms and Logos, April 2000

Patriots Unveil New Uniforms, May 2000

Uni Watch NFL Preview, September 2000

Texans Team Name and Logo Revealed, September 2000



Texans Unveil Uniforms, September 2001



NFL Jersey Sales Rankings, December 2001

Seahawks Unveil New Logo, March 2002;Display_\

Seahawks Unveil New Uniforms, March 2002

Bills Unveil New Uniforms, June 2002


Uniform Unveiling Page:


Bills Media Apperances Talking about New Uniforms:


NFL Third Jersey News, July 2002

Browns Wear Orange Alternate Uniforms, October 2002;Display_

Origins of Seahawks 1976 Logo, 2003(?)

Falcons Unveil New Logo and Uniforms

Logo Unveiled, March 2003:

Uniforms Unveiled, April 2003:

Lions Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, April 2003

Uni Watch NFL Preview, September 2003

Bengals Unveil New Uniforms, April 2004

Colts Unveil New Uniforms, May 2004

Ravens Unveil New Third Uniform, June 2004

Jaguars Make Uniform Alterations, July 2004

Uni Watch NFL Preview, August 2004

Cardinals Unveil New Logo, January 2005

Cardinals Unveil New Uniforms, April 2005

Uni Watch NFL Preview, September 2005

Vikings Unveil New Uniforms, April 2006

Uni Watch NFL Preview, September 2006

History of Cleveland's ''Brownie'' Logo, December 2006

Chargers redesign, March 2007

Uni Watch NFL Preview, September 2007

Story on NFL Uniform and Logo Prototypes, January 2008

Uni Watch NFL Preview, September 2008

Jaguars Unveil Updated Logo and New Uniforms, April 2009

Lions Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, April 2009

Uni Watch NFL Preview, September 2009

Uni Watch NFL Preview, September 2010

Bills Unveil New Uniforms, June 2011

Interview with Logo Designer Mark Verlander, July 2011

Story on Patriots Logo Evolution/Origins of Flying Elvis Logo, July 2011

Uni Watch NFL Preview, September 2011

Chiefs Logo and Uniform History, (?) 2012

Panthers Unveil New Logo, January 2012

NIke Unveil New NFL Uniforms, April 2012

Seahawks Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, April 2012


Behind The Scenes:

Origins of Raiders Logo and Colors, July 2012

Uni Watch NFL Preview, September 2012

Vikings Unveil New Uniforms, April 2013



Dolphins Unveil New Uniforms, April 2013

Jaguars Unveil New Uniforms, April 2013

Press Release:



Story on Recent Developments in Bouchat-Ravens Logo Lawsuit, June 2013

Uni Watch NFL Preview, August 2013

Remembering Stevens Wright, who designed the Buffalo Bills' and 49ers' 1991 helmet logo, September 2013


Kings Unveil New Logo and Colors at Gretzky Press Conference, August 1988

Sharks Logo and Uniform Unveiling + Press Kit, February 1991


Press Kit Part 1:

Part 2:

Senators Sweater News, November 1991

Details on Penguins Redesigned Logo and Uniforms, 1992



Mighty Ducks Unveil Logo and Uniforms, June 1993


Merchandising Sales Story:

Reaction to Logo From Windsor Star Readers:

Panthers Unveil Logo and Uniforms, June 1993

NHL Top 10 Teams In Merchandise Sales for 93-94, September 1994

Flames Unveil New Sweaters, September 1994

Bruins Logo News, October and December 1994

''Four Teams Looking to Reportedly Change Logos'', January 1995

Phone-Poll Reaction To Flames New Sweaters, January 1995

Bruins Logo News, March 1995

Canucks Contemplate Logo and Name Changes, May 1995

Capitals Announce Changes to Logos and Uniforms, May 1995

Capitals Logo Leaks, June 1995

Islanders Unveil New Sweaters, June 1995


Capitals Unveil New Logo and Sweaters, June 1995,3736708&dq=washington+capitals&hl=en

Quebec Nordiques become Colorado Avalanche, July and August 1995

Post Reports Team to Be Called Avalanche:

Team Unveils Uniforms and Logo:

Bruins Unveil New Uniforms, September 1995,3502692&dq=boston+bruins+logo&hl=en

Future of CCM as NHL Jersey Manufacturer, January 1996

Assorted NHL Jersey News, January and February 1996

NHL 3rd Jerseys Debut, January 1996

Background on Jerseys:;Display_

Islanders Petition NHL to Ditch Fisherman Logo, April 1996

Islanders ''Must Keep Fisherman Logo Until 1998'', April 1996

Sabres Unveil Sweaters and Logo, April 1996

Coyotes Name and Logo Unveiled, April 1996;Display_

Coyotes Unveil Sweaters, August 1996

Rangers Third Sweater Set To Debut, January 1997

Canadiens Rumored to Get Alternate Sweater, March 1997;Display_

Canucks Unveil New Logo/Uniforms

Background/Speculation of Changes Comings(May 1995, March 1997):

Logo Leaks Month Prior to Unveiling, May 1997:

Details, June 1997: (Credit: CanucksFanatic92)

DetailsX2, June 1997:

Fan Reaction To New Uniforms/Logo, June 1997:

Hurricanes Unveil Logo, June 1997;Display_

Hurricanes Unveil Sweaters, August 1997

Blue Jackets Announce Name, November 1997;Display_

Predators Announce Name, November 1997;Display_

Blues and Flyers Unveil Alternate Sweaters, December 1997

Wild Name Announced, January 1998

Islanders Plan to Revert to Classic Look, April 1998

Thrashers Unveil Logos, April 1998

Stars Won't Be Allowed to Wear Alternate Sweater in Playoffs, April 1998

Kings Unveil New Sweaters, November 1998;Display_

Nike Likely To Drop NHL Sponsorship By End of The Season, September 1998

NHL Renews Apparel Deal With CCM, October 1998

Story on NHL Sweater Prices + Oilers Designing New Sweaters ''for New Millennium'', November 1998

Pro Player and CCM become sole NHL Jersey Manufactures for 99-00, November 1998

Sharks Apparel Selling Poorly, November 1998

Canadian Fashion Experts Critique NHL Jerseys, November 1998

Thrashers Unveil Sweaters, March 1999

Bruins Upset with Starter, May 1999

Starter-NHL Tied Up in Court Over Stanley Cup Merchandise, May 1999

Lemieux Hires Firm to Design New Penguins Logo, August 1999

Blue Jackets Unveil Sweaters, October 1999

Story on Rangers Returning to Lace Up Jersey Collar, November 1999

Wild Unveil Sweaters, November 1999

Top Selling NHL Sweaters, December 1999

Senators Unveil New 3rd Sweater, July 2000

Sabres Unveil New Alternate Sweater, November 2000

NHL Top Sweater Sellers, December 2000

Sharks to Unveil Alternate Sweater, September 2001

Oilers and Predators Third Jersey News, October 2001

Avalanche Announce 3rd Sweater, October 2001

Coyotes Unveil New Logo and Sweater, September 2003

Mighty Ducks Unveil Third Sweater, September 2003

Flames Unveil New Home Sweater, October 2003

Stars, Wild Introduce New Alternate Sweaters, October 2003

Blue Jackets Unveil Third Sweater, October 2003

Uni Watch NHL Preview, October 2003

Thrashers Unveil Third Sweater, November 2003

Story on Coyotes Rebranding, February 2004

Uni Watch NHL Preview, October 2005

NHL Pushes Back Debut of Edge Sweaters, April 2006

Ducks Unveil New Logo, Name and Sweaters, June 2006

Bruins Retire Third Sweater, August 2006

Sabres Unveil New Sweaters, September 2006

Sabres Unveil Alternate Sweater:

Thrashers Make Alternate Blue Sweater, Primary Home, September 2006

Uni Watch NHL Preview, October 2006

Wild to Drop Green Home Jersey, January 2007

Senators, Canucks, Flames Sweater News, August 2007

Reebok Jersey Redesign Press Releases, 2007

Washington Capitals, June 2007

Florida Panthers, July 2007

Nashville Predators, July 2007

New York Islanders, August 2007

Ottawa Senators, August 2007

Tampa Bay Lightning, August 2007

Vancouver Canucks, August 2007

Canucks Sweater Timeline:

Atlanta Thrashers, September 2007

Calgary Flames, September 2007

Chicago Blackhawks, September 2007

Colorado Avalanche, September 2007

Dallas Stars, September 2007

San Jose Sharks, September 2007

Press Release:

Minnesota Wild, September 2007

Phoenix Coyotes, September 2007

St. Louis Blues, September 2007

Toronto Maple Leafs, September 2007

Uni Watch NHL Preview, September 2007

Nike Exits Hockey Business, October 2007

Blues Unveil Alternate Sweater, September 2008

Hurricanes Unveil Alternate Sweater, September 2008

Press Release:

Fact Sheet:

Sweater Specifications:

Sabres Unveil Alternate Sweater, September 2008

UniWatch NHL Preview, October 2008

Thrashers Unveil Alternate Sweater, October 2008

Blackhawks and Red Wings Unveil Winter Classic Sweaters, October 2008

Penguins Unveil Throwback Alternate, November 2008

Islanders Unveil Throwback Alternate Sweater, November 2008

Canucks Unveil Alternate Sweater, November 2008

Press Release:


Coyotes Unveil Alternate Sweater, November 2008

Lightning Unveil Alternate Sweater, November 2008

Bruins Unveil Alternate Sweater, November 2008

Press Release:

PDF of Sweater Template:

Kings Unveil Alternate Sweater, November 2008

Wild Unveil Third Sweater, August 2009

UniWatch NHL Preview, September 2009

Uni Watch NHL Goalie Equipment Preview, October 2009

Avalanche Unveil Third Sweater, November 2009

Blackhawks Announce Third Sweater, Novemebr 2009

Various Blues Uniform/Logo Tidbits From Their History, February 2010

Early Florida Panthers Concept Logos Unveiled At Event, March 2010

Leafs Unveil New Sweaters, June 2010

Sabres Unveil New Third and Road Sweater, September 2010

Uni Watch NHL Preview, October 2010

Article on Sabres, Islanders and Canucks, October 2010

Capitals Unveil Winter Classic Sweater, October 2010

Rangers Alternate Sweater Unveiling, November 2010

Ducks Unveil Alternate Sweater, November 2010



Lightning Unveil New Uniforms and Logo, January 2011

Origins of Kings Burger King Logo, January 2011

Ducks, Flyers, Blue Jackets Concepts Unveiled, January 2011

Story on Development of Wild Identity, February 2011

Origins of Flyers Logo, May 2011

Predators Unveil New Logos, June 2011

Oilers Unveil New Road Sweater, June 2011

Predators Unveil New Uniforms, July 2011

Jets Unveil Logos and Sweaters, 2011

Logos Unveiled, July 2011

Sweaters Unveiled, September 2011

Leafs Unveil Alternate Sweater, September 2011

Uni Watch NHL Preview, September and October 2011

Goalie Gear:

Senators Unveil Alternate Sweater, October 2011

Press Release:


Interview with Fan Who Designed Sweater:

Islanders Unveil Alternate Sweater, November 2011

Press Release:


Interview with Terry Smith, San Jose Sharks Logo Designer (Original and Present), December 2011

Development of Columbus 2013 All Star Game Logo, February 2012

Interview with Daniel Price, Designer of Colorado and Phoenix (current) Logos, March 2012

Interviews with Kris Bazen, Buffalo Slug Logo Designer, March and June 2012

Uni Watch NHL Preview, January 2013

Stars Unveil New Logos and Sweaters, June 2013


Behind the Scenes:


Hurricanes Unveil New Sweaters, June 2013

Story Detailing Debut of Canucks Skate Logo/V Sweaters, July 1978

NHL Teams Take A Casual Approach Towards Third Jerseys, August 2013

Sharks Unveil New Sweaters, August 2013



Design Process:

Sabres Third Jersey Unveiled on Twitter, September 2013

Team Release:|BUF|home

Story on Islanders Fisherman Sweater (Origins + Demise), September 2013

Wild Unveil New Road Sweater, September 2013

Flames Unveil Alternate Sweater, October 2013


Atlanta 1996 Olympics Logo Unveiled, February 1992,1414569&dq

MLB, NBA, NHL Top 5 In Apparel Sales, May 1994

Team Logo Allowed on Ontario License Plates, October 1994

Story on Argonauts New Logo, April 1995

Clemson Unveil Uniforms to Honor 1939 Squad, October 1995,747809&dq=

MLS Team Logos Debut, October 1995

UNC Unveils New Logo, November 1995

Dream Team Marketing, May 1996

NFL and NHL to ''Test-Market'' Female Apparel in Fall, July 1996

MLS Cup Logo Unveiled, August 1996

Sydney Olympics Logo Unveiled, September 1996

Nike Hockey Line Details, November 1996

Houston Comets Unveil Name and Logo, January 1997

WNBA Team Logo Unveiling Grab-Bag, February 1997


Seven of Ten MLS Franchises to Unveil New Uniforms, February 1997

Pitt Panthers Unveil New Logo, August 1997,4351092&dq

Russel Dropping NHL and NFL Licensing Deals, March 1998

Minnesota Lynk Unveil Name and Logo, December 1998

NCAA-Adidas Lawsuit, September 1999

Indiana Fever Unveil Name and Logo, December 1999

Big Four Licensed Apparel Sales, July 2000

Uni Watch XFL Preview, February 2001

USC Football Unveil New Uniforms, February 2002

Article On Process Of Rebranding, February 2004

Page 2 Interview with Sports Logo Designer Todd Radom, May 2004

Team Canada Wear Gold Sweaters Against Americans, September 2004

Uni Watch College Football Preview August 2006

Interview with Sports Logo Designer Todd Radom, November 2006

Uni Watch College Basketball Preview, November 2006

Article on Prototype Uniforms/Jerseys, August 2007

Article on Uniforms Only Worn Once, August 2007

Uni Watch College Football Preview, August 2007

Iowa State Logo Specs PDF, October 2007

Uni Watch College Basketball Preview, November 2007

Uni Watch College Football Preview, August 2008

Uni Watch College Basketball Preview, November 2008

Story Detailing UNC's 1992 Jersey Redesign, March 2009

Hockey Canada Unveils Vancouver Olympic Hockey Sweaters, August 2009

USA Hockey Unveils Vancouver Olympic Hockey Sweaters, August 2009

Uni Watch College Basketball Preview, November 2009

Nike Unveil Pro Combat Uniforms, August 2010

Uni Watch College Football Preview, August 2010

Uni Watch College Basketball Preview, November 2010

Uni Watch College Football Preview, August 2011

Reaction to Maryland Under Armor Uniforms, September 2011

Nike Unveil Pro Combat Uniforms For 9 Program, September 2011

Interview with former NFL Properties Vice President Bruce Burke, November 2011

Uni Watch College Basketball Preview, November 2011

Nike Unveil Platinum NCAA Basketball Uniforms, January 2012

Press Release:


Uni Watch College Football Preview, August and September 2012

Uni Watch College Basketball Preview, November 2012

Russia Sochi Olympic Hockey Sweaters Unveiled, August 2013

USA Hockey Sochi Olympic Sweaters, August 2013

College Football Uniform Preview, August 2013

Hockey Canada Unveils Sochi Olympic Hockey Sweaters, October 2013

Czech Reublic Sochi Olympic Hockey Sweaters Unveiled, October 2013

Sweden Sochi Hockey Sweaters Unveiled, October 2013

Uni Watch College Basketball Preview, November 2013

Slovakia Sochi Olympic Hockey Sweaters Unveiled, November 2013

Finland Sochi Hockey Sweaters Unveiled, November 2013

Seven World Cup Kits Unveiled, November 2013

Will continue to update. Any contributions would be appreciated.

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Trying to make this thread a more comprehensive source of general reading. Stuff I've been trying to add includes:

-Stories of the design process or origins of team logos and uniforms

-Stories about logo and uniform anomalies or prototypes

-Stories pertaining to the history of a team's logos or uniforms, that aren't completely generic

-Interviews with the designers of past and modern logos and uniforms

-And then, everything else

I'm again going to put out more call for any contributions. If you have something that you think might meet the criteria of the above (that isn't already posted, feel free to post it in the thread and I'll be sure to add it to the OP list.


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Don't suppose links to media guides (club or league) are what you're looking for, are they?

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Don't suppose links to media guides (club or league) are what you're looking for, are they?

Straight up media guides? No.

If those media guides have any components dealing with the kits or logos of the clubs (style guides, uniform/logo timeline stuff, ect), perhaps.

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I was thinking ones broadly along the lines of this one ( where there is a page (or more) on identity (e.g. page 11 on the linked one). In that case I have links I can offer.

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Original Post has apparently exceeded the maximum number of characters I can add to it, so this will be part 2.


Athletics Ditch Elephent Emblem on Uniform, August 1919

Origins of Dodgers LA Cap Logo, November 1957

''Finley Wants League To Okay His Uniform Of Fancy Green, Gold'', March 1963

Expos Unveil Logo, January 1969

Expos Unveil Home Uniform, January 1969

Sporting News Story on Braves New Uniforms, Febuary 1972

White Sox Unveil Uniforms Featuring Shorts, March 1976

Yankees Object to White Sox Wearing White Sleeves, April 1976,3762735

Brewers Protest Game Over Athletics Wearing White Sleeves, May 1981

Padres Unveil New Uniforms, January 1985

Story on Blue Jays Merchandise Vendor, October 1985

Mariners Unveil New Logo & Uniforms, February 1987

Blue Jays Unveil New Uniforms, November 1988

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Story on Public Perception of Brewers Logo, January 1989

Sporting News February 1989 Follow Up

Soaring Merchandise Sales in Baseball, June 1991

''White Sox the new stars in merchandise race'' June 1991

Reaction to Rockies Logo/Name, July 1991

Marlins Unveil Logo, July 1991


Story on Rockies Counterfeit Merchandise, July 1991

Expos Unveil New Logo & Uniforms, November 1991

Orioles Unveil New Primary Logo, November 1991

Look at ''Tampa Bay Giants'' Prototype Watermark/Uniforms, Undated 1992

St. Louis Dispatch Piece on the History of the Cardinals Logo and Uniforms, April 1992

Braves Announce Intentions to Keep Name and Logo, April 1992 (Los Angeles Times)

Sun Sentinel Report: Marlins Uniforms to Incorporate Teal and Pinstripes, April 1992

Rockies Unveil Uniforms, July 1992

Marlins Unveil Uniforms, July 1992

Stories on Merchandising

Story on Angels New Uniforms, December 1992

Story on Phillies Uniform Designer, November 1993

Brief Notes on Tigers New Logo, December 1993

Astros Unveil New Uniforms and Logo, February 1994

St. Louis Post Dispatch Story on Anne Occi, March 1994

Baltimore Sun Story On The Multiple Logo and Uniform Alterations Made During The 1993 Off-Season, March 1994

Orioles Looking At Redesigning Uniforms For 1995 Season, July 1994

Reaction to Devil Rays Name, March 1995

''Astros' Sales Skyrocket After Switch'' July 1995 (USA Today)

Story on Yankees Logo Designer Lon Keller, August 1995

Devil Rays Unveil Uniforms, November 1995

MLB Properties Top 10 Sales List, December 1995

Angels Announce Details Of Their (Impending) New Uniforms, June 1996

O.C Register Story on Angels New Logo, November 1996

Story from Pirates Fan Fest on Clubs New Uniforms and Logo, February 1997

Angels Unveil New Uniforms, February 1997

USA Today Baseball Aesthetic Preview, April 1997

Minor League Team Sues Angels Over Logo, July 1997

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Story on Cardinals New Logos and Uniforms, November 1997

''At Shea, Mets Market Their 'Men In Black'', May 1998

Brewers Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, November 1999

Rangers Unveil Altered Uniforms and Caps, December 1999

Chicago Tribune Story on Baseball Caps, July 2003

Report: MLB Considering Advertising On Uniforms, April 2004

Interview with Brewers Ball in Glove Logo Designer Tom Meindel, April 2004

Story on Brewers Wearing Ball In Glove Era Uniform For 2006 Season, December 2005

Story on MLB Merchandise Sales, October 2007

A Counterclaim on the Origin of the Yankees Logo, October 2009

Cardinals Unveil New Uniform Set, November 2012

Brewers Announce Winner of Spring Training Uniform Design Contest, January 2013

Story on Alterations to MLB Uniforms During 1987 Season, June 2013

Story on Dodgers Nearly Scrapping Script Uniforms in 1940s, October 2013

Story Behind Dodgers Red Uniform Numbers, October 2013

Reds Unveil New Camo, St. Patrick and Batting Practice Uniforms, December 2013

Story on Origins of Twins Original Logo, December 2013

Indians Change Primary Logo From Chief Wahoo to Block-''C'', January 2014

Pirates Change Primary From Jolly Roger Pirate to Gold ''P'' Emblem, January 2014

Story on the Cubs 1972 Road Uniform, January 2014

''Sports Logo Case Study #8: Pittsburgh's Many Pirates'', January 2014

Majestic Unveil Ten New Batting Practice Uniforms, January 2014

Cubs 10 New Alternate Throwbacks Unveiled for 2014 Season at Fan Convention, January 2014

Story on Mets Current Logo Originally Being Submitted In Pink and Black, January 2014

Braves Unveil New Military Inspired Alternate Uniform, February 2014

Athletics Unveil New Green Alternate, February 2014

Todd Radom: ''The Yankees Top Hat Emblem and Three Logos of 1946'', March 2014

Todd Radom: ''In 1939, Every Team In Major League Baseball Wore This Logo'', April 2014

Todd Radom: ''60 Years of Orioles Orange & Black---and a Confusing Start'', May 2014

MLB All Stars to Wear Caps Based off Twins 1979 Batting Helmet, July 2014

Story on 1952 All Star Game Logo, July 2014

UniWatch: ''Trades Lead to Weird All-Star Unis'' July 2014

MLB Unveils 2015 All Star Game Logo, August 2014

Toronto Blue Jays Sue Creighton BlueJays to Stop Using Logo, August 2014

Mets Use Altered Primary Logo On Social Media Websites, September 2014

Twins Unveil New Primary Home Uniform, November 2014

Pirates Unveil New Camouflage Uniform, December 2014

2015 Uni-Watch MLB Preview, March 2015

Uni-Watch Flashback Friday: TAC Promotion from 1999

Diamondbacks Unveil New Uniforms, December 2015

Padres Unveil New Uniforms, December 2015


Final Two Names Unveiled In Timberwolves Naming Contest, December 1986

Timberwolves Name Announced, January 1987

Timberwolves Unveil Logo, September 1987

Heat Unveil Logo, March 1988

Magic Unveil Uniforms, October 1988

Man Fined $294,000 for Producing Counterfeit Merchandise, December 1989

Pacers Get New Uniforms, January 1990

Pre-Unveil Story:

Post-Unveil Story/Quotes:

Story on Nets New Uniforms, October 1990

Suns Unveil New Logo, May 1992,3455156&dq=phoenix+suns&hl=en

Boston Globe story on Blazers Logo History, June 1992

Story on NBA Merchandising in Europe, July 1992

Nuggets Unveil New Logo, May 1993

Ten Finalists Revealed In ''Name The Team'' Contest for Toronto's NBA Team, April 1994

Denver Post Story on Nuggets Logo, April 1994

''NBA Hoping for Wave of Raptormania'' April 1994 (Toronto Star)

Kings Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, May 1994

Vancouver Sun Reports on Grizzlies Logo & Colors Unveiling, August 1994

Wall Street Journal Story on Raptors and Grizzlies Merchandise, May 1995

Atlanta Journal Constitution Story on Hawks New Uniforms and Logo, June 1995

Bulls Players React To New Alternates, November 1995

Story on Large Number of New Uniforms and Logos In The League, November 1995

Critical Story on Current Crop of NBA Uniforms, December 1995

Kings Playoff Merchandise Becomes Hot Seller in Sacramento, April 1996

Salt Lake Tribune Story on Jazz Unveiling New Logo and Uniforms, June 1996

Story on Bulls Merchandise Sales, June 1996

Story on Bullets Focus Testing New Logo, February 1997

Washington Post Story on Wizards Logo Unveiling, May 16th 1997

Story on Growing Popularity of NBA Merchandise in Dominican, June 1997

Warriors Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, June 1997

Washington Post Reports on Wizards New Uniforms, July 1997 (J.A Adande) (Fashion Reporter) (Fan Reaction)

Washington Times Report

''Bulls Merchandise Selling So Well, Other Teams Not In The Mix'', September 1997

NBA Store Opens, September 1998

Story on Faltering NBA Apparel Sales, February 1999

Toronto Star Story on Raptors New Uniforms, October 1999

Lakers Unveil New Uniforms, October 1999

Cavaliers Unveil New Uniforms, October 1999

''Sales of NBA Items Hits Stall'', January 2000

NBA Apparel Player and Team Rankings, April 2003

Stories on Rockets New Logo, July 2003

Rockets New Uniforms Unveiled, September 2003

Denver Post Story on New Nuggets Uniforms, November 2003

NBA Apparel Player and Team Rankings, April 2004

Story on Recent NBA Logo and Uniform Changes, June 2004

Chicago Tribune Story on Bobcats Uniforms and Logo, January 2005

No Winning Season for NBA Apparel Sales, May 2005

Wizards Unveil Gold Alternate Uniform, October 2006

AJC Story on Hawks New Logo and Uniforms, June 2007

Hornets Unveil New Logos and Uniforms, August 2008

Story on Hornets Mardi Gras Alternate, November 2009

Kings Unveil Alternate Uniform, December 2011

NY Times Story on Knicks New Uniforms, September 2012

NBA Unveil Christmas Day Uniforms, November 2012

Interview with Pelicans Logo Designer, January 2013

NBA Planning Nicknamed Uniforms, September 2013 and January 2014



Knicks Unveil Orange Alternate, October 2013

Spurs Unveil Camo Alternate, October 2013

NBA Jersey Sales Chart for October-December, December 2013

Hornets Unveil New Brand Identity, December 2013

Reaction to Christmas Day Uniforms, December 2013

Report: Raptors Considering Black and Gold Color Scheme for 2015-2016, December 2013

More Teams Adding Sleeved Jerseys in 2014-2015, January 2014

Possible Nets and Hornets Uniforms Leak, January 2014

Sleeved All Star Game Uniforms Leak/Are Officially Unveiled On The Same Day, January 2014



Nets Officially Unveil Brooklyn Dodgers Inspired Sleeved Alternate, January 2014

Washington Post Retrospective on Bullets Rebranding in 1997, April 2014

Hawks Reintroduce (Updated) Pac-Man Era Logo, May 2014

Story on Bobcats Logo/Uniform History, May 2014

30 for 30 Short on Bucks Mecca Floor, June 2014

Story on Hornets Declining Alexander Julian's Help on Designing New Uniforms, June 2014

Charlotte Hornets Unveil Uniforms for 2014-15 season, June 19th 2014

Potpourri of NBA Uniform News, July 2014

2014-2015 NBA X-Mas Uniforms Leak, July 2014

Bucks Alter Uniforms for 2014-2015 season, August 2014

Grantland NBA Court Rankings, September 2014

Mavericks Unveil New Fan Designed Alternate Uniform, September 2014

Pelicans Unveil Alternate Uniform, September 2014

Warriors Unveil New Sleeved Alternate, September 2014

Magic Unveil New Pride Alternate, September 2014

Cavaliers Unveil New Wind & Gold Alternate, October 2014

Uni-Watch NBA Preview, October 2014

NBA Unveil 2014 X-Mas Day Uniforms, November 2014

adidas/NBA Unveil 2015 All Star Game Uniforms, December 2014

Raptors Unveil New Primary Logos, December 2014

Suns Add Second Sleeved Uniform, February 2015

Thunder Unveil New Sleeved Alternate, March 2015

adidas to end NBA partnership after 2016-2017 season, March 2015

How the Hawks 'Pacman' logo came to life, March 2015

Bucks Unveil New Logo, April 2015

Sixers Officially Unveil New Logos, May 2015

2015-2015 NBA X-Mas Jerseys Uniforms Leak, May 2015

Bucks Unveil New Uniforms, June 2015

Clippers Officially Unveil New Logos, June 2015

Sixers Unveil New Uniforms, June 2015

Details on Bucks New Court, June 2015

Hawks New Uniforms Leak, June 2015

Hawks Officially Unveil New Uniforms, June 2015

Pacers Unveil New Alternate Uniform, July 2015

Raptors Unveil New Uniforms, August 2015

Zach Lowe Ranks NBA Logos (many interesting tidbits), September 2015

Rockets Unveil Three New Alternate Uniforms, September 2015

Pelicans Unveil New Mardi Gras Themed Uniform, September 2015

Wizards Unveil Baltimore Pride Uniforms, October 2015

Pistons Unveil Chrome Alternate, October 2015

Miami Heat Unveil Uniforms for 2015-2016 Season, October 2015

2015-2016 NBA Logo/Uniform Season Previews



Proposed Mavericks Identity, Undated (Guessing for their 2001 rebranding)

Proposed Trailblazers Identity, Undated

Creating a Brand Identity: How Charlotte Became The Bobcats, Undated


Seahawks Logo Unveiled, June 1975

Boston Globe Story on NFL Properties, January 1986

Rams Ordered To Stop Wearing Drug Abuse Patch, September 1989

Super Bowl XXV Logo Unveiled, February 1990

Newsday Story on NFL Merchandising, September 1991

''Designer Got Super Job: Buena Man Lobbied NFL Official To Do Superbowl Logo'', January 1992

Jaguar Prototype Uniforms, 1993

Panthers Prototype Uniforms, 1993

Patriots Unveil New Uniforms and Logo, April 1993

Story on NFL Merchandise Sales, October 1994

Cowboys Unveil Thanksgiving Jerseys, November 1994

Story on Browns Merchandise Sales in Baltimore, February 1996

49ers Incorporate Burgundy Into Color Scheme, February 1996

Fans React

Ravens Unveil Logo and Uniforms, June 1996

Dolphins Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, January 1997

Conflicting Reaction Dolphins New Logo, January 1997

Positive: (Palm Beach Post)

Negative: (Orlando Sentinel)

Story on Jersey Manufactures Prior to Super Bowl 31, January 1997

Denver Post Story on Broncos New Uniforms and Logo, February 1997

Fan Reaction:

Bengals Considering Alterations to Uniforms, February 1997

Packers Merchandise Sales Trail Only Cowboys, March 1997

St. Petersburg Time Stories on Bucs New Logo and Uniforms, April 10th 1997

Story on Steelers New Nike Uniforms, August 1997

Story on NFL Merchandise Sales (with emphasis on Steelers), January 1998

Jets Unveil New Uniforms and Logo (2), February 1998\

Ravens Fan Choose New Logo Via Vote, February 1999

St. Louis Post Dispatch Story on New Rams Logo and Uniforms, April 2000

Reebok Granted NFL Apparel Licensing Rights, December 2000

Story on Super Bowl XXXVI Logo, January 2002

Story on Decision In Raiders - Bucaneers/Panthers Lawsuit over Logo/Uniform Colors, April 2003 Sales Chart for March 2002-2003, April 2003

Dolphins Unveil Orange Alternate Jersey, September 2003

NFL Top 10 Apparel Rankings, July 2004

Seahawks Lime Green Alternate Uniform Leaks, April 2009

49ers Unveil New Uniforms, April 2009

Cardinals Unveil Black Alternate Uniforms, April 2010

Story on Broncos 1997 Rebranding, January 2012

NFL Seizes $5 Million in Counterfeit Merchandise, April 2012

''Sports Logo Case Study #6'': 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, October 2013

Nike Unveil Super Bowl Line of Gear, January 2014

Story on Origins of Seahawks Logo, January 2014

Story on Seattle Kings, January 2014

Bucaneers Unveil New Logo and Helmet, February 2014

Bucaneers Unveil New Uniforms, March 2014

Rams Exec Hints New Uniforms On The Way, April 2014

Eagles President Announces Possibility of Move Back To Kelly Green, August 2014

Bucs Announce Malcom Glazer Patch for 2014 Season, August 2014

2014 NFL Season Logo and Uniform Previews, August 2014



UniWatch on Unused Vikings Prototypes, August 2014

Browns Unveil Logo Tweaks, February 2015

Browns Unveil New Uniforms, April 2015

49ers Unveil New Alternate Uniform, April 2015


Story on Leafs New Uniforms, October 1970

Rangers Unveil New Sweaters, September 1976

Globe and Mail Story on Cooperalls, November 1981

NHL Sues Man Selling Shirts Featuring Parody Logos, February 1986

Vancouver Sun Holds Canuck Uniform Redesign Contest, July 1987

Fans React Negatively to Leaked Senators Logo, May 18th 1991

''Bring Back The Peace Tower'' More On The Never Ending Furor Over The Senators Revised Logo, May 23rd 1993

Senators Officially Unveil Logo and Jerseys, May 24th 1991

North Stars Unveil New Logo and Uniforms, May 1991

Mighty Ducks Prototype Logos, 1992-1993

Penguins To Get New Logo for 92-93 Season, May 1992

Maple Leafs Unveil New Uniforms, June 1992

Whalers Unveil New Jerseys and Logo, June 1992

Story on HawkQuarters Retail Store in Chicago, September 1992

Senators Are Top Canadian Selling Merchandise Team in the U.S, January 1993

Mighty Ducks Unveil Name, March 1993

Story on Development of Ducks Logo, April 1993

Story on Leafs Merchandise Sales, May 1993

Mighty Ducks Unveil Logo and Uniforms, June 1993

Los Angeles Times Main Story

O.C Register Main Story

O.C Register Merchandising Story

O.C Register Supplemental Story

Los Angeles Times Reaction Piece

Sun Sentinel Stories on Panthers Uniform and Logo Unveiling, June 1993

Logo Unveiling:


Story on Design Process of Panthers Logo, August 1993 (Newsday)

Blues Unveil New Sweaters, June 1994


NHL Merchandise Sales Top $1 Billion, September 1994

''It's Hip To Be Hockey: NHL Chic Has Become Hot Fashion Statement'' Newsday, September 1994

Story On The Use of The Color Black In Pro Sports, October 1994

Work on Denver NHL Team Logo Underway, May 1995

Newsday Stories on Islanders New Logo and Sweaters, June 1995

Washington Post Story on Capitals New Logo and Sweaters, June 1995

Islanders Fans React To New Logo, June 1995

Denver Post Story on Avalanche Logo and Uniform Unveiling, August 1995

Toronto Star Financial Section Story on NHL Third Jersey Program, January 1996

Story on Kings-Ducks Third Jersey Bowl, January 1996

Buffalo News Story on Sabres New Logo and Sweaters, April 1996

Story on NHL Apparel Sales, May 1996

Story on NHL Counterfeiting Prevention RE: Avalanche, June 1996

Lightning Unveil Alternate Jersey, January 1997

Vancouver Province Story on Canucks New Logo, June 1997

Blue Jackets Merchandise Set to Hit Stores, November 1997

Star Tribune Story on Wild Name Unveiling, January 1998

Predators Unveil Uniforms, February 1998

Los Angeles Times Story On Kings New Logo and Uniforms, June 1998

''Lightning (Officials) Exploring New Logo, Look'' June 2000

Ottawa Citizen Story on Senators New Black Alternate Jersey, July 2000

Predators to Unveil Third Jersey, November 2001

Penguins Officially Reintroduce Skating Penguin Logo as Primary, August 2002

Newsday Story on New Islanders 3rd Jersey, November 2002

January-December NHL Jersey Sales, December 2003

NHL to Redesign Shield, August 2004

Toronto Star Editorial on NHL's Redesigned Shield, July 2005

NHL Merchandise Sales Another Victim of Lockout, January 2005

O.C Register Stories on Ducks Rebranding, June 2006

Washington Post Stories on Capitals New Logo and Uniforms, June 2007

June 22nd (Pre Unveiling)

June 23rd (Post Unveiling)

Sharks Unveil Redesigned Logo, July 2007

Story on Lightning Uniform Unveil, August 2007

Bruins and Flyers Unveil Winter Classic Jerseys, September 2009

Whalers Merchandise Still A Hot Seller, August 2010

New York Times Story on Lightning Redesign, January 2011

Flyers Unveil Winter Classic Jersey, November 2011

Rangers Unveil Winter Classic Jersey, November 2011

Story on Senators Unused Anniversary Logo, November 2012

Leafs and Red Wings Unveil Winter Classic Jerseys, April 2013

UniWatch 2013-2014 NHL Preview, September 2013

Islanders Unveil Stadium Series Jersey, November 2013

Senators and Canucks Unveil Heritage Classic Sweaters, November 2013



Ducks Unveil Stadium Series Jersey, December 2013

Kings Unveil Stadium Series Jersey, December 2013

Penguins Unveil Stadium Series Jersey, December 2013

Rangers Unveil Stadium Series Jersey, December 2013

Blackhawks Unveil Stadium Series Jersey, December 2013

Islanders to Use Stadium Series ''NY'' Logo on Third Jersey in 2015, January 2014

Coyotes Dropping 3rd Jersey in 2014-2015, April 2014

Story Behind Hartford Whalers Logo, June 2014

Story on Origins of Flyers Brand, June 2014

Ducks Unveil New Road Uniform, June 2014

Icethetics: Blue Jackets Prototype (circa 1998/1999), July 2014

Icethetics: ''Designing The 90s'', July 2014

Icethetics: ''How the timeless Hartford Whalers logo came to be'' July 2014

Rocky Mountain Extreme: What Was Supposed to Be the Avalanche's Original Name, July 2014

UniWatch: Should NHL Teams Wear White Uniforms At Home?, August 2014

Blues Unveil New Home/Road Uniform Set, August 2014|STL|home〈=en

CCLSC Thread on Kings 67-68 Prototype Uniform, August 2014

Penguins Unveil New Third Jersey, September 2014|PIT|home

Paul Lukas on Flyers and Penguins New Alternate Jerseys, September 2014

Capitals Unveil Winter Classic Sweater, September 2014

Lightning Unveil New Alternate Jersey, September 2014〈=en&navid=DL|TBL|home

Uni Watch 14/15 NHL Preview, October 2014

Islanders Announce Throwback Plans for 2014, October 2014

Story on Unused Penguins Alternate, October 2014

Blackhawks Unveil 2015 Winter Classic Uniform, November 2014|CHI|home

Video Features on Stars Recent Rebranding, November 2014〈=en

Sharks Unveil Stadium Series Uniform, December 2014|SJS|home

Kings Unveil Stadium Series Uniform, December 2014

Story on Coyotes Original Logo, March 2015

Todd Radom SN Story on Ducks 2007 Rebrand, May 2015

Captails Unveil New Third Jersey, June 2015

Coyotes Unveil New Uniforms, June 2015

Recap of New Uniforms Unveiled at NHL Draft, June 2015

Adidas to Become NHL Official Jersey Supplier Starting in 2017-2018, August 2015

Avalanche & Ducks 3rd Uniforms Leak, September 2015

Islanders Unveil New 3rd Uniform, September 2015|NYI|home

Uni-Watch 2015-2016 NHL Season Preview, October 2015

Boston Bruins Unveil 2015-2016 Winter Classic Uniform, October 2015〈=en&navid=DL|BOS|home


Skydome Logo Unveiled, August 1987

Argonauts Unveil New Logo, February 1989

Atlanta Olympics Logo Unveiled, February 1992

''Designers Burned About New Logo''

Ottawa Rough Riders Unveil New Logos, February 1992

World Bowl Logo Unveiled, March 1992

Story on Liebe Athletic Numbering, April 1992

Story on Man Who Designed Orioles Script & Baltimore CFL Team's Logo, March 1994

Denver Post Story on Merchandising, August 1994

''Sports Nostalgia vs Corporate Logos: Image Is Everything In The Game For Fans' Purses'' January 30th 1995 (Wall Street Journal)

Argos Unveil New Logos, February 1995

Memphis Mad Dogs' Unveil Logo, February 1995

Spokesman Review Story on Merchandising Sales (with 1994 Top Ten Sales Charts for all four major leagues), July 1995

Story on Rapidly Changing Sports Aesthetic Landscape, August 1995

Story on Merchandising Sales in Four Major Sports, August 1995

Ottawa Citizen Story on Merchandising in NBA, NHL and NFL, December 1995

Allouettes Unveil New Logo, March 1996

Story on Cooling Merchandising Industry, June 1996

NBA and MLB Sales for July and October 1996, December 1996

SBJ Story on Most Popular Colors In Four Major Sports, November 1997

Story on Design Process of Minnesota Lynx's Logo, December 1998

''Teens Aren't Team Players; Designer Brands Throw Sports Logos for a Loss'' January 1999 (Washington Post)

Sports Logos Vs Designers In Inner City, February 1999

Winning Record Makes a Sales Champ, February 1999

Apparel Sales Rankings for Four Major Leagues, July 2000

Christian Science Monitor Story on Recent Uniform Changes in Four Major Sports, November 2007

Story on Blackhawks and Heat Championship Merch Sales, July 2013

Uni-Watch Uniform Power Rankings, August 2012

Uni-Watch Uniform Power Rankings, August 2013

Story on ''Unlucky'' Uniforms, December 2013

Story on Franchise Revivals (with emphasis on logo changes), December 2013

Design Process Behind Northwestern Basketball Program Basketball Uniform, January 2014

Jayhawks Unveil Alternate Uniforms, January 2014

UniWatch: History of Nicknames on Uniforms, January 2014

Four ACC Schools Unveil New Uniforms, April 2014

Ottawa RedBlacks Unveil Uniforms, May 2014

Origins of Montgomery Biscuits Identity, May 2014

Uni-Watch: History of League Logo on Uniforms, July 2014

CFL Signature Uniforms, August 2014

USA Basketball Unveil New Uniforms, August 2014

Story Behind Salt Lake Bees Identity, August 2014

Lids Top 30 Sales Chart, August 2014

Uni-Watch College Football Preview, August 2014

MLS Unveil New Logo, September 2014

CCSLC Story on Origins of Oregon Duck Identity, September 2014

Uni-Watch College Basketball Preview, November 2014

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Mr. Kress says anything with the Chicago Bulls' logo, featuring the face of an ornery bull, is particularly hot in Germany, which is good news for Mr. Roca. He has encountered some difficulty in selling the Bulls in southern Italy, even though Chicago, led by Michael Jordan, just won the NBA championship for the second consecutive year.

"It's the horns," explains Mr. Roca. "In Italy, especially in the south, when a husband's wife is unfaithful to him, it is said that he is wearing horns. That's the worst thing that can happen to a man."

It is a troublesome image for the NBA's marketers. But, says Mr. Roca, it is nothing that a gold medal can't change.

Story on NBA Merchandising in Europe, July 1992

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Some details about the Angels 1996/1997 redesign, from stories recently added to the archive

November 20th 1996, O.C Register

Mayor Tom Daly and other city officials beamed with pride at seeing the city name on a symbol. But Disney artists, who also designed the marketable mask of the Mighty Ducks, say they felt pinched this time. "It's not revolutionary," admitted Tim McMillin, director of new-business development for Disney Consumer Products.

McMillin, who oversaw the logo project, was sporting a tie with an enormous rendering of Donald Duck. "We recognized we were restrained by the traditions of baseball," he said.

About 100 Disney artists produced 200 drawings at imagineering offices in Burbank. Two ideas that bit the dust: a naked cherub with Angels wings and an "ominous and fierce" angel.

Disney nixed scores of ideas they thought would not fly with Major League Baseball, which must approve a new logo. Disney will unveil a mascot and uniforms later. "This is more of a challenge," said Disney Sports President Tony Tavares. "With the Ducks, you go out and design a logo and you don't have to worry about offending anybody."

February 12th 1997, Los Angeles Times

The Angels were all set to unveil their new uniforms a couple of months ago, but cooler heads prevailed. Somebody managed to persuade Disney's creative design people there was nothing cool about a professional ballplayer decked out in wildly striped sleeves and periwinkle, a sort of baby blue with a dash of lavender.''

''The new home uniforms are white with navy pinstripes, navy sleeves and navy socks. The road uniforms are gray with the same navy pinstripes, sleeves and socks. The periwinkle has been reduced to the button atop the cap and a highlight in the logo and around the numbers.''

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Found this today:

Chicago Tribune, March 8th 1988

The Miami Heat, which joins the NBA next season, has unveiled its logo. Nope, not a palm tree, orange or machine gun in sight.
The logo and team colors-a blazing red, orange and yellow basketball flame passing through a black rim-were chosen during a two-week election in which more than 4,500 fans voted. The Heat solicited designs from the public in December, and received more than 1,000. Heat officials pared the entries to 12 finalists.
The winner got 34 percent of the vote. The second- and third-place designs featured basketballs wearing sunglasses.
Mark Henderson, who owns an advertising agency, and Richard Lyons, who designed the Atlanta Hawks' uniforms, were the creators of the logo. The two worked on 50 different designs before settling on the final artwork.

''basketballs wearing sunglasses''

oh, what could have been....

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Anniversary logo unveils of the Melbourne Victory and the Rochester Rhinos.

EDIT: Will update this post as and when to avoid double posts:

Edited by Malpass

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