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ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

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That's right. It says CornJerkers.



That's right. It says CornJerkers.

We played them in high school! Also the Bunnies and Pretzels (a but more common)

HAHS Class of 2009 here!

It's actually Cornjerkers, that billboard was put up by some community improvement that didn't have permission from the school district to use the actual "Jerky" which is this:


My senior year I had the pleasure of designing a t-shirt that the school sold to purchase.


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Though I wouldn't call it a rip-off, that wordmark looks very reminiscent of or inspired by (if not similar to) the late Denver Zephyrs/early New Orleans Zephyrs wordmark:


In terms of ORIGINALS, here is one NO ONE ELSE has used. Specifically created in the early 60's by editorial cartoonist John Chase for a new all-boys Catholic high school in Metairie, LA, I give you the (Archbishop) Rummel Raiders!:


I always thought it was interesting that they used a "cavalry" image for a Raider, rather than a pirate or viking. I also wonder how much of this was inspired by Civil War centennial fervor in the early sixties, and quite possibly the whole integration/desegregation thing. Rufus Raider (that's his actual name, there's a story behind it) looks very much like a Confederate colonel or general, and may have been inspired by a someone like Nathan Bedford Forrest... If that's the case, it's sort of ironic, because the school's namesake (Archbishop Rummel) was a force for desegregation.

Interestingly enough, John Chase also designed another New Orleans-area sports logo a few years later:


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Here's another one from the New Orleans area. In 2012, Landry and O.P. Walker high schools in the New Orleans neighborhood of Algiers merged, leading to Landry-Walker High School. Their mascots of Buccaneers and Chargers also merged into the pirate on horseback called the Charging Buccaneer. The logo below is from a band t-shirt; the helmet logo features the same drawing but with an "L" and "W" imposed on the left and bottom of the drawing...


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Coquille Red Devils (OR)


Cove Leopards (OR)


Crook County Cowboys (OR)


Douglas Scots (OR)


Jesuit Crusaders (OR)


Central Catholic Rams (OR)


Ralston Rams (NE)

Please tell me that that's not a ripoff. That's beautiful!

I've never seen it. They're a pretty big private school with a bunch of $$$ so I'm assuming they had a company come up with it for them.

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