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ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

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Northeast Dubois Jeeps (IN)


Columbus East Olympians (IN)


Logansport Berries (IN)


Washington Hatchets (IN)


Never thought I'd see my high school come up on here (Columbus East). My former art teacher designed it when the school opened. And yes, there is a flaming torch mascot costume.

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That Bradshaw Mountain one is certainly another of the good ones in AZ.

Another one of my personal favorites from the Grand Canyon State is the Mountain View (Mesa) "stacked M/V" logo:


For quite some time (particularly between 1978 and 2003) this logo meant one of Arizona high school football's best. The Toros had eight state titles, unequaled by any other big school in the championship era (1959 on in AZ).

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Anderson Redskins (OH)


Above is the logo used by the athletic department. Below is the correct version of the logo.


This used to be the school's logo:


The Indian is the only part of this logo used by any athletic team today (Football helmet decals, girls' basketball uniforms, other teams I can't think of right now). Although versions of this logo (along with the "Flying A") exist in various places in the school, this will probably never be used by any athletic team again.

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Here's another one from the New Orleans area. In 2012, Landry and O.P. Walker high schools in the New Orleans neighborhood of Algiers merged, leading to Landry-Walker High School. Their mascots of Buccaneers and Chargers also merged into the pirate on horseback called the Charging Buccaneer. The logo below is from a band t-shirt; the helmet logo features the same drawing but with an "L" and "W" imposed on the left and bottom of the drawing...


They came to a basketball tournament here in Beaumont, TX a couple weeks ago. Team didn't do very well but that had some great players.

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