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NCFA - Lake Erie Commodores (Concept)


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Unlike Designs is proud to introduce the University of Lake Erie Commodores of the NCFA. GameCock82 contacted me about doing his identity package after he took over my team and moved them to Lake Erie.

The Lake Erie Region is famous for the USS Nigara Flagship and its commander Commodore Oliver Perry. Both of these historical figures are represented within the identity package. Even the striping used is the same striping a commodore receives.

The colors chosen were a Dark Teal (representing the ocean), Maize (representing the Commdore striping) and Silver.


Lake Erie Main

Lake Erie Secondary

Lake Erie Uniforms

As always comments are welcome. I still have some tweaks to make on the hands and other areas, but all in all hope you guys enjoy.


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Outstanding! Take "Lake Erie" and the stripes off the secondary logo, and you have a near-perfect concept!

Way to go whchoclte... good to see one of your designs again. Great work.

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Very nice...it was awesome to see this package come together, and be able to provide some suggestions at the same time.

Excellent as per usual my friend. :D

Like you said the hands still could use some tweaking, but other than that i think this is a fantastic concept, all the way around.

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WOW! Phenomenal work! Your ship blows mine away (no battle pun intended).

One thing though...at a small size, the logo on your helmet gets lost. With a light gray helmet, the yellow/gold on white gets lost. I'd either put a thicker blue outline around the logo, or maybe switch to a darker color.

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