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GoJetsGo's Challenge 2 Voting!


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OK it's time! 15 wicked entries to choose from. Isn't democracy great? Vote for the top 3 Classic Gaming Uniforms.

Remember the criteria:

"You will be judged on Design, Originality, and how well you embrace the retro video game craze."

Suigi's Winnipeg Warios

City of Walrus' Guthrie Golden Axe

Stampman's Portland Pong(2)

EriqJaffe's Houston Breakout(2)

PittUnited's Newport News Donkey Kongs

Braden's Tokyo Luigis(2)

StarChild's Baltimore Beasts

Josh j182's Bangkok BlasterMasters

Josh j182's Edmonton Excitebike

VicFurth's Carolina Kirbys

ABA Sites' Pittsburgh Pong(2)

c0nc3ptz's Minnesota Mario Bros.

Frenchie's Jacksonville Jumpbug

Pcgd's Blades of Steel

Artvandalay's Kalamazoo Kaboom!

Voting ends Sunday July 4th @ 7pm

P.S. Let me know if I screwed up any of the above links.

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1. VicFurth's Carolina Kirbys

2. StarChild's Batlimore Beasts

3. Stampman's Portland Pong

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OK.. Votes are tabulated and the winners are:

First (Tie): Stampman AND Starchild

Third: Eriqjaffe

Congrats to the winners! I must say... there were some awesome designs in this contest, great job to all who entered.

Winners can now collect their winnings (darn, I made a 2nd place one for nothing!):





I made these awards to be true to the classic video game spirit. Enjoy.

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Thank you to everyone who voted, especially those who voted for me, after either getting no votes, or in 1 case 1 vote, and another 2, it's a great feeling to get a bunch of votes, and then to be co-winner on top of that is terrific. And to see who voted for me--people whose work I really admire...wow...

Well again Thanks!

GoJetsGo--I will display my medal with the proper attitude and it is very fitting for the challenge, see sometimes retro is good!

Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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Thanks to all who voted, congrats to Eriqjaffe on the third place win and Stampman for being the co-winner for 1st place with me. And big ups to gojetsgo for a solid contest.

"The true New Yorker secretly believes that anyone living anywhere else has got to be, in some sense, kidding."

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