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Carolina Panthers 20th Season Emblem

Ateles fusciceps

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The outside grey / black shapes seem to have one too many outlines, it would have been a nice touch to have one bounding shape outline in their process blue, then it would pop off of any background.

The 20 has some issues, the bottom of the 2 is flat yet has a curved center line for the bevel. The line weights on the bevel are very thin. The gradient could go away and be replaced with white and grey (bevel shadows). The entire outline could be dropped then. Right now it's uneven around both numbers and ends in a strange manner at the top curl of the 2. The zero needs two more thin bevel indicating lines if those lines were to stay, top right and bottom left at 45º angles.

The banner is ok, but the italicized text is a poor choice made even more troublesome by not flowing with the banner.

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