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  1. I heard around town Fond du Lac LakeFlies has been making its rounds with folks thinking of names. That's wonderful, let's name it after something that everyone hates all summer
  2. From area (NF) and I suggested Sturgeons. Still a fish but something a little more badass looking than Walleye. But walleye makes obvious sense. Are they going to add seats to Marian's field? Because it fills up pretty well already.
  3. Denver Broncos new logo for 2016-17?

    This playoff run I came to realize the Broncos' current logo is amazing. It really is one of the best in the league. Hope they never go away from it.
  4. Best and Worst Sports Logos

    You know, the Texans sure did hit it out of the park on the first try didn't they? All around aesthetically. Logo might last forever, uniforms are a modern classic.
  5. MLB 2016 Changes

    Is it April 1st? What a joke. Honestly it looks like your annoying local adult softball team that takes rec league too seriously. Awful
  6. Rare team matchups

    Those empty seats up top sum up the cardinals before the move to the new stadium. That looks like a decently filled stadium Here in Green Bay we call that empty of a stadium "2 hours before kickoff"
  7. NFL Changes 2015

    As an ex football player, I much preferred playing on real grass. Field turf had that initial "wow this is artificial how cool like the pros" but tackling and getting tackled on that fake stuff was the worst. What the Packers do is perfect. As a uniform note, glad to see Dallas wearing their best uniforms today. Such a shame we see the navy blue such few times.
  8. 2015-16 College hoops

    I've been ripping on Adidas hard with their football unis, but I have to give credit where credit is due. They nailed all of these. See Adidas you can do good
  9. NFL Changes 2015

    noticed this, Packers seem to have finally switched to the NIKE pants template after originally staying with their old ones when the Nike switch happened. Tough to tell in these photos but if you look closely enough you can tell. Tops appear to be the same though Here is an old pic for example
  10. Each team's best look

    The Cowboys upset me more than a jersey should. This is a top 3 look in the league yet they wear it once every couple years and only when a team forces them to wear them. Screw the white at home, it looks awful and this is far superior.
  11. NFL Changes 2015

    Maybe it'll be thr one with the 5 stripes on the sleeves? That's what my hope is. I love those 1960's uniforms, and it works with the one helmet rule very well, just a facemask change. It's not a big change from the norm, but it's an all timer. However, I believe that it'll be from the early era when the Pack was still blue/gold because the Acme Packer apparel sells like hotcakes here in Wisconsin. And it's a way of selling two different brands of the same merchandise for the team (aka $$$$)
  12. NFL Changes 2015

    Packers' President Mark Murphy said today that the Packers' alternate that we've known about from the style guide for some time will in fact be a throwback, in case there was any doubt. No idea on which throwback though. Also, with these draft hats with the skyline under the bill, what the H is the Packers' going to be? the only thing on the skyline of Green Bay is Lambeau Field. Maybe they'll just put a farm on there (kidding, but actually it wouldn't be far off)
  13. NFL Changes 2015

    I've said it close to a billion times on these boards, but man say what you will about the Dolphins' new unis (I like them more than past), but the new Aqua color is amazing. They nailed that out of the park. Perfect color to represent South Florida
  14. Unpopular Opinions

    People would call it insane and blame Nike somehow