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  1. @zrodriguez13 Still the browns 😂

  2. @zrodriguez13 ☺️

  3. RT @Hawk: Just so we're clear.. CAN play in NFL: Steroid users Domestic Abusers Rapists Accused murderers Racists Cant play: Prot…

  4. @VZWSupport Will do, thanks!

  5. RT @KenCarman: I'm really, really glad that Marlins Man hates us.

  6. Under Armour has come a long way. https://t.co/7JWWOFCeRL

  7. Cleveland Cavaliers New Uniforms

    I hadn't noticed this yet... Cavs numerals have holes positioned in a way that echos the beveled wordmark. Sorry if this was already pointed out. (I know all teams have the vent-holes in the numbers, but i haven't seen any that are laid out in a pattern of any kind.) (Posting from mobile. Can't tell if the photos are junk quality, sorry.)
  8. So is #6 out of commission for the @cavs? LeBron wears it in practice, so I'll assume that's the reason. Lol

  9. Cleveland Cavaliers New Uniforms

    José Calderón's "8" is upside-down. Compare to Channing Frye's.
  10. *Tries not to point out the inconsistent spacing between the wordmark and striping* (from player to player)
  11. RT @ahammsportsgeek: For those who call these players spoiled, narcissistic and cry babies... watch this. https://t.co/op7PrZDhhf

  12. @GSing50 playing some @BoysLikeGirls at work 👌👌 Ugh so good

  13. Wondering how many people/players do the same thing KD did (without getting caught lol)

  14. Not sure how I'm just now seeing this. Pretty damn cool. https://t.co/zGKHTHSDLV

  15. RT @jeff_layman20: @wrenwag https://t.co/Y48iiq0F7v