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  1. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    Neither one is ranked, I think... Well, Xavier might be. Still, they're piggy backing on what Washington did earlier this week against Kansas.
  2. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    Heh... you chumps are just piggy backing after U-Dub took down Kansas earlier this week.
  3. Consider this project an alternative twist to reality. What if the 1-A level had a playoff before the current system was in place... this is what my project will do. First, some history and background to start with. We will begin in 1989, where the 9 conferences that make up the 1-A level met in Dallas before the season to begin on a plan that would finally end years of controversy when it came to having a national champion. Seeing that the lower levels were successful with playoffs, these 9 conferences came up with a plan that would satisfy everyone... in 1990, the first ever Division 1-A National Championship Playoff would be held. Each of the 9 conferences would send it's conference champion to the playoff alongside the best ranking Independent program to make up a 10 team field. The final regular season AP poll would decide the seedings for the field with 10 vs. 7 and 9 vs. 8 in the first round at campus sites. The quarterfinal round would see bowl games be used along with the semifinal round. The six bowl games would be the Rose, Sugar, Cotton, Orange, Gator and Fiesta. Each year, two bowl games would have semifinals and rotate on a three year basis, ensuring that each game would have at least one semifinal game in a three year span. The National Championship Game would be on a neutral field and held on New Year's Day. The first edition, set for 1990, would see it's championship game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. For 1991, it would be at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, Florida and in 1992, the championship game would be in the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN. 1990 After the season ended, the nine champions and the best Independent were named.. ACC: Georgia Tech Big 8: Colorado Big Ten: Iowa Big West: San Jose State MAC: Central Michigan Pac-10: Washington SEC: Tennessee (Florida was ineligible due to probation) SWC: Texas WAC: Brigham Young Independent: Miami (FL) The final poll set up the field for the first two rounds... 1st Round #10 San Jose State at #7 Iowa #9 Central Michigan at #8 Brigham Young Quarterfinals CMU/BYU winner vs. #1 Colorado (Fiesta Bowl) #5 Tennessee vs. #4 Washington (Rose Bowl) SJSU/Iowa winner vs. #2 Georgia Tech (Orange Bowl) #6 Texas vs. #3 Miami (FL) (Cotton Bowl) In the next post, the first round begins.
  4. A Seadragon Project: The Division 1-A Championship

    Probably not. I can't do art worth a crap, so my options are limited to what I can do. Also, I'm thinking of starting in 1996 instead because then I can use What If Sports for the games and then write it up from there.
  5. CBCS Alt. History - Vote for 1967 host city

    I like the idea of the conference championship games being essentially a play in round for the main bracket.
  6. A Seadragon Project: The Division 1-A Championship

    Images for the first round games...
  7. A Seadragon Project: The Division 1-A Championship

    BINGO! I'll explain it in further detail once I get to the 1991 season, but the formation of the Big East should of been a boon for the Hurricanes.. but the decision to not crown a regular season champion made the conference ineligible for the playoff in those two seasons. Miami won't go down without a fight though.
  8. A Seadragon Project: The Division 1-A Championship

    Close, but no. I'm also trying to figure out a way for scoring the games. There are simulators out there, but nothing goes past 1996. Once I get to 1996, then I'll switch to What If Sports for that.
  9. A Seadragon Project: The Division 1-A Championship

    Not a bad idea... I can always whip up something on Paint and then go from there for images. I just need a hosting site since Photobucket is being jerks about hosting. I thank you for the kind words... I can say this, though: 1991 and 1992 will be fun considering that a certain high ranking team may not get in. I'll let you figure out who...
  10. CBCS Alt. History - Vote for 1967 host city

    This is a great idea here and I'm interested... I wonder, how do you do the scoring for the games?
  11. A Seadragon Project: The Division 1-A Championship

    Division 1-A Playoff - 1st Round San Jose State Spartans (Big West Champions) AT Iowa Hawkeyes (Big Ten Champions) Kinnick Stadium - Iowa City, Iowa - Saturday, December 8th - 12:30 PM San Jose State got in as champions of the Big West and went 9-2-1. They opened with a tie against highly ranked Louisville and had two tightly contested losses to Pac-10 champion Washington and regional foe California. After that, it was smooth sailing as the Spartans would roll on. Lead by RB Sheldon Canley, they boasted a strong running game that averaged 173 yards a game. Iowa got lucky in winning the tiebreaker in the Big Ten by beating the three other teams tied in the spot. Like the Spartans, the Hawkeyes love to run the ball and Nick Bell is the bell cow for Iowa, having a 1000 yard season under his belt. Central Michigan Chippewas (Mid-American Champions) AT Brigham Young Cougars (WAC Champions) LaVell Edwards Stadium - Provo, Utah - Saturday, December 8th - 4:45 PM If there's one thing Central Michigan is known for, it's defense. The Chippewas had the 3rd best scoring defense in the nation and rarely gave up more then 15 points in their games. In fact, the only time that happened was a loss to Kentucky to open the season. On offense, they were a balanced team that didn't make too many mistakes. In contrast to the defense of the Chippewas, the Cougars of BYU threw the ball all over the place. Ty Detmer had a season to remember with 5188 passing yards and 41 touchdowns. His arm lead the Cougars to the 3rd best scoring offense in the nation
  12. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    As a Mariner fan, you can bite me... small market my ass. The guy didn't want to be in the shadow of what Ichiro did in Seattle. That's why he said no... well, that's my opinion anyway. Good luck in Anaheim, he'll need it.
  13. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Seattle and Omaha.
  14. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Ohio State may have been deserving of a shot, but Alabama has been consistently good all season long before the loss to Auburn. The entire season, the Crimson Tide was the number 1 team in the nation. Even after losing to Auburn, they fell to 5th... literally the first team out. Ohio State had a loss to Oklahoma that really, since it was before the playoff rankings were out, didn't hold a lot of weight. The Iowa loss, on the other hand... woof. That was bad.
  15. 2017 NFL Season

    Philly has more penalties then Seattle does? What madness is this?!? Seattle usually has 10-15 penalties on them a game.
  16. Bowl Signatures Episode 6: Return of the PNG

    I would like to see the Liberty Bowl (Iowa State vs. Memphis) and a Fiesta Bowl (Washington vs. Penn State) signature, please?
  17. 2017 NFL Season

    Giants fans (what's left of them, anyway) will be happy to hear that the Sentient Derp that is Ben McAdoo will be canned whether they win or lose today. I feel bad for them... sort of.
  18. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    This is a great story, in my honest opinion. They're heading to the Arizona Bowl (which is the only bowl the school can really afford to go to). This and the rebirth of UAB football are great stories to watch in some of these lower tier games. As for the New Year's Six.. Cotton: USC vs. Ohio State Fiesta: Washington vs. Penn State Orange: Miami vs. Wisconsin Peach: UCF vs. Auburn
  19. 2017 High School Football

    Kalama takes home the 2B State championship with a very hard fought 28-27 win over Liberty (Spangle). As for the other state champs... 1B: Almira-Coulee-Hartline (They beat Sunnyside Christian 84-60... that's not a typo BTW) 1A: Royal (Defeated Meridian 33-27) 2A: Hockinson (The GSHL rival of Mark Morris, R.A. Long and Woodland defeated Tumwater 35-22) 3A: O'Dea (they defeated Rainier Beach 38-11)
  20. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Vipers and Swarm are my picks.
  21. International Football 2017-2018

    Ehh... that's a bit of an overstatement IMO. Yes, they do open with Germany. But, you have Sweden and South Korea in your group as well. If they can't beat those two nations and get into the Round of 16 in that group, then you know that they have screwed the pooch.
  22. International Football 2017-2018

    What I see more then anything is how juicy some of these opening games are... Portugal vs. Spain and Argentina vs. Iceland are the best of these opening games. What a chance for Iceland, the little nation that could, to take on a giant in Argentina and Portugal vs. Spain is always a great match up.
  23. International Football 2017-2018

    Time for the final draw for next year's World Cup in Russia... Group A -Russia -Saudi Arabia -Egypt -Uruguay Group B -Portugal -Spain -Morocco -Iran Group C -France -Australia -Peru -Denmark Group D -Argentina -Iceland -Croatia -Nigeria Group E -Brazil -Switzerland -Costa Rica -Serbia Group F -Germany -Mexico -Sweden -South Korea Group G -Belgium -Panama -Tunisia -England Group H -Poland -Senegal -Colombia -Japan
  24. Spike TV New Look New Name

    With ya, @GeauxColonels. I LOVED this show alongside Deadliest Warrior, 1000 Ways to Die and Bar Rescue.
  25. Spike TV New Look New Name

    No, they lost that show. It's on Fox Sports 1 now.