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  1. miltonANDlumbergh

    The Rockies Go Traditional

    Here's an update. Cleaned up the whole look: Also did a black and purple version:
  2. miltonANDlumbergh

    The Rockies Go Traditional

    Definitely agree. The "Rockies" script needs a lot of work. I'm gonna dive back into really smoothing the whole thing out.
  3. miltonANDlumbergh

    The Rockies Go Traditional

    Very simple, and traditional baseball look I put together for the Rockies. The identity has been slimmed down to only purple and white, and I even went simple on the road jersey with no white outlines, a la the Dodgers. All hand drawn lettering, so excuse any imperfections, I'm still trying to make revisions. Any C&C appreciated.
  4. miltonANDlumbergh

    Colorado Rockies Refresh

    Here's an update: -I cleaned up the primary just a tad and put together an identity package that outlines the new direction for the team. Enjoy! Here is the complete brand package. I wanted to incorporate more liveliness into the identity with the update of purple and the beveling of the classic lettering. As a move into the 21st century, the ball was removed, and a roundel was created to bring a more timeless look onto the scene. A sleeve patch was also created to pay homage to the past and keep consistency with the uniforms: This is the perspective of how the brand has evolved from 1993 to 2018: Here's a look at the uniforms. The goal was to have only 2 hats from now on, a black cap with purple bill, and a purple cap with black bill. This gives the team consistency when using different uniform variations. A 4th uniform is in the works right now:
  5. miltonANDlumbergh

    Colorado Rockies Refresh

    Any CC would be appreciated.
  6. miltonANDlumbergh

    Colorado Rockies Refresh

    Let's be honest, the Rockies front office is very stubborn when it comes to the identity of the team. I've been a fan of the team since the beginning, and know all too well. So, I decided to take what we already have, and refresh it. I took the secondary logo and removed the ball, created a classy roundel, and lightened the purple. For the word mark, I beveled the inside letter fillers to give the lettering a more contemporary look. I also beveled the cap logo this way as well. The primary integrates the city of Denver into the identity for the first time as well. I am still working on the other elements of the refresh such as the "Colorado" word mark and other jerseys, but this is a solid start so far:
  7. miltonANDlumbergh

    The Mad Scientist's NBA

    Love the racing pattern on Indiana. Good stuff.
  8. miltonANDlumbergh

    Atlanta Hawks Nike Jerseys

    So glad the white jersey was changed. The volt numerals were such a big pet peeve of mine.
  9. miltonANDlumbergh

    Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    The irony is too perfect.
  10. miltonANDlumbergh

    Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. All things aside from the number outline problem, these things look great in the sun.
  11. miltonANDlumbergh

    Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    As a fan, I'd say the road unis are digestible, but the white home is so bleh. The Denver word mark should be yellow/powder/white outlines instead of yellow/white/powder. Oh well, I'm used to Kroenke being apathetic.
  12. miltonANDlumbergh

    Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    As a fan and native, I would say that's a mighty fine idea. Never even thought of it, but damn, that could be amazing ?
  13. miltonANDlumbergh

    Houston Rockets - Nike Concept - C&C ?

    I love this color combo. I could definitely see them adopting this. I would shrink the logo somewhat too. Maybe try a metallic gold/red/black version as well. Might be just the combination.
  14. miltonANDlumbergh

    Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    As a lifelong fan of the team, I wouldn't be surprised if this is nothing more than just nothing. Josh Kroenke and Stan Kroenke are always behind when it comes to identity. The mountain logo should have been dropped 8 years ago, and the beautiful secondary should have smoothly replaced it. The newer unis were poorly marketed. Most fans didn't even notice the change, in fact, you go to a game and 90% of people still wear the jerseys from a few years ago. What this team needs is a concise branding plan and to get away from their lazy approaches in marketing. A color change is much needed. I pray for a better plan going forward.