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  1. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    Couple of critiques: The logos are pretty decent, the only thing I would change is the color of the circle from white to red on the logo on the left (and get rid of the thin black outlines that go with it). It would be a good nod to the Selanne/Tkachuk/Essensa era Jets teams of the first half of the 1990s. The jerseys make absolutely no sense whatsoever. There is no cohesion with colors or striping in relation to the rest of the set. Are you presenting this as a black team or a red team? I'd get rid of the BFBS jersey and stick to the red/white/blue/gray color palette of the one on the right.
  2. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Getting a real Calgary Hitmen vibe from the Condors, and it looks awesome. Pink isn't used nearly enough for American sports identity packages.
  3. MLB changes 2018?

    ''Tis the nature of compromise, nobody ends up happy with the solution 😉
  4. Dallas' third jersey looks very Thrashers-esque. A sign of things to come, maybe?
  5. Sounds like a combination of Gaelic football and basketball, and you're off to a good start so far with Chicago's set.
  6. Northstar Soccer League

    Love the kit, but I feel the need to make a minor correction. Duluth Trading Company was started in Duluth, but is now based out of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin (corporate office) and Belleville, Wisconsin (factory). My wife does a lot of freelance work for them as a graphic designer, so I am very well familiar with the company. Aside from that, great series so far! Everything has been well done and presentation looks great!
  7. Your secondary logo almost reads like an N with an O inside, but I think it gets muddied with the addition of the third crescent (the yellow one). Have you ever though of just making it a filled-in circle to further accentuate the purple and green crescents? Just a thought. And tricolored winged helmet all the way!
  8. 2016 Presidential Jerseys

    Interesting idea! If you're taking requests, I'd love to see the Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul campaign logos made into uniforms.
  9. Complete Sports Towns

    One note about Milwaukee: The Packers are lumped in with the Milwaukee TV market as secondary to the Green Bay-Appleton market. This was done because the Packers played three regular season games a year in Milwaukee until after the 1994 season, when these games were moved to Green Bay as part of the Gold package (for the displaced Milwaukee season ticket-holders). When TV blackout rules were still in effect, they were retained for Milwaukee TV stations because of the Gold package. That and the Packers flagship radio station broadcasts out of Milwaukee instead of Green Bay. At least that's my understanding of it. Either way, I just saved you a concept
  10. Bundesliga 90s Series

    This uniform is brought to you by the United Steelworkers of America Keep reaching for that rainbow!
  11. The more I hear Kansas City Reapers, the more I like it. As for Tampa Bay, put me down for Barracudas (the team could even run out onto the field to the Heart song of the same name )
  12. If the current results hold out, here's my prediction for divisional alignment in 1981 (only taking into account the possible move of Buffalo to Newark): Division A Boston Buffalo (or New Jersey?) New York Philadelphia Division B Cincinnati Cleveland Detroit Pittsburgh Division C Atlanta Baltimore New Orleans Washington Division D Chicago Kansas City Milwaukee St. Louis Division E Houston Miami Tampa Bay Texas Division F Colorado Minnesota Portland Seattle Division G Arizona California Los Angeles San Diego
  13. Growing up in southern California, Tim Timmons (born 1950) was a childhood friend of Imperials WR Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez. Both shared dreams of glory in their respective sports, Rodriguez on the gridiron and Timmons on the soccer pitch. As a prolific midfielder, Timmons was widely recruited by many of the soccer programs on the Pacific coast. However, a knee injury during his senior year of high school put those dreams in jeopardy. Still, while attending the architecture school at the University of California at Irvine, he made the school's soccer team as a walk-on his sophomore year and eventually made the all-PCAA conference team his senior year. After a few unsuccessful trials with professional clubs in the United States and Canada, Timmons went to work for a prestigious architectural firm in Los Angeles. Finding the corporate life to be unsatisfying, Timmons started his own practice and his brother, Tom, joined him as a contractor. They got their start with small residential projects, but the two had much bigger ideas in mind. Seeing the successes that indoor shopping centers were experiencing throughout the United States, the Timmons brothers started purchasing properties of their own. However, these were smaller properties orientated to major thoroughfares, and these shopping centers (designed by Tim and built by Tom) primarily featured local businesses along with national restaurant chains. Collecting the rents from these properties made the brothers multi-millionaires, and Tim resumed his dreams of soccer glory (albeit via a different avenue) by purchasing a minority stake in the NASL's California Surf. 1980 Expansion Council Votes 1) Kansas City -- This one would take smaller amounts of broadcast areas from multiple teams (St. Louis, Minnesota, and Colorado) as opposed to taking a large chunk out of one team's territory. 2) Tampa Bay -- Economic issues aside, there is a suitable stadium already in an area that is projected to grow rapidly in the 1980s and beyond. 3) Hartford/New Haven -- There should be room for at least one "boutique" market in the AFA, but the two cities are part of Boston Captains territory, and are expecting pushback from Captains ownership
  14. IHL 2017

    Saginaw Gears, as Flint was the Generals for most of their IHL existence (tied in with the fact that GM had a huge presence in their city back then)
  15. I was going to add La Bombonera to my original post, but it wouldn't let me edit: