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  1. Hobogrish

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Seattle Fathoms or Trappers - yep I am posting it here. Not in the current mentions or trademarks but maybe need a change of course. I am a big fan of the Fathoms ties nautically plus to the “Seattle Underground” .
  2. Hobogrish

    The Battle of Seattle

    Any would be great. If if you get time to a Fathoms. That would be awesome. I think you could almost swap out the Kraken images to work.
  3. Hobogrish

    The Battle of Seattle

    Does this mean we get a Fathom concept?
  4. Hobogrish

    2019 MLB Changes

    Blueist Skies are in Seattle. It is the only think we have to forward to until 2021 according to Trader Jerry.
  5. Hobogrish

    The Battle of Seattle

    I think Seattle Fathoms or Trappers would be interesting. I know they are not in the top 12 names being floated. I was trying to think of a different yet relevant name. There you go.
  6. Hobogrish

    College Football Uniforms - 2019

    The UW corner numbers is not a Dawg Ear as posted. (See #2 above) It was to give location of the school being in the Northwest geographically in the conference. Hence why it is only on one number. The black does need to go away the purple needs to be bruise purple, and the gold needs to be gold not Vegas sand gold. No purple helmets or pants. Yes, I know kids want “cool” uni’s. The 70’s-90’s are the look of the Huskies as a dominant PAC-12 team. You wanna be ‘Bama create an image that everyone knows and wants to be!
  7. Hobogrish

    The Draft to Save the Browns

    I don’t need to be a GM, but I always thought it would be a great challenge to be involved in the draft process.
  8. This of course is just me playing around and based on projections at this point... Just thought I would play a bit, no not perfect but just an idea of how to rebuild via the draft. The Rd2 pick 1 and Rd 3 pick 1 would go to Seattle to get their 20th pick in the 1st. Pick Name Position College Rd1 1 Saquon Barkley RB Penn State Rd1 4 Orlando Brown OT Oklahoma Rd2 1 Josh Allen (SEA Rd1 #20) QB Wyoming TRADE BACK INTO Rd1 Rd2 5 Harrision Phillips DT Stanford Rd2 32 Dallas Roedert TE South Dakota State Rd3 1 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS PICK Rd1 #20 TRADE BACK INTO Rd1 Rd4 1 Jordan Wyatt CB Southern Methodist Rd4 24 Josey Jewell ILB Iowa Rd5 1 Carlton Davis CB Auburn Rd5 25 Dante Pettis WR Washington Rd 6 1 Akrum Wadley RB Iowa Rd7 1 Luke Falk QB Wash. State
  9. Hobogrish

    Laser printer help

    I am getting a line appearing at the bottom of my imported image that burns on my final print. Does not appear on the file or the print preview. Looking for help solving how I get rid of this. Rayjet printer.
  10. Hobogrish

    MLB TV contract

    I could buy the MLB package for MLB.tv and get my local team on ROKU.
  11. Living in Seattle Area and watching the NBA/NHL issues here. What are people's thoughts towards the "Green Bay Model" of ownership. Should communities have ownership stakes in teams if public funding or bonds are used to build stadiums or should communities be given a stake in or whole ownership? Personally, I think it is a crime that cities and fans are asked to commit to teams, stadiums and other resources then a team can move without having to expose themselves to local ownership first. I am not an NBA fan, but seems that other cities are facing the Sonics issue of, "It happened there, so give us what we want or it will happen to you." St. Louis, Atlanta and others are experiencing their version of this ideal. Thoughts.
  12. Mariners (some repeats) 51 johnson & ichico 19 Buhner (may not be on a national level, but cult hero here) 24 Griffey 11 Martinez The M's need to revamp their ideas about retiring numbers Sonics 20 Gary Payton 40 Shawn Kemp Seahawks 45, 80 and 71 should never be worn again. 71 Walter Jones (thanks Chiago for you pick in exchange for Rick Mirer)
  13. Hobogrish

    City and Team Names That Sound "Cool"

    XFL - New York/New Jersey Hitmen and the Chicago Enforcers NFL- Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks USFL: New Jersey Generals, Oklahoma Outlaws, Tampa Bay Bandits, Boston Breakers and the Oakland Invaders ARENA - New Orleans Vodoo and Iowa Barnstormers NCAA - Oklahoma Boomer Sooners and Florida State Seminoles MLB- Brooklynn Trolley Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals NHL- Detriot Red Wings and Nashville Predators MLS- D.C. United and Seattle Sounders Minor Leagues- Alburque Dukes, Lansing Lug Nuts, Tuscon Side Winders and Spokane Indians
  14. Hobogrish

    Seattle Rainiers vs. Oakland Oaks

    Best part was even Washburn busted out the old fashion wind up to start the game....