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  1. The scene of the other Winter Soldiers kicking ass was a flashback. Zemo's first question to Bucky in the interrogation was about the mission report. Following his interrogation by Zemo, Bucky could only remember that Zemo asked about where he was kept--Zemo needed to know so he could search there for the report. When Capt America asked Bucky why Zemo would want to know that, Bucky said (assumed) it was because there were more Winter Soldiers. We don't know if Zemo even knew about the other Winter Soldiers, but he killed them, because he did not want them unleashed on the world ("did you really think I wanted more of you?"). I don't know if a group of Winter Soldiers could stop the Avengers, but Zemo knew he could not, because "more powerful men than me had tried, but if I could get them to kill each other..." Earlier in the film, he said something about an Empire that "crumbles form within"--that is a reference to the Avengers destroying themselves.
  2. Zemo's plan was to obtain the mission report from the night Stark's parents died, believing if that info was public, that Iron Man would turn against Capt America and ultimately tear the Avengers part. Had Zemo obtained the report from the Russian colonel he tracked down in Cleveland, then the bomb outside the UN building (that killed the Wakandan king), would not have been necessary. The bombing was a way to flush the Winter Soldier out, since the Winter Soldier could maybe tell him the location of the report (remember Zemo asked Bucky about it during the interrogation and Bucky told him the location of the base in Siberia). Zemo went to Siberia to obtain the report, and the Avengers perused him, thinking Zemo was going to unleash the remaining Winter Soldiers. Luring The Avengers to Siberia was not a part of the plan--it just made for a cool backdrop to have a "final' fight between Stark and Capt America/Bucky.
  3. I am a little disappointed that a few of these markers are in the vicinity of historical locations ("a few blocks NW of here", "near this site"). "George Washington slept somewhere near here" misses the point of what makes a place historic.
  4. Home plate at Huntington Avenue Grounds, site of the first World Series (now on the campus of Northeastern University).. 60", 6' away is a statue of Cy Young.
  5. If that is a Bruins jersey, it looks like they got rid of the "double outline" letters. Score one for legibility.
  6. Don't the Warriors play in "the Town"?
  7. Maybe make the coattails green (as in the original). Otherwise, it sort of looks like the leprechaun has a tail.
  8. I saw Wonder Woman today and thought it was very good. Gal Gadot's performance was perfect. Her character was so wonderfully earnest. The battle on the beach of Themyscira was the highlight for me. You could watch that 20 times over and probably notice something new each time.
  9. I understand their confusion--Selma Diamond was hilarious.
  10. America was founded in Seventeen Seventy-six. The internal combustion engine was patented in Eighteen Twenty-six. Man landed on the moon in Nineteen Sixty-nine. Why should that mode of dating suddenly change? The War of One-thousand Eight-hundred Twelve doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
  11. Or the Rangers could have just worn their home whites and the Angels their road grays. That seems like a more simple solution than going alizaran crimson vs. cadmium red.
  12. "That is assault. That is assault."
  13. The Twins even more so.
  14. People don't use "we" when they talk about their favorite band ("We have the three Platinum albums in a row") or their favorite TV show ("We really knocked it out of the park with that episode"), and those are things people invest their time/money/emotions in. It is strange that "we" is so acceptable (or unacceptable) when it comes to sports teams.