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  1. America was founded in Seventeen Seventy-six. The internal combustion engine was patented in Eighteen Twenty-six. Man landed on the moon in Nineteen Sixty-nine. Why should that mode of dating suddenly change? The War of One-thousand Eight-hundred Twelve doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
  2. Or the Rangers could have just worn their home whites and the Angels their road grays. That seems like a more simple solution than going alizaran crimson vs. cadmium red.
  3. "That is assault. That is assault."
  4. The Twins even more so.
  5. People don't use "we" when they talk about their favorite band ("We have the three Platinum albums in a row") or their favorite TV show ("We really knocked it out of the park with that episode"), and those are things people invest their time/money/emotions in. It is strange that "we" is so acceptable (or unacceptable) when it comes to sports teams.
  6. Had the Patriots actually moved to Hartford, I would have given up on them. The Giants are the "local" NFC team in the Boston market, so I probably would have started following them.
  7. This may be as close as you get. Buckner had bad ankles, so the high tops provided some extra support.
  8. The King of Monsters can charge whatever he wants and people will pay it. Godzilla had top billing over Raymond Burr--it was worth your $50.
  9. How is this even a discussion?
  10. I don't hate teams with bad uniforms, but I certainly hate watching them play. A "color rush" game between the Jaguars and the Buccaneers? No thank you.
  11. UCLA stripes that connect all the way around the shoulders.