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  1. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Landon Cassill will not return to Front Row Motorsports in 2018, according to Jeff Gluck. Cassill's time hasn't been the greatest experience. Since coming on board with FRM in 2016, Cassill's stats are: 66 Races 14 Lead-lap Finishes Best Finish: 11th (Talladega, Spring 2016) 32 Laps Led (20 in 2016, all at the Spring Bristol Race) 6 DNFs (5 in 2017) Avg Finish: 26th Not the best stats. It's not entirely his fault, as FRM is a pretty underfunded team despite some of the most loyal sponsors in the sport. I think we can rule out Danica and Kenseth taking over the 34, as both are looking for "competitive" rides. One name that was thrown out on social media was Michael McDowell, who could bring in K-LOVE as a sponsor, though I'm not sure how committed their relationship is with Leavine Family and the 95 (K-LOVE seems to fit McDowell much more than they would with Kahne, though).
  2. Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

    My family ha long been far-right-leaning, anti-Obama, etc etc. At a young age, I sorta was too, but only because they were. Going through college at a really young age opened me to multiple perspectives (as it should) and caused me to become an independent in regards to politics. This became even more clear when I became a student journalist and actually paid attention to the news, trying my best to keep an objective view on things. The issue on guns, I feel, is what most others have said and tried to implement: Increased background checks, and decreasing/eliminating the sale of firearms to the mentally unstable. I grow up in a very rural Midwest area like 8BW14 did. Many folks around here are right-wing, White Christian Republicans who love Trump as much as they love their guns. Most of these guns, however, are for hunting purposes an hunting only. I support the right to possess a firearm... unless its a military-grade weapon. Hunting rifles used only for hunting? Yes. MK-47s that belong on the battle field? Get them out.
  3. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Here's an update on the Subway situation. Seems like they were looking around at other teams, and found an excuse to leave. Now I hope Dunkin Donuts comes on just because of this.
  4. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Subway abruptly ends it's sponsorship with Daniel Suarez:
  5. Go Stare at the Sun

    I was driving home from Tennessee when it happened, so I didn't get to see it all go down, but it was weird driving while it was happening. I was just south of Charleston, WV when they were at their peak, which felt like it was about 7 or 8 in the evening rather than 2:30 in the afternoon. Guess I'll have to wait when I'm 26 when it passes over Ohio.
  6. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    I was at the race last night and let me tell ya, there isn't a single bad seat in the house. My dad and I sat in the Yarborough section right at the exit of Turn 2 and we could see the entire track. It was truly electric and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in going to Bristol.
  7. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Tough day for the Truck Series as Brad Keselowski announces he will shut down his organization after 2017.
  8. NBA Gridiron -Minor Updates Posted

    With several teams rolling out new looks, I figured it's time to update a couple of the teams who made changes this off-season, beginning with the Eastern Conference. CLEVELAND CAVALIERS Changes: Updated the facemask from gold to black Helmet and pants stripes change from the sword to the slash marks, similar to the ones seen on the team's new jerseys and shorts. Replaced the helmet logo with navy numbers. Added trim to jersey stripes. Home stripes switch from solid gold to navy with gold trim, while away jersey switches to wine with gold trim. Jersey logo moves from above the Nike logo to the player's right. Number font is now the NFL Jaguars font. INDIANA PACERS: Changes: Helmet changes from gold to navy. Striping patterns resemble the new uniform's side panels. Added white and navy pants options. Home numbers change from white with gold trim, to gold with white trim. Away numbers are now solid navy with no outline. Jersey logo moves from above the Nike logo to the player's right. PHILADELPHIA 76ERS Changes: Added the drop-shadow to both the home and road numbers. TORONTO RAPTORS Changes: Removed the number outlines from the home uniform Removed the sleeve caps from both the home and road uniforms Chevrons are now black on the home uniform and white on the road uniform Jersey logo now smaller, moves from above the Nike logo to the player's right. Western Conference teams will not be posted right away, but expect some (mostly minor) updates to Denver, Houston, LA Clippers, Minnesota, Phoenix, Portland, and San Antonio. EDIT: I will also be updating Atlanta in the next wave of updates, whenever that may be.
  9. Pink Uniforms

    Did somebody say fantasy plugs?
  10. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Here's a better look at the new academic logo compared to the old:
  11. Stock Car Designs - NARL

    Got bored a couple months ago and created a generic template based on the current Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series cars. From there, I thought about creating a full-fledged series, called the North American Racing League, full of fake drivers, new sponsors, and unused numbers not regularly used in the Cup Series. Series sponsors include Firestone Tires, Miller Lite, Pennzoil, K&N Filters, BEHR Paints, RTIC Coolers, and Nike. So far these are just a couple ideas I had while trying out the template. If this gains enough traction I might do a mini-series, but with school right around the corner, posts would be few and far in between.
  12. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Chevy going with the Camaro for Cup
  13. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    My guess is GMS picks up eitger the 23 team's charter from BK Racing or the 77 charter if they do come up to Cup level. I think it's way too early for Gallagher to make the jump to Cup, so Kasey would be a great fit for a new team.
  14. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Byron to the 5 is now official, with support from Axalta and Liberty University.
  15. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    Nice to see Gordon Ramsay finally land a role on the big screen.