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  1. So who wants to join in on a joke team? Anyone?
  2. Corporate Sponsorship Examples

    I count at least 20 brands in this one picture. And to think there's room for more!
  3. Corporate Sponsorship Examples

    "One lap to go, sponsored by Credit One Bank!" "Today's winning performance brought to you by Sunoco; Fueling Victories!" "Let's have a look at today's 5-Hour Energy Move of the Race!" Naming rights are everywhere in NASCAR, but the sport would be dead without sponsorship.
  4. OAC Redesign - BW, Wilmington, and Muskingum! (D3 Football)

    Wrapping up the first half of this series with BOTH Wilmington AND my Muskingum Muskies! WILMINGTON QUAKERS Ya wanna know how bad Wilmington football is? Mount Union has more wins in the past two seasons (27) than Wilmington has in the past SIXTEEN (24). That's right. Wilmington is a combined 24-136 since 2002. In 2013, the college unveiled a new logo to create a consistent look across the board. Since then, they are 3-47. The rebrand came early in the team's 23-game losing streak between 2012-2014, which included two 0-10 seasons. Once the streak was broken with a week one win in 2015, it was reactivated, as the Quakers then went on a 19-game losing streak. 2017 actually looked promising, as the Quakers not only got their first win in 20 games, but started the season 2-1 with a week three victory over a struggling Capital squad. However, their winning ways wouldn't last, as the team ended the year on a seven-game skid, including a 41-7 loss in the season finale against Muskingum. With a newer, younger coaching squad having one year under their belts, the Quakers look to right the ship and muster up more than two wins for the first time since 2008. The Quakers have a unique double-green color scheme that they seem to utilize pretty well across their campus and branding. However, I have several issues with the logo outlined in the previous post: It doesn't look like a hand, the W isn't clear and looks like a wing, and emphasized the C for College much more than the W for Wilmington. And with the return and quick, satisfying death of the "circle game" meme, it creates some unwanted comparisons. CONCEPT LOGO: The new logo takes inspiration from the pre-rebrand Quakers identity, which used a QUAKERS scrip over a dark green block W. However, I wanted to keep the unique double green color scheme, so I made the primary W lime with the dark outline. The Quakers don't need to be fancy, especially in their current state. This return to a simpler time may be what the team needs to get at least to the middle of the pack and not 10 feet below the basement. -------------- MUSKINGUM FIGHTING MUSKIES AAAALLLLL HAIL MUSKIIIIIIIINGUUUUM, GLORRRRIOUS ALMA MATERRRRRR... THYYYYYY LOYAL CHILLLLLDREN, COMMMMMMMME TO DO THEE HOOOONNNOORRRR Muskingum was the best two years of my life. I met my closest friends who are like family to me. Without it and my time in the Communication, Media, and Theatre Department, I wouldn't have landed my dream job. I got the chance to call football games live on-air last fall, calling both victories in Week 1 and 10. It was frustrating to watch at times, yes. This team was like watching a roller coaster last fall: - A freshman, dual-threat QB who turned the ball over constantly - Two of the best receivers/play-makers in the OAC who did what they could to make plays - An impressive yet inexperienced LB-turned-RB who was injured early in the year - An experienced and explosive defensive front line - And a young, chippy, yet surprisingly secondary. Turnovers and coaching errors were what broke the team, as performance wasn't necessarily issue. The team easily could've been 6-4, as they almost came back against Otterbein, led early vs. Capital, had a last-second TD scored against them vs ONU, and above all, questionable choices late against BW in their homecoming game. After 14 seasons of mediocrity in the OAC, Coach Al Logan stepped away from Muskingum in late November, while Athletic Director Larry Shank announced his retirement just days prior. ORIGINAL LOGO: Muskingum University is one of the only schools in the United States to use magenta as a primary color. So of course, athletics decided to go with red who-knows-how-many years ago. I've been told by the Athletic Communication office this specific logo was only created about 15-16 years ago. From the looks of it, I would've guessed 25 at least. A magenta version is used across campus and some marketing platforms through the Admissions Offices, but it is not official... Time to change that. CONCEPT LOGO: This is the result of my Senior Capstone project last fall. After many discussions with folks in marketing, athletics, admissions, student involvement, students & athletes, and my academic advisor, this was the resulting design. The current layout is loved and recognizable across campus, so moving away from it wouldn't be right. Magenta is a unique color to the sports world and Muskingum should use it. The school's previous president Anne C. Steele stated in her first speech in 2000 that students who attend Muskingum are a part of the "long magenta line," which has been used by the University in every way, shape, and form ever since. Expect the "LML" to have a big presence in the uniform designs. Up Next: The Uniforms of the OAC
  5. OAC Redesign - BW, Wilmington, and Muskingum! (D3 Football)

    Glad you like it! I've honestly been struggling with Wilmington. All I know is I need something different than their current: The meaning behind it, apparently, is that it's a hand, representing Wilmington's hands-on learning environment. The idea isn't bad, but the execution is off. If it is in fact a hand, then the C is made of the thumb and pinkie, which throws off the whole perspective. It looks like a certain meme... HA! YOU LOOKED!
  6. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    Definitely one of the biggest stories in NASCAR's history. Assuming it's true (which would appear so by the looks of it), I'm hoping they're able to find the right buyer. In other news, the Camping World Truck Series will become the Gander Outdoors Truck Series in 2019.
  7. OAC Redesign - BW, Wilmington, and Muskingum! (D3 Football)

    BALDWIN WALLACE YELLOW JACKETS With the exception of 2016, The Baldwin Wallace Yellow Jackets are typically found in the top half of the OAC. After a disappointing 3-7 2016 season which came a year after a 7-3 2015 campaign, BW ended 2017 with a 6-4 record, including a late-season victory over Heidelberg and a close 23-20 victory at Muskingum a few weeks before. BW is one of the better home teams in the conference, going 4-1 in Berea last season. With Dual-Threat QB Jake Hudson entering his senior season with an experienced receiving core, the Yellow Jackets have a chance to make some noise in 2018. Original Logo: I have to say, BW has one of my favorite logos in the conference. My biggest gripes are the color scheme and, later on, the uniforms, but that's because of the color scheme. Black AND brown? Huh uh. I also am not a huge fan of the half-human, half-yellow jacket concept, so we're going to go a little more natural as seen in the teaser sketch above. Concept Logo: The Yellow Jackets use both black and brown in their identity, so I decided to find a happy medium and use dark brown. Not much changes between this and the original sketch other than a slight perspective adjustment. I changed the mouth to resemble a real yellow jacket, changed the arms to be more insect-like, and threw in a second pair for good measure. Up next, we'll wipe our feat on the doormat of OAC Football, the Wilmington Quakers!
  8. OAC Redesign - BW, Wilmington, and Muskingum! (D3 Football)

    LOL I figured someone would make the "Yeah but SIX LEGS" comment All kidding aside, I'm glad you like the design! I tried six legs but adding them cluttered the midsection, which is why you don't see too many six-legged hornet/bee/wasp/yellow jacket logos. There's some, but when in this specific pose (think GT), there aren't many. Besides, I think your old professor should be more concerned about the yellow jacket having human legs and teeth
  9. OAC Redesign - BW, Wilmington, and Muskingum! (D3 Football)

    Howdy y'all! Graduation is done, the parties are over, and I'm back in Knoxville before moving to my new apartment in Cookeville on Thursday. Oh, and I start my new job in one week. Lots of exciting stuff, but the show goes on after a short hiatus! Baldwin Wallace is not officially done, but I did want to share a sketch as Mr. Yellow Jacket may look a little different from his previously buff self and may be looking a little more natural before too long: Hoping to have Baldwin Wallace up either tonight or tomorrow. I am in a bit of a slump with Wilmington's logo, so I may post my alma mater Muskingum after BW. I am also starting on some uniforms as well, so be on the lookout for them as well!
  10. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    Spencer Gallagher suspended indefinitely for violating NASCAR's substance abuse policy, days after his first career Xfinity Series win at Talladega.
  11. OAC Redesign - BW, Wilmington, and Muskingum! (D3 Football)

    Decided to take advantage of my time off these last couple days to make not only John Carroll, but Mount Union too! It's an OAC Powerhouse Double-Dip! JOHN CARROLL BLUE STREAKS For some in the OAC, a 6-4 (6-3 OAC) season record would be like winning the Super Bowl. But for the folks in University Heights, it's the exact opposite. In 2016, John Carroll made national headlines, defeating the #1-ranked Purple Raiders 31-28, becoming the first team other than Mount to win the OAC since the 1994 Blue Streaks squad. What's better is the win ended Mount's 112-game regular-season winning streak, dating back to 2005. The victory was also JCU's first win over Mount since 1989. And after a final four appearance that season, things were looking up for the Blue Streaks. However, after a home loss to Wisconsin-Oshkosh and a blowout loss to Heidelberg in Week 3, the Blue Streaks quickly fell out of the Top 25 D3 poll following a 1-2 start to the 2017 season. Despite the disappointing season, it won't take long for JCU to regain their footing and become a threat at the top of the OAC again. Original Logo: The logo just looks... amateur? I don't really know how else to describe it. Something small you may not have noticed with this logo is the outline at the top of the U. why is there a slight dip in the outline? Why not make it one solid piece? The bolt covering the JCU also doesn't sit well with me and neither does the font. The colors are also a bit of an issue, as the Blue Streaks use more of a navy and millennium gold (or whatever the Rams called it) in their uniforms, rather than the royal and bronze in the logo. Concept logo: Kept the "streak" blue (obviously), but modified it slightly as well as lightened the gold for better contrast. Speaking of, I added white to the lettering and brought it to the 21st Century with a new font. ------------------------------------ MOUNT UNION PURPLE RAIDERS About 99% of Mount Union graduates over the last 25 years do not know what it's like to see an OAC trophy come back to Ada after their annual bout with the Blue Streaks. Just think of that. What else can you say about the Purple Raiders? Not many programs can say they've won 112 games in a row, and 127 of the last 128. That's absurd. Current Logo(s) : So there seems to be no primary logo for the Purple Raiders, just by looking at them. Social Media uses both the Giants-esque script and the script-over-sword logos, so it's hard to tell which is official. I will say this, though... that helmet sticker may make an appearance on the uniforms. For the sake of this series, I decided to use the bottom image as a reference since it does have more character than a Giants ripoff. Concept Logo: Using a design similar to the original sword, I combined it with the stylized "R" from the "Raiders" script. I have an alternate version ready that may be a little more visible, using a white R and sword on a purple backdrop. Just seemed like a simple fix. -------------------------- C+C is appreciated as always! Next we head to Berea to take a gander at the Baldwin Wallace Yellow Jackets!

    ^^^ Basically what Bruins said. One of the biggest keys in design meaning. What do the red shoulders/sleeves have to do with the Dodgers? Why did you choose that font? Why did you choose a non-traditional front number placement for a baseball uniform (in relation to the script)? I'm not gonna lie, your "craft" is far from "perfected". Finding a new paint template and slapping your personal "logo" on a uniform with little to no explanation does not mean you've perfected anything. Also, saying you've "received more criticism than anyone in this forum's history" is laughable. This place has seen worse, I'm sure.
  13. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    More big news today as NASCAR announced it is purchasing the ARCA Racing Series, a midwest-based series that competes on everything from Daytona to Nashville Fairgrounds to dirt.
  14. OAC Redesign - BW, Wilmington, and Muskingum! (D3 Football)

    No comments on Heidelberg? Alrighty. Up Next: MARIETTA PIONEERS Location - Marietta, OH Est. Undergrad - 1,200 2017 Record - 6-4 (5-4 OAC) Marietta College isn't really known for their football program. If you know anything about the "Pios", the first thing you probably think of is their stellar baseball program, winning six national titles at the D3 level. In recent years, their basketball program has made a name for themselves as one of the best, winning about 20 games a year. Football has been a different story, as the team typically finishes in the basement of the OAC with Wilmington and Muskingum. Last fall was a different story, however, as a new coaching staff and strong performances from experienced upperclassmen helped the Pioneers bring home a respectable 6-4 2017 campaign. Original Logo: There's a lot going on with the current Pioneers' logo; Shaky double outlines (triple if you count a white OL on dark backgrounds), awkwardly-shaped mouth and chin line, cheekbone shading making him look malnourished... it's too much. The full logo isn't much better: The lettering is awful (That P... ugh), the hands look awkward, the double outline doesn't help anything, and that rifle.... It's just a stretched-out trapezoid. Boom. Now you can't unsee it. Concept Logo: I took some cues from the New England Patriots since the Pioneers' logo is made in a similar style, but I believe it fixes a lot of the issues with the logo. The perspective of the full logo bugs me since his body is facing forward yet his head is a profile shot. Adding the collar in my design helps fix the perspective issue and helps give a better cutoff for the head. I fixed the mouth while simplifying the shading and detail in the face as well. -------------------- Up next: We head back up north to University Heights to see the Blue Streaks of John Carroll. Comments are always welcome!
  15. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    SBNation reports Matt Kenseth will be making a comeback to the Cup Series this season with Roush Fenway, splitting the remaining schedule with Trevor Bayne in the 6 car.