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  1. To be honest... I kinda like these. I actually like the font, though I would've made the numbers white on the Navy and red jerseys. Only other thing I'd do is add a navy facemask to the red and white helmets, but other than that, as long as they wear the right combos, I'm satisfied.
  2. That was the first IndyCar race I've seen from start to finish, mostly because it was on before today Cup Series race in Sonoma. It was a lot of fun. I was kind of hoping Helio would end his skid, but it was some great racing nonetheless. Can't wait to see Iowa. The Texas race was a lot of fun to watch, so I can only imagine how a shorter track like Iowa will play out.
  3. Awesome! 😀
  4. Awesome! 😀
  5. Neither the Dallas Burn nor the Boise Burn had good logos. I'm not even going to call Columbus's sorry excuse of a logo as such. At least Dallas and Boise we're original. This is literally stock art. Bottom line: Don't call your team "Burn."
  6. The Tampa Bay Lightning have never had a good logo. The current is the closest to being "good", but none of them have been good at all.
  7. After seeing the Golden Knights uniforms, the detail on the logo brings it from a 4 to a 7 out of 10 in my books. Really makes it pop.
  8. I'm now on dribbble thanks to @raysox!
  9. Called it.
  10. Why does it look like he paid a guy $5 online to remove the watermark from a stock image?
  11. Ah, silly season; my third favorite time of the year behind Christmas and Speedweeks. Think about this: The last time the 5 car was competitive each and every week was Mark's first season with the team in 2009, when he collected 5 wins, 7 poles, and finished 2nd to Johnson in the standings. For Kasey Kahne, his most recent "competitive" season came in 2012, finishing 4th in the points. This team has showed promise in the past. However, once the new wears off after the first season, nothing is the same. If the trend continues, the new driver of the 5 will have a great first year, but not so much afterwards. Paul Menard hasn't impressed me at all his entire career, but he hasn't been in the best equipment either. Maybe a move to Penske or the Wood Bros. would help, but with only one win under his belt, I'd rather have Blaney who has proved he can compete everywhere he goes. Although unlikely, my dream scenario would be Menard to the 10, bringing some much-needed sponsorship along with him, and Kurt retiring after 2018, opening the door for Larson to the 41. A move by Menard to Stewart/Haas would open the door for Ty Dillon to join his brother Austin in the Childress stable. I've already made my stance on the Hendrick situation clear in the past: Byron and Bowman to the 5 and 88. Who goes to which car, I couldn't care less about honestly. A Jones/Kenseth swap would be interesting. Jones would be reunited with Xfinity teammate, Daniel Suarez, and would also give the Gibbs organization a balance of experienced vets (Busch & Hamlin) and young talent (Suarez and Jones). I could go on forever with this. Each domino that falls causes a dozen others to fall. This doesn't even take into account Cole Custer, Germain Racing, or the other smaller teams.
  12. Conrad coming up clutch again: Gotta say, I'm a little disappointed. I was a fan of the name at first, but the deer heads just kinda seemed slapped on. The beige circle sorta disappears behind the middle deer's antlers, and all they did was flip Milwaukee's M logo upside down for the W.
  13. For those who hate links:
  14. Looks like it's a white helmet and nothing more. I actually like it, though I hope they limit its use. The green helmet, at least in my eyes, is iconic to the Spartans' identity. I wouldn't mind seeing one home game with a white-green-white combo, just to see what it would look like.
  15. 49ers looking for a Digital Media intern: