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  1. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    Yeah, the script is awful. They had that on football helmets in '16. 😒
  2. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    Not a great picture, but Kent State with new powder blues
  3. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Yeah. Doing registration marks on somethings like this is difficult but you produced a great look
  4. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    I love this. Maybe round the eyes some more though. Even if you you make the shape out of the black.
  5. 76'ers Betsy Ross Logo

    You can have her sew the ball together. This would be a perfect time for the ABA style ball.
  6. Changes to Arizona's Numbers

    #3 is the closest I think. Just make all the spikes squares, and that would be 3.
  7. High School Football Uniforms 2017

    With the prestige of Massillon, it just might be
  8. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

  9. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    Kent State 2018 https://imgur.com/gallery/SGeL1
  10. G-League Updates 2017: New Uniforms!

    Nope. Tons of them are done every year by some teams. Texas being a big one the last few seasons.
  11. NBA x NIKE 2017 Hand Drawn (Brooklyn Nets added)

    It says permission is locked
  12. Probably trying to tie into DFW, but it's still not cheap for all of those uniforms.
  13. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 10 Voting

    G 5 S 10 B 8
  14. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    It's been said before, gold helmets would've been better. This gorgeous for what they are, a tribute to the Navy's precision flight team
  15. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 8 Voting

    G 18 S 8 B 9
  16. USC Facemask & Jersey

    That sounds like so much more work.
  17. USC Facemask & Jersey

    Yeah. Had that job too. We'd just set it up the night prior so we'd be able to quickly adjust on game day. Eventually we ordered pad specific cut outs. Much better but still a pain.
  18. National Arena League expansion

    Decent logos. It’s really crazy how indoor football has bloomed, but really isn’t much better than semipro football.
  19. Columbus has both the Triple-A All Star Game and National Title Game. Pretty cool in my opinion.
  20. USC Facemask & Jersey

    Some of that bunching is also caused by two sided tape. As a game goes on, it’ll bunch up and pull everywhere.
  21. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    No it wasn't primeknit. He had a mesh body
  22. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Akron has some non shockweb jerseys too. A special teams guy has like a base model uniform like you’d see small high schools and semipro teams wear.
  23. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Yeah not a fan. I’m not sure why they needed to do that with all the superior logos and decals they have.
  24. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 6 Voting

    G 1 S 2 B 10
  25. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Look at how basic their uniforms are