LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 10 Voting

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Here are the last medals for this year!



The bronze medal goes to @dsaline97, for Entry 9.



The silver medal goes to @rsaline, for Entry 13.



And the gold medal goes to @tpat13, for Entry 8!


Please copy the medals and host them on your account if you want to add them to your signature.


List of participants and points tally:

1 Whitefoot
2 ldconcepts
3 72freebie
4 Mockba
5 hettinger_rl
6 Pulv!
7 ODUMonarchs
8 tpat13
9 dsaline97
10 seattlesonicsofsacramento
11 ZionEagle
12 panthers_2012
13 rsaline




Full album here





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G: 13

S: 9

B: 8


Edit: No idea what happened to this, I hit "post" earlier today and minimized the window. When I came to check back on the results it had just posted. Weeeeeird.

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