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  2. The problem is those lasting repercussions have kept Montréal from reaching the heights it could. Lots of businesses moved out to Toronto, leaving any big-money business support out. Plus, baseball just doesn't appeal to the francophones that stayed as much as other sports like hockey. Again, @SFGiants58 has listed all these things, but I'm too lazy to go find the post right now. Plus, the Rays will probably move full-time to Montréal, realize it was a mistake in 20-ish years, and move again to wherever.
  3. NY Giants vs. New England Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Washington vs. Miami Houston vs. Kansas City Seattle vs. Cleveland Cincinnati vs. Baltimore New Orleans vs. Jacksonville Philadelphia vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams Atlanta vs. Arizona Tennessee vs. Denver Dallas vs. NY Jets Pittsburgh vs. LA Chargers Detroit vs. Green Bay
  4. It's not "boring" either. Black, red, blue, yellow, etc. The standard sports colors that every team uses in some form are boring. The unique color that nobody besides the Bucs use is the opposite of boring. Needs to choose a different word to express his dislike for the color.
  5. The Pistons already confirmed that the *sigh* chrome statement uniforms were coming back this year too. The Pelicans and Jazz are also bringing back last seasons statements.
  6. Remember how I opined in a previous that achieving 7-9 might be a minor miracle for the Snatit this season? Um, yeah, about that... ...Snatit gonna snatit.
  7. Minus whoever on the Steelers defense decided he wanted to wear bright pink cleats and socks. I’m all for supporting breast cancer awareness and all that, but only one player doing it really sticks out like a sore thumb
  8. Braves - lost to red birds (St. Louis Cardinals) and knocked out of the playoffs Georgia - lost to red birds (South Carolina Gamecocks) as a 20+ point favorite Falcons - lost to red birds (Arizona Cardinals) on a missed EP. Falcons capped off a rough week for Georgia teams playing against teams with red birds as mascots/logos.
  9. True -- I acknowledged in my first post that they weren't all his fault. Though, if it's tipped by one guy and lands in the hands of another, doesn't that mean Baker is throwing into too much traffic? Seahawks definitely got a boost from the refs today, absolutely. It also felt like the Seahawks' win was inevitable in the second half, even when they were down for a bit. Russell Wilson was generally getting whatever he wanted after some bad first drives, and that was the game. In 2019, San Francisco may be legit good, and the Browns -- for all of that -- are looking at a top ten pick. Ouch.
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  11. The game looked horrible. Both teams in all white from the waist down made it look like a scrimmage/joint practice. Stripeless pants have no place in the nfl other than throwbacks.
  12. Remember when the Cowboys were supposed to be good? Broncos shut out the Titans which means very little, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to get my hopes up for a 12-4 season.
  13. A funny joke: the Bloc Quebecois had the right idea in destroying Canada, but the wrong idea in preserving Quebec.
  14. That’s definitely valid and fair. I still think the helmet color/finish looks great though, maybe a decent compromise (until Nike can get the pewter right) is a new set with a pewter helmet and white primary pants? I’ve thought their pewter/red/white and pewter/white/white combos historically have looked better than they’re given credit for. And keep some pewter trim on the jersey and pants for good distributive balance (as a trim rather than a solid I think it’d look fine, color replication problems notwithstanding). I’m not at all opposed to a creamsicle comeback, but if there’s a way to salvage pewter, I’d want to see that really tried first.
  15. The Canucks won 6 Lester Patrick Cup championships in their 25 years in the Pacific Coast/Western Hockey League, including their final two seasons prior to joining the NHL
  16. The dude from Marin County has repeatedly been snowed under by the pass rush today. After the first drive, this has been thorough domination by the defense.
  17. Cardinals v Falcons look so bad, both teams need to get a new look asap.
  18. Unpopular opinion.. as a Saints fan I like it.. goes with the all black which I also like.. another unpopular opinion..
  19. How about no. This is a message board. Any opinion presented in a way that doesn't violate our community rules is allowed. Neither you or anyone else has the right to tell someone to leave on account of their opinion.
  20. Dolphins really missed a chance at wearing their aqua throwbacks for this week’s game. Washington-Miami would’ve been an incredible looking game.
  21. As a Rays fan. Montreal is the front runner for expansion, followed by Charlotte and Las Vegas. Montreal was dealt a bad hand in the late 80's when there was talk of secession from Canada. This caused a lack of development, infrastructure, and spending in Quebec which lasted well into the mid 90's. This hurt the people who didn't have money to go to games and and attendance dropped drastically. Look at their local economy at the time and it was deliberately driven down to stop secession. Prior to that issue, Montreal was a top fan base and was always producing. Charlotte is a great growing city. I don't think the new AAA stadium is as much of a roadblock as much as some say. If Charlotte/Mecklenburg county wants it enough and MLB says yes, they will make it happen. Vegas will have an MLB if relocation happens and if Montreal or Charlotte don't come through OR do not want two new teams in the same time zone.
  22. Georgia sticking around in the top ten despite that bad of a loss? Congratulations to them for being on par with Texas or Michigan in the realm of name brands that voters really want to be good.
  23. New AP Top Ten is... 1. Alabama 2. LSU 3. Clemson 4. Ohio State 5. Oklahoma 6. Wisconsin 7. Penn State 8. Notre Dame 9. Florida 10. Georgia I think Georgia should've fallen to 13, behind Auburn, Oregon, and Utah. They not only loss a game in which they were 24.5 point favorites, they got bailed out on a blown call and missed FGs and still lost. I'd say Florida should be above Notre Dame since Notre Dame's resume consists of a "good loss" to a Georgia team that may not actually be all that good and not a whole lot else, but it doesn't matter much.
  24. Should have been the plane logo. Color is great tho. Woodmark stinks but other than that great uniform.
  25. I'm under the impression that McVay is trying to throw this game becuse it's the 3rd quarter and the Rams have thrown the ball 10 :censored:ing times, I get the O-line is a mess and the 49ers D-line is great but its impossible to win a game that way. The Defense is also dog :censored:. If this team makes the playoffs I'll eat a pound of wasabi. Edit: Yeah this might be the worse offensive line I've ever seen. Goff is about to be sacked the moment the ball is snapped on every passing play they are giving him absolutly no time at all.
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