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  2. Eh, they wear them on Saturday's typically, which is why the Dbacks series was probably ignored as it's a midweek series.
  3. You are correct that the city decided not to sink $700 million into the Edward Jones Dome renovations that were proposed by the Rams. You are, therefore, correct that the lease went to a year-by-year basis, so once the lease ran out of time the Rams could leave regarding their contract with the city. However, the NFL's relocation policies contained in their constitution and bylaws also exist. I unfortunately cannot find a PDF copy of those bylaws online (I'm sure they're out there somewhere), so the best I can do for a reference is newspaper reports on what they say. Here's one from the Star Tribune: Contained within these policies is a requirement that there be negotiations in "good faith" with the community that the team currently exists within. C.3 states that taken into consideration is "the adequacy of the stadium in which the club played its home games in the previous season; the willingness of the stadium authority or the community to remedy any deficiencies in or to replace such facility, including whether there are legislative or referenda proposals pending to address these issues; and the characteristics of the stadium in the proposed new community;" C.6 and C.7 state that factors that must be considered, respectively, are: "the degree to which the club has engaged in good faith negotiations (and enlisted the League office to assist in such negotiations) with appropriate persons concerning terms and conditions under which the club would remain in its current home territory and afforded that community a reasonable amount of time to address pertinent proposals," and "The degree to which the owners or managers of the club have contributed to circumstances which might demonstrate the need for such relocation..." SO, actually, yes, the viability of the plan proposed by the city is relevant and in question, as was the degree of good faith to which Kroenke negotiated. I'd argue, and the city is arguing in its lawsuit, that Kroenke never intended to stay in St. Louis.
  4. That's what I figured. Good editorial choice.
  5. He's right. The new scripts really benefit from the added balance (ballast?) of front numbers.
  6. Well. :censored:. Good Tank New York. Good tank funkling Stjngrays
  7. I really like the subtle pins on the Nats. Great use of the new alternate cap design. If it were me, I'd make the pants/sleeve designs narrower. Personal preference as I think there's a limit to how thick you can make pants striping in baseball.
  8. I say buy it and wear it. If you used moral upstangingness as your criterion, you could wear nothing but St. Pauli gear. The team I support most, NYCFC, has an owner who is the deputy prime minister of the UAE, where homosexuality is a capital crime. Two other teams, Chelsea and the Nets, are owned by theiving Russian oligarchs. When I was a Yankee fan, I knew full well that Steinbrenner was a Nixon supporter and a major Republican contributor. None of this prevented/prevents me from wearing these teams' gear, as teams take on a meaning and an identity that are separate from the identity and the personas of their owners. (What prevents me from wearing Nets gear is its total lack of aesthetic merit.) The point is that there is no clean money. All of these scumbags should go up against the wall after the revolution; but, until then, I am happy to have them fund my entertainment. On the question of the AAF in particular, I think you should resist the urge to demonise the league too much. There is certainly no valid comparison to the Fyre Festival, which was nothing but an intent to scam from the beginning, or even to Theranos, which started as a serious business but then quickly degenerated into a scam perpetrated by its founder. By contrast, the AAF's founders didn't scam anyone; they had every intention of running the league and paying the players and coaches on an ongoing basis. It was only when one of the early backers suddenly disappeared that the AAF became vulnerable to takeover by a predatory investor who had no wish to operate the league according to its founders' plan. If only Reggie Fowler, the early investor who flaked out, had backed off earlier; in that case the league could probably have survived by delaying its debut season until next year (and thereby avoiding having to cede control to the vulture Tom Dundon). I disagree with the vitriol directed by torch-bearing mob towards Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian, as Ebersol's grand statements about the league were true when he made them. Also, the egregious events after the league folded, such as leaving players without medical coverage and not paying so many creditors, must be blamed entirely on Dundon and on no one else. So, even if you want to bring ethics into your choice of team gear, AAF gear can still be worn with a clear conscience on account of the good intentions involved in the league's founding.
  9. The Rockies look bad in pinstripes for two reasons. 1. The hollowness of their lettering creates strokes around empty space that doesn’t look good when out on top of pinstripes that are essentially strokes around empty space. 2. Serifs can sometimes look awkward on top of pinstripes with thin lines crossing thin lines. Look at at the I and E. The I kinda looks like two pinstripes on top of pinstripes, and the serif on the E looks like the pinstripe is crooked in places.
  10. I’m just surprised I haven’t seen it be made a class thing yet.
  11. The same goes for FC Cincinnati and Columbus. The rivalry will have two games in three weeks. I guess they picked a good month for the Hell Is Real Series
  12. LAFC really walloped Seattle yesterday and I expect more of the same Wednesday, though a lot of that depends on what team Seattle fields. Sounders definitely played a lesser squad due to injury, but I don't expect Ruidiaz back on Wednesday. In any event, I don't think it would have made any difference yesterday. LAFC looks amazing and Vela is the best player in the league right now.
  13. Just wanna say I'm so glad Pollin exists in this universe too. Absolutely a legend of DC sports, to this very day.
  14. Vince loves the concept of having kayfabe authority figures while he does all the work himself.
  15. And then, you look at the Leafs...
  16. Redskins - MLK Stadium Nationals - Nationals Park Wizards/Capitals - Capital Centre at Gallery Place
  17. Today
  18. Wow the Civics. Guess the battle of New York is gonna get very interesting!
  19. Nice work on the lottery, man. And seeing how New York won the first lottery, I’m sure there won’t be any annual controversies coming up in the coming decades at all.
  20. Spectacularly written. Way to build tension in just a few hundred words!
  21. Those look horrible. The patches on the front are too big and take away from the rest of the look.
  22. That's an awful lot of travel! Both are gorgeous, you know that. I'm wary of "football club" on a roundel logo for an American Football team, because that really screams SOCCER to me. The Royals' L feels timeless, I love it.
  23. If you enjoy the league I wouldn't worry about the idjits that ran it into the ground. MLS tried pushing Columbus Crew out of town but I'll still by Crew gear because that's my team.
  24. New Mexico Ice Wolves Unveil a Logo of Enchantment April 22, 2019 - 14:29 PM The New Mexico Ice Wolves, one of two new expansion teams joining the junior North American Hockey League, unveiled their team logo yesterday. Since the expansion announcement was made in February, the team had been using a temporary logo based […] Read More...
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