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  2. Man, I can't believe how well my "The One NHL Doesn't Want" bracket is doing and I put zero effort in this.
  4. Cheerleaders 1 and 2 look like most of us here.
  5. Still not the worst ever, but not by much . . . .
  6. Worried? Nah. As an American, I would have no problem with the drought ending. It's just that this was too easy to predict.
  7. Watch out tho, if the Habs make the playoffs. We have Carey Price, the greatest goalie evah!! The GOAT.
  8. To be fair that team just was in the 2 of the past 3 championships and are the reigning champs, Yes they were in Toledo but it’s still the same Tigers team
  9. I wanted the Leafs because they're like a crappier version of the Lightning, right down to the uniforms. The Bruins could pose some problems.
  10. God, we could have a Stars-Hurricanes Final, all the jacking off over that matchup would fill an Olympic pool. Save us, Sharks, it's come to this.
  11. And that’s it. I’m just glad we were here. This was great big-game experience for the kids, and overall a bit of a wake-up call to our weaknesses. This was an incredible season. We truly exceeded even the most optimistic of expectations. Of course I’m disappointed, but this is hopefully not the last the NBA will see of the Orlando Magic. We’ll be back.
  12. No kidding. The idea of an upset was fun, but the top four were always getting through. I'm excited for Boston/Milwaukee. I could see the Celtics getting swept, just as much as I could see a seven-game series.
  13. Go Columbus, Carolina, or whoever comes out of the west.
  14. You guys really shouldn't be worried. A Canadian team is never winning the cup again. That is as certain as death and taxes.
  15. Worst Stanley Cup of all time, I'm ready to call it.
  16. I actually like the star, I just thought that the circle around the star should be silver/gray to make the star pop out more.
  17. YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! When the 4th line and Rask play like they did tonight, they can beat literally anybody. Columbus is gonna be tough, but this team can definitely win, especially if Kevan Miller can come back and replace John Moore. Any Islanders fans around? How does getting farther than Tavares feel?
  18. GG Leafs, that was one hell of a series, I really think this was the toughest series for both teams. Whomever won definitely would be seen as Cup favorites. Going to be interesting how the long wait effects the Blue Jackets, usually it's the worst thing for a team that catches fire like they did against Tampa. On a more personal not, if Carolina can pull the upset against DC, I would be 100% content with however the playoffs turn out.
  19. Just a crying shame an elite talent like John Tavares languishes on a first round exit team.
  20. Brooklyn just broke 50 with 4 min left in the third I’ve seen teams almost score fifty in the first. Not only is Philly playing well, but Brooklyn is playing especially bad, like NC State 24 final Score bad
  22. Miami will be more like the Tampa Bay Giants and be a team that's seemingly a done deal but never happens.
  23. I like the browns CR jerseys, would
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