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  2. I don't know the rules in depth like most fans, but you got to ding him on something. Look again at the hit. Eakin starts the ball rolling, however when you watch it in real time it's a plausible argument that Pavelski falls and either drops to a knee or takes a less severe bump to the back and traps. However, Stasny gives an extra push for good measure, making the angle much worse, giving Pavelski no room to protect himself. If anything, I'd consider it akin to the defenseless player rules you see when it comes to hits from behind against the boards.
  3. I think the better question is how can a team make a community connection if they're consistently trying to find an identity? To me, there's no point of investing in the local team if that local team isn't the local team next season or even next week. Regardless of the affiliation or who is suited up in the uniform, I know the Quakes are the Quakes and that brand has been in Rancho Cucamonga for 26 seasons (18 with the current logo). I think in most cases, if a team has been there a while, you can still make updates and still incorporate the family-friendly element. Aside from that, there's nothing wrong with "theme nights" and one-off jerseys. Yes, its silly and sometimes fun, but you still know it's the same team under the Star Wars or Spongebob or whatever jersey they're wearing. I can't say that when some Brandiosed team is wearing their primaries one night, foodie jersey another and then 3 different "what-ifs" over the weekend.
  4. Cincinnati will be getting new uniforms, unveiling likely this summer.
  5. And Donovan McNabb was closer to Alex Smith than Patrick Mahomes. In addition, McNabb never really having a great supporting cast outside of Brian Westbrook and a year of TO before his NPD flared up horrifically. Besides, narratives are like rules: They exist to be broken.
  6. Well, that would be if the set of unis was horrid, luckily they’re not
  7. I’ve got an unpopular take: Damian Lillard’s game winner, as amazing as it was, was an example of absolutely awful basketball. Yes, I’ve seen the stats showing his insane percentage from that range, and all the props go to him for making it in the clutch with a hand in his face, but that doesn’t change the fact that the entire possession was an absolute embarrassment to the game of basketball. Ten players on the court just slowly jog into position, and then stand there, and stand there, and stand there, the whole time while Lillard dribbles out the clock before making the shot. Not one screen, no attempt to drive, and not even an off-ball cut to the basket. Yes he made it. And yes his percentage from that range is great. But there’s no reason to not even attempt to get a better look than that, especially to the point of the entire team just standing in place with no real plan. But again, no disrespect to Dame, hell of a shot by a great player, I just think the final possession was very low-quality basketball
  8. Victoria Royals (WHL): Save-On_foods Memorial Centre --> Patrick Memorial Arena, named after the Patrick family who played a major role in getting hockey going on the west coast and bringing a Stanley Cup to the city of Victoria back in 1925. The "Memorial" is kept as it was brought over from the old Memorial Arena.
  9. Aberdeen IronBirds to honor Ripken family with rebrand April 24, 2019 - 17:53 PM The short-season Class A Aberdeen IronBirds are named in honor of their team owner, the Iron Man Cal Ripken Jr., as well as their parent club, the Baltimore Orioles, who are often called the Birds by fans. But for one […] Read More...
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  11. I vote for Ritmo Now let's just hope their manager doesn't praise Castro like Ozzie Guillen did
  12. Up next are the North Branch Vikings, fresh off their first trip to the state tournament in school history. North Branch Area High School Nickname: Vikings Enrollment: 758 Rival(s): Chisago Lakes Class: A State Titles: 0 State Tournament Appearances: 1 (2019) Home: I based the home and away off of their current away, but made some changes. I removed the black outlines on the logo and numbers, moved the tv numbers to the upper sleeve, and removed the unnecessary North Branch above the V logo. Away: The away is a red version of the home. Alternate: The alternate is just a slightly modified version of their current home which is essentially the Red Wings winter classic jersey from a while back. But since there isn't a lot of reference images I decided to use this as a fauxback anyways. Next up will be the Princeton Tigers. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  13. Putting my malice for the Knights aside, I think the thing that should also be noted on the five-minute major call, there wasn't a penalty called on the ice at the time. The referees didn't blow the whistle to call a penalty, and made no signal otherwise. It was only after Pavelski was down and out that they had a discussion and went to make a call. Obviously, you can't have somebody down on the ice and bleeding from the head and just walk away saying "sorry, didn't see it. No call." But that's part of the faulty process here. It's a tough call. No doubt about it. In a vacuum, Eakin's play is a 2-minute play at most. But as already said, it's the result of Pavelski being knocked off balance and run into by Stastny and bleeding out of the helmet that sends this play beyond. It's a tough one to take if you're Vegas. But again... you still can't give up four goals on the ensuing power play. You blew a 3-1 series lead. You let San Jose score shorthanded in double overtime in Game 6 in Vegas to force Game 7. You had a 3-0 lead in the game. Hell, you were still able to tie it. You still had overtime. I already went through this whole scenario with the Rams against the Saints. Yes. The call sucks. I'm sorry. But at the end of it, you still didn't execute. You didn't finish your opportunities when you had the chance. And even again like the Rams/Saints, you still had overtime, and you didn't convert.
  14. The color will have such variation that I fear it will never match such a drab uniform color choice. You sorta miss the shiny dazzle era of uniforms. I sense your evening or night games, it'll appear almost black. Right now in the brightness of spring-into summer, it'll be vibrant. Meadowlands is known to be in the shadows. They're afraid to show us just how bad that look can get. The first photo has a nice bright clean look. Second, it's going towards forest green fast. And the third, it's only green in the direct sun spot. These will be surely interesting as weather and times change.
  15. I'm quite fine with how that play was officiated. If you cross check a dude, you should be responsible for any injury that happens after that.
  16. I somehow missed this. I could throw a baseball from my front porch and have it land on GC's campus. The wordmark looks great. As others have said, I think the lions themselves are missing something. I think that "something" may be eyeballs - there's an emptiness to them. The whiskers and nose look a little "off" too. It's an upgrade from what they had, though. Semi-related: I can't seem to find when GC changed their nickname from the "Hornets" to the "Pride." It was sometime in the 1990s, probably due to confusion with the Single-A Greensboro Hornets of the South Atlantic League, who went by that name from 1979-2003. I even work with the guy who was in sports information there in the late '90s and he doesn't know. It seems like such an easy, recent thing to find out - but with D3 statistics and record keeping being what they are, I haven't been able to.
  17. After seeing my team draft a bunch of boy scouts under Pioli and not go anywhere, I'm willing to turn a blind eye if multiple Super Bowls are won. I'm not going to feign moral outrage at my own team for brownie points because at the end of the day, championships are what people will remember even if some the players are pieces of :censored: off the field.
  18. We ain't beating City. I predict a 6-1 massacre.
  19. And as a Jets and Rangers and Knicks (formerly Nets) fan I am also acquainted with suffering.
  20. MIAMI - In a move that felt inevitable, both the Ft. Lauderdale Spikes and Homestead Fly Boys will be relocating to Marlins Park for the 2020 season. With the Marlins' departure to Indianapolis, Marlins Park sits vacant with the city looking to salvage their tax dollars. The Spikes and FlyBoys played in the Sun League's Stadium Series last summer to decent crowds with a major league sized hole in their hearts. Both teams had meetings with the city of Miami to become the sole tenant in the 7 year old ballpark, with the deal coming together when both teams offered to split costs. The upper deck will be closed off for regular season games, with the option to sell those tickets in the Sun League Playoffs. The Spikes Ft. Lauderdale Stadium will be demolished in favor of Inter Miami's new Ft. Lauderdale facility. The city government committed to the David Beckham plan over allocating money to the Spikes' effort in improving the stadium. Homestead Sports Complex found its first permanent tenant, but the rumors of a vote to demolish the facility The Spikes will rename themselves to the Florida Spikes, dropping the T in their current "FTL" cap logo. The Fly Boys will hold a name the team contest with the current name becoming obsolete. The current short list is comprised of Spanish language names, hoping to capitalize on the population of Little Havana, where the ballpark is located. Miami Caribeños (Caribbeans) Miami Athenticos (Authentics) Miami Ritmo (Rythem) Write-in suggestions are also being accepted.
  21. "Sorry, Brock. We flipped a coin, which is how we make waiver decisions now, and this is just how it landed." - NCAA Rookie mistake going with "my mom had a brain tumor" when he could've gone with "my coach retired" which, by the way, worked for Tathan Martell.
  22. Someone could argue it's one of the best colors on a helmet in the league, but it's not enough to save the new horrid set of unis.
  23. They actually wore their regular white set in Game 2:
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