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  1. The BiG is the quintessential Brewers logo and it's not just because it's the most beloved just strictly logo arguably in the entire state, forget just in the Brewers identity. But also because it's just a great, simple, perfect logo. I'm not from the 80's era but it doesn't scream 80's to me at all. Every single time the Brewers wear the new Navy/Athletic gold BiG, it looks far superior. It is used on basically all official team graphics as well so I think that being the primary is a done deal, it's just a matter of when. I agree with what was said a few posts up in the fact that the Crew will never get rid of the throwbacks as just that, throwbacks. 1) the revenue stream is insane and 2) It's perfect as is with the royal blue, but I don't believe those would work as primaries. The Navy/Athletic gold is a much sharper and current look than the Royal look. I also hope because of that that they never go to pinstripes on the main set, just keep them with the throwbacks. It's my dream scenario to have the Navy BiG as the main logo with a recolonized Navy/Athletic Gold Barrel Man as the sleeve patch
  2. While it'd throw these boards into a riot, I really hope next season and into the future the Rams embrace the duel identities. Yellow horns at home and White on the road, with the Retro template of the jerseys in the various colors. And with the availability to have a color rush jersey as well as an alternate, you could have a White/Blue Home and away as well as a Yellow/Blue home and away and can wear either identity any given week. I think it's a concept we haven't seen before in the NFL level and would be unique, yet is still two great uniforms and not too crazy like a college team.
  3. I heard around town Fond du Lac LakeFlies has been making its rounds with folks thinking of names. That's wonderful, let's name it after something that everyone hates all summer
  4. From area (NF) and I suggested Sturgeons. Still a fish but something a little more badass looking than Walleye. But walleye makes obvious sense. Are they going to add seats to Marian's field? Because it fills up pretty well already.
  5. This playoff run I came to realize the Broncos' current logo is amazing. It really is one of the best in the league. Hope they never go away from it.
  6. These past 2 weeks have made me realize that the Broncos logo is awesome. Yes their uniforms are becoming/have already become outdated, but their logo is great. I know that might be unpopular on here but overtime I look at it, it makes me realized more and more that it's quite the great logo. Easily top 10 in league, and could make a case top 5.
  7. I absolutely love the Roman Numerals. It's one of those things thats like, do they need them? No, because we still say "Super Bowl 45" not "Ex EL VEE." But does it add a certain feel to the games that just is completely awesome? Yes. It gives the game a bigger feel almost. I'm not sure why, but it just feels more important. Hope they never get rid of them
  8. Now that the Broncos are in white, I'm rooting for this But this isn't terrible at all
  9. The ones that all sprung to mind were already posted, so I won't bog the thread with repeat photos: UCLA (Clarendon font) Miami (2001) Georgia (Black alts) Notre Dame (green) Georgia Tech (orgasm inducing throwbacks)
  10. You know, the Texans sure did hit it out of the park on the first try didn't they? All around aesthetically. Logo might last forever, uniforms are a modern classic.
  11. I'd guess Clemson goes all Orange everything, while Bama does Bama
  12. i have no idea whats going on here, but it looks like this dude just tripped over the goalie's stick. if that's the case, he's not looking anything remotely close to cool Not a big "history of sports" guy are ya?I'm surprised that you even know what hockey is ESPNboy... LolBorn and raised in Wisconsin so tough to not like hockey.Also I enjoy the jab at ESPN for hating hockey
  13. i have no idea whats going on here, but it looks like this dude just tripped over the goalie's stick. if that's the case, he's not looking anything remotely close to cool Not a big "history of sports" guy are ya?
  14. Is it April 1st? What a joke. Honestly it looks like your annoying local adult softball team that takes rec league too seriously. Awful