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  1. Joe Dumars - Detroit Pistons (NBA) Home Uniform from 1986-1996 Throwback Uniform from 1999 Grant Hill (1:28) and Lindsey Hunter (3:04) Home Uniforms from 1993-1996 Throwback Uniforms from 1999
  2. Reggie Miller - Indiana Pacers (NBA) Road Uniform from 1987-1990 Throwback Uniform from 2004-2005 Derek Fisher - Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) Home Uniform from 1996-1999 Throwback Uniform from 2007-2008 Bo Outlaw - Orlando Magic (NBA) Home Uniform from 1997-1998 Throwback Uniform from 2005-2006
  3. Screenshots from yesterday's OT loss to Swift Current Broncos.
  4. Hitmen's new white jersey (similar from previous, save for the collar)
  5. I love Ol' Blasty, but the black jersey seems kinda iffy to me. Not enough white. The rest are fine, but IMO the best look has to be the current look. \ Why did we win the title wearing these jerseys? Classic but not colorful enough. Still can't stand the checkered pattern. It's odd. Very un-FCB like.
  6. Notice how some arenas can finally plaster their corporate logo and not just the wordmark on the court? Take the Bulls for example: This season: Last season:
  7. Almost perfect, except for the wood pattern, which is dissimilar from the OG:
  8. OKC NEW (Please excuse the two-tone. I kinda miss it TBH.) LA LAKERS LA CLIPPERS (I know they'll get a new arena, but this will work in the meantime)
  9. Houston Philadelphia As for OKC, I'll wait for the new White uniform to come out. Sorry about that.
  10. I know this isn't exactly what you want, but if you want the exact one, let me know. @Blindsay, here's one example below . I'll see if I have time working on other alternates. PLUS Cleveland Detroit Golden State Houston and OKC's new courts should be on here before the week ends...
  11. I'd like to see surnames on the NY Yankees' jerseys.