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  1. Didn't know the Blue Jackets once sold their home jerseys that featured a sublimated mesh that was patterned after the US flag. What's funny also is it's a Pro Player jersey.
  2. Jarome Iginla of Calgary Flames. Retired 3.2.19.
  3. Kinda did something like that. Would this album cut it for you? Also, re: @MBurmy's Bucks court request - this is what he actually wanted. All good now. I also decided to tweak the current Knicks court by adding a baseline with a script logo akin tho their Icon jerseys: Finally, BLACK IMO is pretty much part of the Lakers' color palette (see Statement jersey and their main logo which features a yellow ball w/ a black outline [partial but still]), so I decided to give it a try (Yes, I'm aware this is how the Lakers' court looked like in the 90's)
  4. I don't usually make special event courts, but for this case I'll give in. And click this link for the blue version. Also, with regard to the @MBurmy's Bucks floor request, I decided to do it this way: I also did my thing for the floor:
  5. You want me to PS a court inspired by the Knicks' St. Patrick's Day uniforms? Or something modernized inspired by these uniforms? Also, I used Weatherman's uploaded NBA floor designs from 2012 to 2014 to tweak courts. His uploads no longer exist, but fortunately, I kept most of his uploads on my Imgur account. That's what I use for me to do my thing. Forgive me the bolded text confused me. I guess you'd rather have the buck head appear on both ends of the keys, a la the Pelicans' current floor, no?
  6. If the Orca looked this, would people view the logo in a slightly more positive manner?
  7. Boston Bruis' away nameplate during the Edge era: 2007 Preseason - first few weeks of 2007-08 Regular Season Rest of 2007-08 Regular Season - 2017 playoffs
  8. CTV SportsNet/Rogers SportsNet/SportsNet
  9. Now that the Als unveiled their new look, would you keep your concept or try working on a new one using the team's new look?
  10. Does anyone know if the Flames are planning to revert to their classic logo and uniforms next season?
  11. Put the "BREAKERS" wordmark on the helmet
  12. You know the new All-Star jerseys would look good on LA. Ditch the teal on the inner portion of collar and you're set.