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  1. I agree with the Seahawks 2000s look (took a while to get used to the shade of blue though), sleeveless MLB uniforms (Pirates, Reds, etc), and the Twins pinstriped road set from 1987-2009. == NFL == Buffalo Bills 90s uniforms. Many like their current set with the white helmets (which is based on their 70s/early 80s look). However, some people frown on these because they lost 4 straight Super Bowls. Plus, I'm more used to them wearing red helmets. 2000-2004 NY Giants road set. Very underrated IMO. My pet peeve on the 2005-present road set is that they lack blue on the jerseys and the red socks (you're called "Big Blue" for a reason, G-Men!) Home set is great though. On a side note, I didn't know Eli Manning wore this set in his rookie year. Thought they changed to their current set by then. "Greatest Show on Turf" St. Louis Rams. Prefer their classic LA/early STL/back to LA royal blue/athletic gold colors but the navy/metallic gold look wasn't too bad (until they started to phase out metallic gold). mid-90s-2000s 49ers. Everyone loves the Montana-era uniforms but the Terrell Owens/Jeff Garcia-era uniforms weren't too bad. 90s NY Jets. Many prefer the Joe-Nathan era uniforms but the 80s uniforms and the 90s uniforms (which added black trim) are often underappreciated. 1988-2006 San Diego Chargers. Eveyone loves the powder blue throwback uniforms, but there was nothing wrong this this set. == NHL === Pittsburgh Penguins robo-penguin logo era. Even Super Mario himself disliked this logo, but the uniforms themselves were quite good 92-97 Hartford Whalers. People think of them wearing green uniforms rather than blue ones. late 90s Buffalo Sabres. Logo wasn't that bad (way better than the Buffaslug) Just the wrong color scheme. == NBA === late 90s/early 2000s Jazz, The 80s-to-mid-90s look is more popular but these looked so cool. Tons of loud, colorful 90s NBA uniforms. mid-to-late 90s Hawks. The 1980s/early 90s Dominique Wilkens set is the most popular Hawks throwback uniform. but there's something about these that is to be desired. LA Clippers (pre-2015 rebrand). Starting to appreciate this look more often == MLB === 2000s Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Not enough baseball teams wear green. Too bad the Rays were such a terrible team and when they finally got good, they changed to the boring navy blue set. Navy blue is the most overused color in MLB and it didn't help that two of their division rivals (Yankees and Red Sox) also use that color though the Rays used a lighter shade of navy instead of midnight navy.
  2. can't believe i forgot about this one: the Super Fans skits on Saturday Night Live more Simpsons (circa 1999/2000) Can't remember the actual episode (probably "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday") brief seen of nfl helmets on the Simpsons (rare clip of Simpsons/NFL on Fox promo in 1995). More WWE clips: From 2000, Edge and Christian in Oakland taunting the fans (and Raider players in attendance) with Edge taking off his Raiders jersey and revealing a Ravens t-shirt (In context, there was a playoff game between the two teams around this time and E&C were heels). Kurt Angle in a Jaguars jersey and John Cena in a Lakers throwback jersey in a rap battle in 2003 In the 1990 film "Home Alone", there was a scene earlier in the film where Kevin uses a cutout of Michael Jordan (in his Bulls jersey) to fool the Wet Bandits into believing that there were people at home instead of just him being alone. Can't find the exact clip though.
  3. Black Sunday (1977) - Super Bowl between Steelers and Cowboys https://youtu.be/Vzk3XZQMI88?t=138 College football example: Rudy (1993), though this is a biographical-based film. some of the kids in "The Sandlot" (1993) wore caps of various MLB teams (and in one case, a Negro League team, the Kansas City Monarchs.)
  4. Found yet another one. Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (1977). One of the kids wears a orange jacket that featured all the MLB logos. The film was also set in the Houston Astrodome, which at the time had team logos on their outfield wall. That Kid From Left Field (1979) with Gary Coleman of Different Strokes fame playing for the San Diego Padres.
  5. Step By Step Green Bay Packers garbage lid and Michael Jordan poster https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/the-marrying-dude-airdate-november-19-1993-l-r-angela-news-photo/463686774 Packers couch/pillows & Bears pillow https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/the-marrying-dude-airdate-november-19-1993-patrick-duffy-news-photo/463686896 One of the rooms in Full House had a San Francisco Giants pennant (can't find an image but here's Uncle Joey in a Red Wings jersey) Danny in a Giants jacket The intro to Dallas always featured a shot of the Cowboys endzone of Texas Stadium Semi-Pro (2008) - The Flint Tropics are fictional but the film featured real ABA teams, like the San Antonio Spurs NHL's Anaheim Ducks were named after the 1992 movie The Mighty Ducks but the movies ultimately adopted the real life team's uniforms starting with D2: the Mighty Ducks Born in East LA (1987) - Cheech Marin in a Dodgers cap Eddie (1996) - Whoopi Goldberg coaches the NY Knicks in this film Not exactly scripted but a fan in an Edmonton Oilers jersey disrupts Eddie Guerrero/Rob Van Dam WWE match in 2002
  6. Wait, there's more! Brewster's Millions (1985) Richard Pryor in a Cubs jersey Little Giants (1994) pee-wee football between the Giants and Cowboys Does Reality shows count? Survivor's "Boston Rob" and his Red Sox cap Also, WWE's Paul Heyman occasionally wore a Yankees cap.
  7. There were a ton of baseball-themed movies, especially in the 90s. There's plenty of jersey/logo shots. The Slugger's Wife (1985) - Atlanta Braves Bull Durham (1988) - Durham Bulls (minor league) Naked Gun (1988) California Angels/Seattle Mariners (not a baseball-themed movie but baseball played a key role in the final act) Field of Dreams (1989) - 1919 Chicago White Sox Major League (1989) - Cleveland Indians Mr. Baseball (1992) - Dragons uniforms based on the Los Angeles Dodgers Rookie of the Year (1993) - Chicago Cubs Little Big League (1994) - Minnesota Twins Major League II (1994) - Cleveland Indians The Scout (1994) - New York Yankees Angels in the Outfield (1994) - California Angels The Fan (1996) - San Francisco Giants Major League III: Back to the Minors (1998) - Minnesota Twins For The Love Of the Game (1999) - Detroit Tigers The Rookie (2002) - Tampa Bay Rays Mr. 3000 (2004) - Milwaukee Brewers Fever Pitch (2005) - Boston Red Sox Historical-based baseball movies Eight Men Out (1988) The Babe (1992) Cobb (1994) 61* (2001) Moneyball (2011) 42 (2013) basketball themed-movies Space Jam (1996) - one scene features the Nerdluck aliens stealing the basketball powers of the Knicks and Suns. Towards the end is archived footage of the Bulls vs the Magic when MJ returns. Forget Paris (1996) - Billy Crystal as an NBA referee with cameos from various NBA players like Charles Barkley Like Mike (2002) - although this film uses real NBA teams, the main team is fictional (based on the Clippers) Juwanna Man (2002) - the main character played for the Charlotte Hornets before disguising himself as a woman and join the WNBA. can't find an image though. Football-themed movies Ace Ventura: Pet Dectective (1994) - Miami Dolphins The Garbage Picking, Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon (1998 tv movie starring Tony Danza) Philadelphia Eagles Historical-based NFL movies Brian's Song (1970) - Chicago Bears Invincible (2006) - Philadelphia Eagles Hockey-themed movies Sudden Death (1995) - Pittsburgh Penguins (already posted a picture above) The Love Guru (2008) - Toronto Maple Leafs
  8. the intro from Perfect Strangers from its 3rd season to its last featured Balki wearing a Cubs jersey Cheers Ted Danson in a Red Sox uniform Home Improvement Tim Allen sometimes wore Detroit Lions t-shirts. Entourage the character Turtle often wore Yankees caps According To Jim Jim Beluishi sporting Chicago sport-teams gear (Cubs, Bears, etc) Running Scared (1986) - Billy Crystal in a Cubs jersey City Slickers (1991) - Billy Crystal in a Mets cap Do the Right Thing (1989) - Spike Lee in a Brooklyn Dodgers jersey There was a brief shot of the Blue Jays logo being burned in the 1995 film "Canadian Bacon" Can't find clips/images though . Does animation count? Homer Simpson wearing an XFL shirt Mark McGwire on the Simpsons with his Cardinals uniform The Broncos in South Park Family Guy's Peter Griffin as a New England Patriot (no logo though)
  9. Seinfeld George Constanza worked for the Yankees can't find an image of Jerry wearing Mets gear on the actual show so here's Newman King of Queens Kevin James' character occasionally wore either Mets or Jets gear on the show highway to heaven magnum p.i. (original 80s version with Tom Selleck sporting a Tigers cap) Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986 movie) Sudden Death (1995 movie) Happy Gilmore (1996 movie) ) Does wrestling count? John Cena during his "Doctor of Thuganomics" era often wore the jersey of the local city's arena https://duckduckgo.com/?q=john+cena+doctor+of+thuganomics&atb=v48-1&iax=images&ia=images infamous wrestling figure Vince Russo during the dying days of WCW often wore Yankees gear. He also wore a football Giants jersey when he "won" the WCW championship, often considered one of the worst moments in WCW. finally, the Brooklyn Brawler
  10. The Bad MLB - The Padres 2010s uniforms. Simplistic navy blue snorefest. ZZZZZZZZ - Teams wearing alternate uniforms too much in the playoffs (see Cubs/Indians Game 7 World Series and the recent Nationals’ superstition of wearing their midnight blue jerseys in every game of the playoffs). Though this isn’t a 2010s trend as this has been going on for years such as the Marlins wearing their black jerseys in the 2003 playoffs & World Series and the Indians always wearing their navy tops on the road (see game 6 of 1995 WS, game 7 of 1997 WS) - the bowdlerization of Chief Wahoo. Indians needed a rebrand anyway (new logo, uniforms, even colors) but I don’t buy MLB’s sudden “we were always offended by this logo” stance. The Tribe missed a golden opportunity for a fresh new look after retiring Wahoo. The bland “Block C” look is a downgrade from what they had before. - The Diamondbacks dark gray road uniforms. I get “Thinking Outside the Box”, but this was poorly executed. Didn’t help that the black numbers/scripts almost blended in with the uniform. - Nike logos on the uniforms - Players Weekend 2019. Monochrome black vs Monochrome white. So horrible it makes 1999’s “Turn Ahead the Clock” look good in comparison. - Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/4th of July/Memorial Day jerseys. Just add a patch to celebrate the holidays. - Twins recent new uniforms. They had it right the first time. - Marlins 2012 rebrand – black/orange doesn’t work for them and they failed to embrace sky blue. Besides, we already have the Giants and Orioles already have those colors. And that Maroon 5 like logo. Ugh! Their 2019 rebrand, while not perfect, is an upgrade to this mess. - Some teams using letters / cap logos as primary logos (see Pirates, Rockies, Padres, Brewers before their rebrand) - Rangers recent rebrand. From jumping on the powder blue bandwagon to wearing red caps to a blue heavy uniform. NFL - One-Helmet Policy. I understand Oldschoolvikings’ argument detailing the good parts of this policy, which prevents teams from going Oregon Ducks and protecting the players’ safety. I still think there should be exceptions for throwbacks, where the throwback helmet is ONLY worn with the throwback jersey and CANNOT be mix and match with the teams’ other uniforms. Who doesn’t want to see Pat Patriot, The Bucs’ Creamisles, Broncos’ orange crush-era helmets, Eagles in Kelly green and so on again for one game. - Color Rush. From the Jaguars all-mustard, Bucs all-red, Bills/Jets colorblindness fiasco. Also, false advertising where the other team is wearing all-white 50% of time . All around disaster. - The Buccaneers 2014 rebrand. From alarm-clock numbers to 2000s-era over-piping. There was nothing wrong with what they had before! - Browns rebrand – another case of “Don’t Fix What’s Not Broken”. From hard to read orange numbers on the brown uniforms to unnecessary wordmarks on the uniforms. At least the Browns are finally getting rid of these. - Titans 2018 rebrand. They don’t look good in navy helmets at all! Plus, the number font is garbage. HUGE downgrade from what they had before. - Jets 2018 BFBS uniform. The rest of Jets uniforms aren’t too bad actually. The shade of green is nice and is a modernization of the 80s/90s (often underrated) look. But the black monochrome uniforms are unnecessary. - Due to the NFL’s rules on changing uniforms, the Rams are stuck between wearing LA throwbacks at home and St. Louis-era navy blue/metallic gold on the road - Jaguars 2013 rebrand – the previous set wasn’t that good but this set was so bad with the two-tone helmet. The current rebrand is an upgrade but the Jaguars still don’t look as good as they did in the 90s and 00s. - Teams wearing socks that are the same color as the pants. Mono-white has become a problem in recent years. - Leotard look is still a problem (looking at you Saints, Ravens). - 49ers horrific all-black monochrome look. Talk about BFBS! - Coaches wearing black when it isn’t a major color. Rex Ryan, when he was the Jets head coach, is guilty of this as he always wore a black sweater vest under a white shirt and never wore green. NHL - Islanders 2011 BFBS jersey - Lightning rebrand. Okay, this isn’t too bad but they look too much like the Maple Leafs. - Oilers wearing orange as their primary uniform. Great as an alternate jersey, but this team should always be wearing blue as the primary color. NBA - changing from traditional home/away colors for City/Statement/yadda yadda yadda uniforms. I can’t get used to the Bulls always wearing red at the United Center! Could the NBA at least do what the NHL did in 2003 and make dark color jerseys the home jersey and white/light color jerseys the away jerseys since many teams insist on wearing alternate jerseys/throwbacks. - many team wearing colors that are not part of their color scheme (throwbacks are exempt) in their city/statement uniforms. Many of them are ugly as a result. - Clippers rebrand. They needed to refresh their uniforms anyway and put that slimeball Donald Sterling and the Lakers-ripoff logo they had for years in the past. But this look is so poorly executed excited from BFBS on the uniforms to an ugly logo. Make the city or statement jersey (the light blue/brunt orange throwback they had for one season) the basis for a new look and start from there. - Sleeves on the Uniforms. Enough said. - Lazy “Latin” based uniforms still continue where the team puts “LOS” in front of their name and doesn’t properly translate their name to Spanish. It should be “LOS SOLS” not “LOS SUNS”. - BFBS (looking at you Lakers, Clippers, Hornets, Bucks, Cavaliers, etc) - Teams wearing specialty uniforms during the playoffs. See game 7 NBA finals of Cavaliers/Warriors from 2016. - Hawks adding volt instead of yellow (gold) in their rebrand. Overall - Ads on the jerseys being more prevalent - BFBS for some teams - Increase of Roundel logos
  11. Agree with much of the earlier comments. The Good MLB - The Blue Jays 2012 rebrand – gone is the BFBS monstrosities and back is a modern take of the classic 1989-1996 look. This may be the best sports-related rebrand of all time. Please stay this way, Toronto. - Brewers bringing back the MB Glove logo full-time - Padres announcing they’re going brown for 2020 - Twins 2010 rebrand upon moving to Target Field (unfortunately, their next rebrand in the decade is a downgrade) - Nationals wearing Expos throwbacks. Prior to that, the Nats rarely acknowledged their Montreal roots. - Red Sox bringing back the 1990-2008 road uniforms in 2014. - Mets dropping black entirely form their color scheme in 2013. - Astros going back to navy blue/orange (Still can’t get used to them as an AL team, even though they have won a World Series as one). - Athletics bringing a kelly green alternate. They should change the shade of green from the rest of their uniforms from hunter to kelly. NFL - Bills 2011 rebrand – the navy/royal/red/nickel garbage is no more and replaced with a modernized 1970s look. I do miss the red helmets though but they wouldn’t fit with this look. - Vikings 2013 rebrand – Most Nike uniforms are frowned upon but they did a good job fixing up the Vikings. Huge improvement on what they had before. - Rams returning to LA and the NFL letting them wearing the classic royal blue/yellow throwbacks. - Chargers finally making power blue uniforms the primary home uniforms (too bad they’re not in San Diego no more). - Saints Color-Rush – one of the few good “Color Rush” uniforms (much of them are garbage). If only they wore gold socks or black socks with them. - Giants Color-Rush – They never win wearing these but they look sharp and should keep these as an alternate jersey but with blue socks. - Dolphins 70s throwbacks – make them full time! - Falcons 60s/90s throwback hybrid NHL - Stars 2013 rebrand – return of green as primary color and huge improvement on what they had before - Winnipeg Jets return - Carolina Hurricanes wearing Hartford Whaler throwbacks - Predators 2011 rebrand – Traditionally, gold (yellow) isn’t a good choice for a dark colored jersey, but somehow the Predators have made it work and made the color their own instead of being another blue team. The simplicity of their logo is also a plus although more simple designs don’t always work especially for expansion/relocated-era teams (see Lightning, Hurricanes, Coyotes) - Oilers going back fully to their classic look in 2011 - Ducks wearing a Mighty Ducks throwback in 2018/19 - Penguins swapping vegas gold for athletic gold (yellow) and going back to their classic look. NBA - Charlotte Hornets return! No more Bobcats! The logos are good though the uniforms, while not awful, could have been better (I’ve seen better concepts at the Bring Back the Buzz website and on this forum.). The only downside is the more complex Cleveland Brown-like revisionist history. - Jazz 2010 rebrand. The previous set was boring and I like the retro-inspired look. The only changes I would make is change navy blue to purple and brighten the shade of green. Oh, add the 90s Mountain look as a throwback. Overall: - Some teams returning to classic-based looks - teams more willing to add brighter colors
  12. NBA Part 2 (since 2010s) 2010/11 - The Cavaliers featured a specialty jersey that is based on their 1994-2003 color scheme. It was only worn this season. - The Timberwolves tweak their uniforms and add a black 3rd jersey. Green is eliminated from the color scheme. 2011/12 - The Wizards have new uniforms (which are based on the 70s/80s uniforms when they were the Bullets). The traditional red/white/blue color scheme returns and the slate blue/gold/black colors are eliminated. - The Kings add a black 3rd jersey. 2012/13 – The New Jersey Nets moved to Brooklyn and changed their colors from red/navy blue to black/white. - The Knicks have new uniforms and drop black from their color scheme. 2013/14 - The Los Angeles Lakers add a black 3rd jersey called “Hollywood Nights” - The Timberwolves 3rd black jersey is now sleeved - The Suns have new uniforms and black replaces gray as the 3rd color. The home whites and orange (sleeved) alternate jerseys have black numbers and lacks purple. The team also had a black 3rd jersey that reads “LOS SUNS” (Latin Nights). 2014/15 - The Golden State Warriors add a black sleeved 3rd jersey. This is BFBS because black is nowhere to be found in their regular uniforms (home whites and road blues). - The Lakers’ black 3rd jersey is now sleeved. - The Suns black “LOS SUNS” sleeved jersey is dropped (replaced with a purple non-sleeved version). But add a gray sleeved jersey which featured black script/numbers w/orange trim. - The Kings have new uniforms but retain their black 3rd jersey. 2015/16 – The Charlotte Hornets (formerly Bobcats) introduced a sleeved black jersey that says “BUZZ CITY”. This is BFBS as black is not one of the team’s colors. The jersey also lacks purple. - The Cleveland Cavaliers added a black sleeved 3rd jersey - The Milwaukee Bucks have new uniforms and changed their color scheme from green/red to green/cream/black/blue. The team featured a black 3rd jersey. - The Raptors have new uniforms and retain their red/black/silver color scheme. The team also added a “Drake Night” alternate black jersey which features gold instead of red or silver. - the Hawks have new uniforms and changed their color scheme from navy blue/red to red/volt/dark gray. The shade of gray the Hawks use almost looks black. - The Houston Rockets add a gray sleeved jersey with black accents. The team’s regular colors are red/white/gold (yellow). - The Los Angeles Clippers have new uniforms, new (ugly) logo, and added black to their color scheme. The team also added a black 3rd jersey. Reeks with BFBS. 2016/17 - the Warriors add a “Chinese New Year’s” black jersey with red replacing royal blue. It was only worn this season. - the Rockets add a black 3rd jersey. - The Timberwolves’ “Christmas” jersey is black with green script/numbers. - The Suns have a new black 3rd jersey which feature very little purple or orange. - The Kings have new uniforms. Black is dropped from the color scheme and replaced with gray. 2017/18 – The Celtics replace the green/black 3rd jersey with a black jersey with green numbers/script - The Hornets change their black “BUZZ CITY’ uniforms (now with black numbers/script w/white outlines) - the Cavaliers black 3rd jersey is no lingered sleeved. - The Raptors have new uniforms which almost eliminates silver from the color scheme. The “Drake Nights” black jersey changes to a “NORTH” jersey. - The Dallas Mavericks have a black alternate jersey that says “DAL” with royal blue numbers and green accents. This jersey is only worn this season. - The Warriors have new uniforms and include a black 3rd jersey calls “THE TOWN”. The jersey lacks royal blue. - The Rockets have new uniforms, which also include a black 3rd jersey - The Clippers have new uniforms but maintain their red/blue/black color scheme. Includes a black 3rd jersey. - The Lakers add a black 3rd jersey called “Black Mamba”, as a tribute to Kobe Bryant. Purple is almost absent from the uniform. Was only worn this season. - The Grizzlies add a black sleeved 3rd jersey which was only worn this season. They also had a white jersey with black script/numbers and lacked their primary colors. - the Timberwolves have new uniforms and changed their color scheme from slate blue/black/silver/green to navy blue/slate blue/lime green/gray. - The Kings add a black 3rd jersey which almost features no purple. 2018/19 – The Hornets changed their black “BUZZ CITY” uniforms again (this time with teal numbers/script) - The Bulls "CITY" jersey (based on the city of Chicago flag) is now black. It is only worn this season. - The Lakers have new uniforms. The purple jersey has black on the sides. The team also has another purple jersey called the “Lore Series”. With black pinstripes. The numbers and script are also black. - The Timberwovles’ “City” jersey is black w/purple numbers/script. The uniform is a tribute to R&B/Pop icon Prince (a Minnesota native) whose favorite color was purple. - The Suns have new uniforms, which include a black 3rd jersey with “PHX”. 2019/20 – the Bucks changed their black 3rd jersey. - The Hornets have a black “Statement” jersey with “CHA” in white, teal numbers, and no purple. - the Clippers add a specialty jersey which is white with black script/numbers. The font is very similar to the font used in the video game “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”. Royal blue and red are nowhere to found on the uniform. - the Oklahoma City Thunder added a black 3rd jersey but with gold and red accents instead of light blue and orange. All Star Games Historically the NBA jerseys have always been the patriotic red/white/blue colors seen on the US Flag. Some exceptions like in the late 90s/early 00s where teams wore their regular team uniforms. The 2018 all-star game uniforms have a black/white color scheme. Overall, it's not until the mid 2010s that the NBA started to have a "BFBS" problem although its more about teams selling jerseys with colors that are not present in their current color schemes. NBA uniforms that qualify for BFBS: - Raptors “Drake” uniforms. Black only works as an accent color. Bring back the purple! - Clippers 2015-present rebrand. - Lakers “Hollywood Nights” and “Black Mamba” uniforms - Cavaliers black 3rd jerseys. - Celtics 3rd black jersey. - Warriors black 3rd jersey (color isn’t found in their other jerseys) - Hornets' "BUZZ CITY" jerseys - Rockets recent rebrands. - Bucks 3rd black jersey. In review, what teams qualify or NOT qualify as BFBS? Fire away.
  13. Finally, here’s the NBA (also included ABA): Original sources: https://nbajerseydatabase.tumblr.com/teamarchive http://www.trucolor.net/portfolio/national-basketball-association-franchise-records-1946-1947-through-present/ ABA (1967-1976) In 1967, the Denver Rockets (now the Nuggets) debuted with an orange/black color scheme with orange as the primary color. In 1971, the team changed to “Laker” colors (purple/yellow) By the time of the NBA/ABA merger in 1976, the Nuggets franchise sported a more familiar blue/gold (yellow) color scheme. In 1970, the now-defunct Anaheim Amigos had the same color scheme as the Denver franchise. The color scheme changed to light blue/red when they moved to Los Angeles to become the stars. In 1970. The now-defunct Miami Floridians had a black/orange/magenta color scheme in 1970. The team folded in 1972 but the Miami Heat have worn their uniforms as ABA throwbacks from time to time. In 1974/74, the now-defunct Virginia Squires had a black/orange/red color scheme but changed their colors to blue/orange in what would be their final season. In 1973, the Dallas Chaparrals of the ABA relocated to San Antonio to become the Spurs and changed their color scheme from red/blue to black/silver and have maintain those colors since as the ABA and NBA merged in 1976. The Spurs don’t qualify as BFBS. NBA (pre-1988 expansion boom) In 1966, the Chicago Bulls debuted with a red/black color scheme, which remains unchanged to this day and DON’T qualify as BFBS. In 1971, the Buffalo Braves (now known as the Los Angeles Clippers) had an orange/black color scheme. In the 1973/74 season, the team changed uniforms and changed to a Columbia Blue/White scheme with a black accent (maybe it was navy blue instead?). In 1978/79, the franchise relocated to San Diego to become the Clippers and black is replaced with brunt orange as the secondary color. In the 1977/78 season, the Portland Trail Blazers wear a black jersey for the first time as they had new uniforms. Previously, the team had always worn red jerseys on the road with a black as a secondary color since debuting in the 1970/71 season. Except for the 1979/80 to 1984/85 seasons when they went back to red jerseys, the Blazers have worn black jerseys on the road and do NOT qualify for BFBS. NBA since 1988 up to the end of the 2000s. Entering the 1988/89 season, just three teams had black in their color scheme: Chicago Bulls, Portland Trail Blazers, and San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs and Blazers had black as the primary color and the Bulls had black as a secondary color. These three teams do NOT qualify for BFBS. Of the four expansion teams that debuted as the 80s came to a close, two of them (Miami Heat and Orlando Magic) featured black as a primary color. It is not until the mid 1990s when black started to slowly be more popular as a color in the NBA, during a period where non-traditional sports colors like teal and purple were all the rage. Even then, the NBA didn't have a serious "BFBS" problem. For some team, like the Kings and the Timberwolves, black actually works as part of their color schemes. 1988/89 - The Miami Heat are one of NBA’s two expansion teams that season. Their color scheme has always been black/red and don’t qualify for BFBS 1989/90 - The Orlando Magic are one of NBA’s two expansion teams that season. Their color scheme has always been black/royal blue/silver and don’t qualify for BFBS. 1994/95 – The Atlanta Hawks add a black 3rd color jersey. Black was added as an accent color when the team changed their uniforms in the 1992/93 season. This particular jersey was only worn this season. - The Cleveland Cavaliers have new uniforms and changed their color scheme from royal blue/orange to black/light blue/orange with black as the dominate color. - The Phoenix Suns add a black 3rd jersey. The color is only used as accent on their home whites and road purples. - The Sacramento Kings have new uniforms and changed their color scheme from royal blue/red to purple/black/silver. Black is the new primary road color. The team also wore a 3rd jersey which is ½ black and ½ purple. 1995/96 - The NBA has two new expansion teams: The Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies - The Raptors color scheme is purple/red with black and silver used as accent colors. - The Grizzlies color scheme is turquoise/black/red. - The Chicago Bulls, which always had a red/black color scheme, wear a black 3rd jersey for the first time. The jersey itself would see several changes as the years past from saying “BULLS” to “CHICAGO” and back again. The Bulls black jerseys don’t qualify as BFBS as the Bulls have historically been a red/black team. - The New York Knicks add a 3rd jersey that is blue with black accents. - The Hawks change uniforms and the new road jersey is a black/red gradient. Black remains as an accent color. 1996/97 - The Cavaliers tweaked their uniforms but the color scheme remained the same. - The Detroit Pistons changed uniforms and change the colors from royal blue/red to greenish-teal/red/black/orange. Black was only used as an accent color. - The Minnesota Timberwolves have new uniforms and changed their colors from royal blue/green to slate blue/green/black. Black is only used as an accent color. 1997/98 - The Knicks changed uniforms and add black accents to the home whites. The blue 3rd jersey w/black accents is now the primary road uniform. Since the Knicks didn’t go overboard with black (unlike the Mets, another NY pro sports team with a blue/orange color scheme), such as adding a black jersey, they don’t qualify for BFBS. - The Philadelphia 76ers changed uniforms and changed their color scheme from red/royal blue to black/gold/blue/red. Black is now the primary road color. - The Washington Bullets renames themselves as the Wizards. The color scheme changed from red/royal blue to slate blue/gold/black. Black is only used as an accent color. - The Grizzlies add a black 3rd jersey. - The Timberwolves add a black 3rd jersey. 1998/99 - the Kings ½ black and ½ purple 3rd jersey is replaced with a purple jersey. - The Utah Jazz add a black 3rd jersey with purple and copper accents but lacks the light blue seen on the regular home whites and road purples. 1999/00 - The Cavaliers changed uniforms but retained their black/light blue/orange color scheme. - The Raptors changed uniforms but the color scheme of purple/red/black/silver remains the same. - The Hawks have new uniforms and black remains an accent color. Not BFBS. 2000/01 - The Grizzlies have new uniforms, which are based on the black 3rd jersey (now the primary road uniform). Black is now the primary color with turquoise demoted as the secondary color. - The Suns have new uniforms. Black is replaced with gray as an accent color. 2001/02 - The Pistons changed uniforms and dropped their teal/red/black color scheme in favor to a return to royal blue/red - The Grizzlies relocate from Vancouver to Memphis but the uniforms/colors are mostly the same with “VANCOUVER” and “GRIZZLIES” replace with “MEMPHIS”. 2002/03 - The Kings have new uniforms but retain their color scheme. However, black is demoted as secondary color and purple is now the primary color as seen on the road jerseys. 2003/04 - The Cavaliers have new uniforms and changed their colors from black/light blue/orange to wine red/gold/navy blue. - The Raptors have a red 3rd jersey with black and silver accents and lacks purple. 2004/05 – The expansion Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets 2.0) featured a black as an accent color to their orange/navy blue color scheme. This does not qualitfy for BFSB. - The Grizzlies have new uniforms and change their color scheme from black/turquoise/red to navy blue/light blue/gold. - The Jazz have new uniforms and changed their color scheme from purple/light blue/black/copper to navy blue/light blue. 2005/06 – the Boston Celtics add a green 3rd jersey that features black numbers/script/accents 2006/07 - The Raptors changed uniforms with the red 3rd jersey now the primary road uniform. Black is promoted as a 2nd color and purple is eliminated from the color scheme. - The Wizards add a gold 3rd jersey which feature black shorts. Slate Blue is absent from this uniform. 2007/08 - The Sixers have new uniforms but color scheme remains the same. - The Hawks have new uniforms and drop red/yellow/black for navy blue/red. 2008/09 - The Raptors add a black 3rd jersey. - The Timberwolves changed their uniforms but retain their slate blue/black/green color scheme. - The Kings have new uniforms but maintain their color scheme. 2009/10 - The Sixers have new uniforms and return to their traditional colors of red and royal blue. Black is dropped from the color scheme. - The Wizards drop the gold 3rd jersey with black shorts
  14. MLB Pre-1990s Prior to the 1990s, only 3 teams wore black as a color, the San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Orioles, and Pittsburgh Pirates. The Chicago White Sox had a black/red color scheme throughout much of the 1950s and 1960s before going through an endless string of new uniforms/color schemes/logos that would last though 1990. When I was younger, I always though that navy/midnight blue teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, Angels, Indians, Braves and Astros wore black instead of navy (Strangely, I though the Twins wore purple instead of navy. Maybe there was some purple haze inside the Metrodome but I digress). To be crystal clear, the Orioles, Giants, and Pirates don’t qualify for BFBS. 1990/1991 - The White Sox were in the last season at the original Comiskey Park in 1990. They had a standard navy blue/red color scheme. During the middle of the season, the team introduced new uniforms that they would be wearing when they opened up New Comiskey Park/US Cellular/Guaranteed Rate Field for the 1991 season. They were based on the 1950s/1960s look but with a black/silver color scheme. The uniforms were so well-received that the White Sox wore them for the final weeks of the 1990 season. The new road uniforms were also worn at the end of that season. In 1991, the White Sox moved to their new park and also introduced a black alternate jersey. Unlike most teams that later added black in the late 90s onward, the White Sox look sharp in black/silver and considering their pre-1990 uniform history, they have settled on this look (with a few tweaks here and there) and don't qualify for BFBS. 1993 - MLB introduced two new teams: the Colorado Rockies and Florida (now Miami) Marlins, both of which featured black in their respective color schemes. The Rockies featured a black/purple color scheme while the Marlins had a teal/black/silver color scheme. - The Rockies wore a black alternate jersey for some home games but were dropped the following season. 1996 The Marlins begin to slowly embrace black over teal, scrapping the teal caps. 1998 MLB introduced two new teams: Tampa Bay (then-Devil) Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks, both of which featured black in their color schemes. - The Rays color scheme is black/purple/rainbow gradient. The team also wore a black alternate jersey - The Diamondbacks color scheme was purple/turquoise/black/copper. While the home whites lacked black accents, the road grays were worn with black caps. The team also had a black alternate jersey, which was only worn during road games. - In one of the most notable moments of BFBS, The New York Mets added black to their color scheme. They wore black caps with blue bill with both their home whites and road grays, both which now featured black drop shadows. A black 3rd jersey was also introduced. Although their traditional pinstriped uniforms were still part of their catalog, the team rarely worn them. 1999 - The Cincinnati Reds add black to their uniforms. They seemed to go back and forth wearing red undershirts and black undershirts with their home whites. The road grays were always worn with black undershirts and caps. - The Marlins work a black jersey during the infamous “Turn Ahead the Clock” promotion. - The Mets wore a black “Mercury Mets” jersey during the infamous “Turn Ahead the Clock” promotion, which lacked the teams traditional colors of royal blue and orange. The added a black skyline version of their long-time primary logo which better reflects the team’s growing use of the color. 2000 - The Houston Astros had new uniforms and a new color scheme, replacing navy blue/metallic gold with black/brick red/sand. Black was the dominate color and the team also featured two black 3rd jerseys. “ASTROS” worn at home games and “HOUSTON” worn at road games. - The Oakland Athletics introduced a black 3rd jersey which featured hunter green numbers/script with white trim and lacked gold (yellow). They were only worn in the 2000 season and worn for both home and road games. - The Mets added another black 3rd jersey with “NEW YORK” which was worn a road games. 2001 - The Rays have new uniform and new colors (hunter green/black/blue). Black was only used as an accent color and cap color. Black caps were worn with the road grays but switched to green in 2005. Black caps were also worn with the sleeveless alternate uniform. - The Texas Rangers sometimes wore a blue cap w/black bill with their blue alternate jersey. - The Diamondbacks tweaked their uniforms. Their home whites are purple/turquoise and lacked the black and copper accents. Their road grays, on the other hand, had black/purple/copper and almost lacked the turquoise accents. The black alternate jerseys were also tweaks. 2002 - The Kansas City Royals had new uniforms and added black to their color scheme. While black was used only as accent on the home whites, black is more prominent in the road grays as the team wore black caps, socks, and undershirts. The royal blue alternate uniforms lacked black accents. - The Astros scrapped their black 3rd jerseys. Black would still be used as an accent color and on the caps. 2003 - The Royals added a black alternate uniform, which was only worn on road games. - The Marlins further de-emphasized teal in their latest uniform tweaks. The team also added a black alternate jersey. 2004 - The Toronto Blue Jays completely overhauled their uniforms, replacing the classic royal blue/red color scheme in favor of black/steel blue/graphite gray color scheme. Black is the dominate color and the team also featured a black alternate jersey. This often-despised look is often cited as BFBS. - The Rangers scrap the black-billed cap. 2005 - The Rays tweaked their uniforms making blue the 2nd color and dropped the black caps from their uniforms. - The Rockies introduce a black sleeveless uniform. 2006 - The Royals replaced the black “ROYALS” uniform with a black “KANSAS CITY” uniform. This uniform was rarely worn and dropped entirely the following season as the team removed all traces of black on their home whites and road grays. 2007 - The Diamondbacks had new uniforms. Gone was the black/purple/turquoise/copper color scheme and in was Sedona red/black/sand with Seonda Red as the dominant color. - The Reds have new uniforms which reduced black to an accent color. However, the black-billed red caps are still worn with the road grays. 2008 - The Athletics have a new black 3rd jersey with white numbers/script with green trim. This jersey was only worn in home games. - The Rays have new uniforms that dropped the hunter green/black/blue color scheme in favor of navy blue/Columbia blue/gold. 2009 - The Mets scrapped the black 3rd jersey with “NEW YORK” script. However, they started to wear the black 3rd Jersey worn only at home games (with the “METS” script) on the road instead. 2011 - The Athletics scrap the black 3rd jersey 2012 - The Blue Jays come to their senses and drop black/graphite from their color scheme. Their new uniforms are a modernization of the 1989-1996 uniforms, in which the team won 2 World Series titles (1992-1993). - the Marlins have new uniforms. Black is kept as the primary color but teal and silver are replaced with orange and sky blue as accent colors. 2013 - Upon moving to the AL, the Astros introduced new uniforms and returned to their original colors navy blue and orange. - The Mets finally removed black from their uniforms. 2016 - The Diamondbacks have new uniforms and added turquoise to their color scheme of Sedona Red/Black/Sand. 2019 - The Marlins have new uniforms. Black is retained as the primary color but orange and sky blue are replaced with sky blue and red as accent colors. - During the Players Weekend, each road team wore all black (caps, jerseys, pants, and socks) with the numbers and scrips being black with gray trim. The home teams did the opposite and wore all white. Both uniforms devoid of each team’s traditional colors. Another example. MLB overall as BFBS. 2002-2005 Royals, 2004-2011 Blue Jays (probably the worst offender), 1999-2006 Reds, 1998-2012 Mets, A’s 2000 & 2008-2010 black alternates, Astros 2000-2012 (though their look isn’t as bad as some of the other BFBS looks). I did not list whenever the Pirates, Orioles, or Giants added a black alternate jersey as those teams don’t count as BFBS. Tomorrow, I’ll post the NBA.
  15. NFL Compared to the other major sports leagues, the NFL doesn’t have a major “BFBS” problem as virtually every team that has black looks either great or acceptable in it. Pre-1990s When the 1960s began, only one NFL team wore black (the Pittsburgh Steelers). In the upstart AFL, only the Oakland Raiders had black in their color scheme (originally they had gold but would switch to the famed silver and black scheme two seasons later). In 1964, the then-St. Louis Cardinals added black as an accent color to their away white uniforms and would wear the pants with their red jerseys (which lacked black accents) the following season. By the end of the 60s, two more teams, the Atlanta Falcons (joined in 1966) and New Orleans Saints (joined in 1967) would be featured wearing black jerseys. In the AFL, the Cincinnati Bengals (joined in 1968) introduced a black/orange color scheme. None of these qualify for BFBS. 1990 The Atlanta Falcons, which had been a red team w/black accents throughout much of the 1970s and 1980s, had new uniforms which were black with silver and red accents. Their head coach at the time, Jerry Glanville, was a big fan of the color black. Nonetheless, this does NOT qualify as BFBS as the Falcons had worn black uniforms in the past. - The New York Jets added black as an accent color and does not count as BFBS. This look would last through the 1997 season. 1995 The NFL added two new teams: The Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars, both of which featured black in their respective color schemes. The Panthers’ primary color jersey is black with light blue and silver as secondary colors. The Jaguars, however, used black as a secondary color and used teal as a the primary color of their jerseys. Gold was also used as a 3rd color. 1996 - Art Modell relocated the Cleveland Browns (which would return as an expansion team in 1999) to Baltimore (which lost the Colts to Indianapolis over a decade earlier) and renamed the team the Ravens. The Ravens primary jersey color is purple with black (and a hint of gold) used as a secondary color. - The Philadelphia Eagles changed their color scheme from kelly green/silver to midnight green/black/charcoal gray. Black was only used as an accent color and a black alternate jersey wouldn’t show up until years later as the NFL didn’t have alternate uniforms back then. It should be noted that the Eagles had been using black as an accent color as early as 1985. - The San Francisco 49ers had new uniforms and tweaked their shade of red and gold. Black is added as an 3rd accent color only. Look would last through the 2008 season. 1997 - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers changed from orange “Creamisle” uniforms to a red/pewter color scheme with black and orange used as accent colors. Does NOT qualify as BFBS as black is only used as an accent color and as a sock color and nothing more. 2002 - The NFL starts letting teams wear 3rd jerseys - The Jaguars added a black monochrome uniform (black jersey & pants) - The Lions have new uniforms and added black as an accent color. 2003 - The Falcons had new uniforms. The primary home jersey is red and the 3rd jersey is black. They don’t qualify for BFBS. - The Eagles add a black alternate jersey (which was worn with either white pants or green pants) 2004 - The Bengals have new uniforms but the color scheme remains the same and they don’t qualify for BFBS. - the numbers on the Jaguars road white uniforms changed from teal to black - The Ravens introduce an all-black monochrome uniform. 2005 - The Lions add a black 3rd jersey. 2008 - the Ravens start to wear black pants with the white road jersey for some games, which they still do today. - The Lions replace the black 3rd jersey with a blue 1950s throwback jersey. Black would still be used as an accent color. 2009 - The Falcons replace their black 3rd jersey with 1960s throwbacks - The Jaguars have new uniforms. Although they wear teal home jerseys, the away whites have more emphasis on black. 2010 - The Cardinals add a black 3rd jersey 2012 - The Panthers updated their logo but the logos/colors/uniforms remained mostly the same. - The Jaguars add a black jersey as the new primary home uniform and demotes the teal jersey to alternate status. 2013 - The Falcons drop the throwbacks due to the one-helmet policy - The Jaguars have new uniforms with black as the primary color and teal and gold as secondary colors. The helmet changed from all black to ½ black and ½ gold. - The Vikings have new uniforms and their helmet facemasks are black despite not having the color anywhere else on their uniforms. 2014 - the Buccaneers rebrand uses significantly less black accents than the previous set. They also now wear red socks or pewter socks. Doesn’t qualify as BFBS. 2015 - In one of the worse cases of BFBS, the 49ers introduce an all black uniform with red numbers/stripes and no gold or white anywhere on the uniform. This made the numbers/name hard to read from afar. 2016 - The Falcons introduce a 3rd jersey which is a cross between their 1960s look and their 1990s look. Does NOT qualify as BFBS 2017 - The Cardinals “Color Rush” black alternate uniform is introduced. The different between this jersey and the other black jersey is this jersey has red numbers/names instead of white. - The Lions eliminate black altogether from their color scheme with their new uniforms (black was used as an accent color in their 2009 rebrand) 2018 - The Jaguars have new uniforms but retain their color scheme of black/teal/gold although gold is not used as much. 2019 - the Jets have new uniforms, which include an all-black monochrome uniform. Again, the NFL didn’t have an ever-growing list of teams adding black like the NHL and MLB did. However, the NFL did have a “Navy For Navy’s Sake” period in the late 90s and early 2000s with teams like the Broncos, Titans (formerly Oilers), Rams, Patriots, Bills, and Seahawks all darkening their shade of blue or changing their shade from a previously brighter shade. (the Chargers and Cowboys did it a decade earlier, but navy blue wasn’t as common on NFL jerseys back then. Royal Blue was very common and the Bears were the only team with a navy blue jersey prior to 1981) The uniforms I would include as BFBS in the NFL include the Lions mid-2000s 3rd jersey during the ill-fated Matt Millen era, the Eagles black alternates (black only works as an accent for them), the Cardinals black alternates and Color Rush, the current Jets all-black monochromes, and definitely the 49ers all-black monochrome set (easily one of the worst uniforms of all-time). Next up, MLB.